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2008-8-9 Venturebeat, Mobile Web Megatrends


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Is this the time to make it big in mobile ? These are the slides from my presentation at Mobile Web Megatrends.

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2008-8-9 Venturebeat, Mobile Web Megatrends

  1. 1. Mobile Opportunities for Start-Ups Matthäus Krzykowski
  2. 2. Is this the time “to make it” in mobile ?
  3. 3. No
  4. 4. For the moment, at least.
  5. 5. Source: Rutberg, July 2008 Source: MediaPost, July 2008 Investments in mobile marketing tech and services fell off precipitously in the first half of 2008, slowing to $80 million from $291 million a year ago, according to the latest M report from investment bank Petsky Prunier.