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Mobile Earth Announces Availability of “Mobile Business” at Kansas City


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Mobile Earth.Net a Mobile Apps Development Company develops a custom and affordable mobile marketing strategy for your business. Our programmers can handle web development, database development and e-commerce site with built-in multimedia, video, and flash elements. For more information, call our Toll Free number (800)-605-4966.

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Mobile Earth Announces Availability of “Mobile Business” at Kansas City

  1. 1. Mobile Earth Announces Availability of “Mobile Business” Mobile Business Apps - Connecting People, Products, and Possibilities Kansas City, Missouri —“Mobile Business”—Today is the age of mobile computing and Mobile Earth announced the immediate availability of “Mobile Business”, enabling businesses, non-profits, churches, healthcare providers, political parties, etc…unlimited potential to connect and interact with their target audience. “I can’t stand the thought of any size company or organization getting forgotten or overlooked just because they can’t afford or don’t understand how to use technology to market themselves. That is why we are launching “Mobile Business” - a cutting edge and affordable array of mobile computing solutions designed to grow and change no matter what mobile platform we put them on.” said Kenn Yancy, founder and CEO of Mobile Earth . Why Go Mobile? The general populous is a hyper-mobile. Decisions about where to eat or shop (Yelp, Google Places, Groupon), who to bank with (can I bank from my phone?), houses to buy/rent (Zillow, Trulia, Reece & Nichols), and even healthcare providers and churches to choose comes down to how easy it is to use their app from my mobile device. Many people associate “not mobile-optimized” with “not up-to-date,” and nearly half of consumers report feeling frustrated or annoyed by a poor mobile experience. They feel the company doesn’t care about their business and are less likely to engage with that company in the future. Countless companies lose business without ever knowing the potential was there.
  2. 2. In 2013 Google conducted a study on mobile search trends and profitability. This study found that mobile searches typically trigger quick offline actions. In less than an hour after performing a mobile search, 56% of consumers call a business, 54% makes a purchase, and 51% visit a store. This study also found that 71% of consumers who see print ads or TV commercials reach for a mobile device to find out more information. But if consumers can’t find what they’re looking for on the site or from the search, 40% will turn to a competitor’s site for what they need, rather than switch to a desktop computer, and 57% won’t recommend a business with a bad mobile site. Mobile computing is a way of life. Why “Mobile Business”? “Mobile Business” is Mobile Earth’s affordable answer to mobile computing without technology limits. “Mobile Business” is a customized package of applications designed to bring a company or organization closer to their target market group.The applications Mobile Earth designs are interactive and built to fit the business need first, technology second. “Mobile Business” is making connecting with customers, members, patrons, employees, etc…more important than the technology. “Mobile Business” allows an organization to communicate what they want: events, specials, coupons, newsletters, reservations, donations, memberships, purchases; and deliver it how they want: website, internet, mobile device, cell phone, video, text, email, voicemail. Simply put, “Mobile Business” is a powerful combination of flexibility and visibility. Why is a “think-tank” type of company, with a clear objective; never let the technology dictate the results. They formally began offering their internet based, multi-platform marketing solutions to the Kansas City business community in 2006 and over the years have created a humble reputation as a cutting edgesolution provider. Their employees hail from tech savvy companies like IBM, Sprint, Cysco, etc… and their
  3. 3. expertise has launched today’s giants in internet and mobile business. (,,,,…) Kenn Yancy, founder and CEO of Mobile Earth, and his team of superior software developers have developed “Mobile Business” with the idea that every business, nonprofit, or community group deserves a chance to be found and be prosperous. has developed mobile solutions for hospitals, attorneys, retailers, political groups, churches, realtors, and in each instance the consumer experience has remained a key indicator of success. As the Google study showed, if they don’t like the mobile experience, the consumer moves on. We live in a mobile environment and is ready to help your business become a “Mobile Business”. “Mobile Business”Availability “Mobile Business”is available immediately. Go to and receive a FREE “Mobile Business” demo today. For more information, press only: Kenn Yancy 800-605-4866 For more information on “Mobile Business”: