Mobile Anthem Capabilities


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Mobile Anthem, the Voice of a Mobile Nation. Capabilities and Mobile 101/201

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Mobile Anthem Capabilities

  1. 1. Mobile Branding Opportunities
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing & Branding Mobile Anthem Venus Case Study Mobile 101 Capabilities Conclusions Index: Mobile 201
  3. 3. Mobile Anthem: At-a-glance Mobile Anthem is a youth marketing agency specialized in creating, implementing and analyzing marketing campaigns for the mobile phone. We tie brand marketing objectives and metrics to the emerging Mobile Marketing industry. Our brand, mobile, and business backgrounds provide you with 95 years of experience. Our capabilities includes: • CRM • Mobile Websites (WAP sites) • Mobile coupons • Mobile ad placement • SMS (Text) alerts/interactions • Ringtones, Wallpapers • Mobile phone accessories • Location Based Services (skins, mirrors, phone dangles) • Anthem SegmentationTM • Anthem AmplificationTM
  4. 4. Mobile Anthem: Mission Navigate the shifting landscape of the Youth Market • “Aspirational” brands “Conscious” brands De-mystify mobile • Equate mobile to specific brand metrics Generate quantifiable impact • ROI, sales, purchase intent, brand loyalty, awareness
  5. 5. Venus Case Study
  6. 6. Venus Case Study Gillette Venus Spring Break Campaign ‘06 • Problem: Brand awareness for Venus dropped for college-aged females • Solution: Integrated Campaign including Mobile, Internet, Print, Experiential, TV, and Sampling • Results: Drove trial with 0.8M women and millions of impressions Won the Silver Promo Marketing Award for Experience Photo Anthem™ Textual Flirting™ VenusBeach Mobile game
  7. 7. Venus Case Study Learnings: • All engagements become more powerful with CRM • Promotional campaign should fold into the overall marketing plan Mobile Activation Objective Media Partners VenusBeach Mobile awareness, brand Print game loyalty Textual Fling™ brand loyalty Experiential Spring Break updates brand loyalty Experiential Photo Anthem™ Anthem Internet, Experiential Amplification™
  8. 8. Mobile 101
  9. 9. Mobile 101: Overview Mobile Marketing is any outreach to consumers that engages them through their mobile phone • iPhone Apps to mCommerce to branded phone cases • Stands on its own • Extends the reach of any other marketing channel Confusion in early stages • Marketing Medium like TV, Internet • More than just a website or ringtone • Like the Internet 15 years ago • McD’s hompage in 1996
  10. 10. Mobile 101: Opt-in Mobile Marketing starts when a consumer OPTS-IN • Text “CHI” to 234327 (ADIDAS) to win $1,000 and VIP access • Automated response gives marketing message • Consumer’s number is stored in CRM database • Adidas (should) then sends useful content Entertainment/news updates Promotional messages Ringtones, wallpapers Links to WAP site Sweeps, Vote, Quizzes Mobile Coupons • Builds trust and loyalty • Drives purchase Thanks for becoming an adidas Chicago VIP. Look out for your chance to win $1000 and events at the Water Tower Place Performance Store. Rply END to stop mgs
  11. 11. Mobile 101: Mobile Youth Generation Y is mobile, 76-83M1 1800 2nd determiner of teen social status Calls 1350 8.6 average age of first mobile use2 Texts 41% can text blindfolded 900 50% open to marketing through phone 450 79% have mobile phones 0 <12 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 1,200 texts per month3 Q2 ‘08 avg/mn2 Hispanic & African- American over-index 1 Harris/CTIA Sep.’08; 2 Neilsen Mobile Sep.’08; 3 T-Mobile Oct.’08
  12. 12. Mobile 101: Older Psychographic Look at their mobile phone as a mini-computer It’s just a fancy piece of electronics Compare features The more features, the better the phone Sprint’s “Crime-deterrent” Superbowl commercial
  13. 13. Mobile 101: Youth Psychographic The phone is an extension of the person Phones personalized with ringtones, wallpapers, skins, cases It’s the connection to friends, family, the world The easier it is to connect to people, the better the phone T-Mobile’s Fav Five “Hot Friends” commercial –
  14. 14. Mobile 101: Myths, Power, Vision Mobile Marketing Myths • If I create an iPhone app I’ve done mobile marketing • If I put up a mobile website I’ve leveraged mobile • All mobile can do is basic SMS/text sweepstakes The Power of Mobile Marketing • It connects your brands to your consumers • Like the Internet it is a new mass medium platform with interactivity... • Anywhere, Anytime, Always on The Vision • Reach your consumers, anytime, anywhere • Know each person’s demo/psychographic profile • Based on this deliver the right advertising message • Maintain connection with content she finds valuable • Follow through to purchase with mobile coupon
