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Introduction to the European Citizen Science Association


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Brief intro slides, shown at the COWM2018 Conference in Venice, which hosted the workshop “Citizen Science – New opportunities for research and innovation in the EU and the US” , in conjunction with the BILAT USA 4.0 project.

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Introduction to the European Citizen Science Association

  1. 1. Margaret Gold ECSA Project Officer on WeObserve & LandSense Luigi Ceccaroni & Svetlana Klessova ECSA Board of Directors
  2. 2. •  To encourage the growth of the Citizen Science movement in Europe •  To mobilizes Citizen Science as means for evidence-based sustainable development –  Initiate and support citizen science projects –  Supports interactions between groups and disciplines –  Enhance the participation of the general public –  Performs research on citizen science AIMS
  3. 3. To connect citizens and science through fostering active participation. •  Promoting Sustainability, •  Building a CS Think Tank •  Developing Participatory Methods MISSION
  4. 4. Sharing Best Practice and Building Capacity Projects, Data, Tools, and Technology Policy, Strategy, Governance and Partnerships Learning and Education in Citizen Science Air Quality Citizen Science and Open Science BioBlitzes Global Mosquito Alert Empowerment, Inclusiveness, Equity
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Geneva Declaration on Citizen Science Data & Metadata Standards (June 2018)
  8. 8. Global Citizen Science Delegation UN World Data Forum in Dubai (Oct 22-24, 2018)
  9. 9. PANELFIT