  15. 15. Mobile 101: Metrics More measurable than Internet Data on carrier and phone type Segmentation possible by individual Purchase behavior trackable by individual Survey studies easily executed Allows for actual ROI Behavioral tracking in development
  16. 16. Mobile Anthem Capabilities
  17. 17. Mobile Anthem: What we do Connecting brands to the mobile youth • MA is a full-service agency • We are the Creative ideas, the campaign • We execute through our tech partners • Each campaign is personalized • Start with your business objectives • Learn about your brand equities • Integrate mobile into your existing marketing mix Delivering measurable results • Everything is trackable in mobile • P&G-ish focus on measuring against your objectives
  18. 18. Mobile Anthem: Unique Abilities Anthem SegmentationTM • Only MA can tell you the demo/psychographics of who you’re talking to. This lets you customize your marketing to each consumer segment. • RESULT: Laser-focused messaging means you deliver the right message to the right person Anthem AmplificationTM • Only MA can increase the effectiveness of your other marketing initiatives by purposely directing your consumers to multiple touch points • RESULT: Each additional touch point increases your chances of purchase Mobile Mobile Creative Client-side MA Experts Implem Talent branding Unique entation experience Abilities Mobile Anthem Mobile Agency Mobile Tech Co.
  19. 19. Mobile Anthem: Who we are Privately-held company based in Illinois Non-biased about mobile assets (not pushing our solution, we’re making your solution) Hugh, the mobile evangelist 11 years Kraft, P&G Jason, the technologist 8 years in Telecommunications; Mocospace Board of Advisors, a deep well 55 years in high tech, ad agencies, start-ups Mobile partners, the industry leaders CRM partner did Obama’s campaign Music partner has leading mobile music service
  20. 20. Conclusions Mobile brings unique benefits for your brand • Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, Always-on • Personal: The phone is an extension of the person • Big! From $0.9B in 2007 to $6.5B in 2012* Mobile complements any marketing channel • Interactive: Makes print, radio, OOH a 2-way communication • Measurable: Like the Internet, but more • Targeted: Opt-in = only the interested get the message Mobile Anthem differentiates your brands • Provides brand mktg, i.e. segmentation and amplification • Consumer pocket: be with your consumers 24/7 • Access: activate when your brand is Top-of-Mind Mobile is the language of the “Mobile Youth” market * eMarketer, 2008
  21. 21. THANK YOU! Hugh Jedwill CEO/Founder Text “anthem” to 41411 for business card 312.912.2837 (m)
  22. 22. Mobile 201: What are Companies Doing? US Online Advertisers Who Plan to Invest in Mobile, 2008 4%4% 35% Dabble No 24% Product Dependent Invested Heavily Big Part of Budget 33% *iMedia Connection Poll, eMarketer, March 2008
  23. 23. Mobile 201: What are consumers doing? Pictures, Games, Music, Video, Web, Email 82% 90% 47% 68% 38% 34% 31% 45% 28% 26% Picture Game Music 19% 23% 18% Record Video WAPsite Email 0% IM Play Video Mapping 18-29 30-49 50-64 Mobile Access to Data and Information 2008 – Pew Internet and American Life Project
  24. 24. Mobile 201: What are the youth doing? TEENS COLLEGE 25 million 18 million 79% have phones 90% have phones 100% 100% Smart Regular 75% 75% 50% 50% 25% Texting 25% Texting Pictures Pictures PIM Calendar Ringtones Ringtones Internet 0% Games 0% Music Videos Harris/CTIA - Teen Mobile Study, Sep. 2008 Harris/Alloy - College Explorer Study, Apr. 2008
  25. 25. Mobile 201: Type of Ads Wanted 0% 18% 35% 53% 70% Specific Brand/Vendor Favorite Restaurants Sport, Entertnmt, Travel, etc Coupons for Consumables Time Driven Teens 13-17 Adults 18+ Harris Interactive, May 2008
  26. 26. Mobile 201: Mobile WAP 28% of Teens browse the web U.S. is now ahead of Britain with 29% of web traffic 0% 15% 30% 45% 60% Email Social Net Weather Directions Sports News Harris/CTIA - Teen Mobile Study, Sep. 2008
  27. 27. Mobile 201: iPhone Apps 31+ million iPhones/iTouches sold in the U.S. 8% of college students own iPhones (3% PY) 22% expect to purchase an iPhone in 6 months* 1+ billion apps downloaded 30,000+ apps available 20% are free, make up 90% of downloads Ad response is the same for iPhone, WAP, Text Best place for branding * Piper Jaffrey’s 16th Annual Taking Stock with Teens Study, Oct. 2008
  28. 28. Mobile 201: iPhone Consumer The typical iPhone user is 30 years old, has a second phone, technologically savvy, richer than average, and a prior Apple customer. Age of iPhone User 30% 23% 15% 8% 0% <18 18-21 22-25 26-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71+ Rubicon Consulting, March 2008