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Mobilbusiness Stora Trendspecialen 2015 pdf


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Mobilbusiness's Stora Trendspecialen presents the top ten major trends from Mobile World Congress 2015.

Published in: Business
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Mobilbusiness Stora Trendspecialen 2015 pdf

  1. 1. #mobilbusiness S TO R A T R E N D S P E C I A L E N
  2. 2. M A R L È N E S E L L E B R ÅT E N E D I TO R - I N - C H I E F M O B I L B U S I N E S S W W W. M O B I L B U S I N E S S . S E @ M O B I L B U S I N E S S @ M S E L L E B R AT E N H E L LO !
  3. 3. M W C 2 0 1 5 BY T H E N U M B E R S • 93,000 visitors from 200 countries • 2,100 exhibitors
  4. 4. T R E N D 1
  5. 5. R E A L U S E C A S E S I N T E R N E T O F T H I N G S
  6. 6. F R O M G I M M I C K S & C O N C E P T S TO R E A L I T Y • This year we have gone from IOT concepts to real use cases and real business models. Among those: connected cars, connected home appliances & systems, consumer goods. • At the show: not only telecom industry players but also many players from various vertical industries. • Everybody talked about: Oral-B’s toothbrush
 A regular electric toothbrush with an important twist: wifi connected, coming with a companion app.
 Use case: better hygiene while having fun. Uses gamification, quantified self and a social media. 
 Concrete business benefits: people brushing their teeth more often equals more tooth paste sold. Happy users means consumer recommendations. FURTHER READING: here, here, here and here. (NB: Swedish)
  7. 7. T R E N D 2
  9. 9. BY E BY E S P R AY & P R AY • We talk big data analytics for real, applied to a large variety of data set types: precision data, real time data, historical data, my data, secure data, to name but a few. • Marketing and sales will have to deal with this and turn it into an advantage in order to pinpoint the right message to the right customer at the right time. • No-one owns the customer any more and customers are no longer loyal: use data to take care of them and make sure they stay on. FURTHER READING: here, here & here (NB: Swedish)
  10. 10. T R E N D 3
  11. 11. W E A R A B L E S 2 . 0 N OW FO R A W I D E R A U D I E N C E
  12. 12. P R E M I U M , W I T H M O R E S E RV I C E S , F R O M A G R O W I N G N U M B E R O F C H I N E S E O E M • Better looking, more expensive smart watches, that can appeal to a larger audience, including women and trendsetters: pre mass market • Use cases still mostly about health & fitness • Some new use cases nonetheless: for instance Fitbit’s linking to a food database • Some more new use cases to expect now with Apple Watch and Pebble Time: payments, medical applications among other things. FURTHER READING: here and here.
  13. 13. T R E N D 4
  14. 14. 5 G T E LC O T R A N S FO R M AT I O N A N D I OT
  15. 15. B E YO N D N E T W O R K S P E E D • For the first time, the network evolution is not primarily about higher capacity and speed. It is very much about lower latency and enabling the real time connection of billions of devices. • No standards yet, two schools: aggregate existing networks or create something completely new. • One thing is sure: 5G must bring programmable networks, more open to third party developers. • 5G is a lot about laying the foundations for the Internet of Things FURTHER READING: here. NB: Swedish
  16. 16. T R E N D 5
  17. 17. S E C U R I T Y S E C U R E DATA , I N T E G R I T Y A N D A U T H E N T I CAT I O N
  18. 18. E D U C AT E T H E C O N S U M E R • Do consumers want more secure data? Maybe, but not unless it is dead easy. • The talk on the street in Barcelona: consumers must be educated on the need for more secure data environments. • Solutions by the bucket:
 Devices with eye scanning and fingerprint recognition
 More Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Enterprise mobile Management (EMM), less Bring your own device (BYOD)
 New! Security platforms addressing the consumer segment too: Jolla, Silent Circle and Samsung’s My Knox
  19. 19. T R E N D 6
  20. 20. S M A RT P H O N E : G E T T I N G P E R S O NA L M O D U L E S A N D P E R S O N A L I Z E D S E R V I C E S
  21. 21. H A R D WA R E A N D S O F T WA R E G E T S U P, C LO S E A N D P E R S O NA L • Great handsets with great specifications but… • No major design evolution, apart from Samsung s6 Edge • Real news: Yezz with its Project Ara build.
 Modular smartphones open the hardware ecosystem to a new type of specialized developers and vendors. Opens new possibilities to consumers who want to personalize their handset, for example with a great camera module. Opens for part updates.
  22. 22. T R E N D 7
  23. 23. C O N T E X T I S K I N G A N A LY T I C S , P R O G R A M M AT I C , P O S I T I O N , R E A L T I M E
  24. 24. T H E D E AT H O F C O N T E N T • Content is not dead yet. But context is becoming increasingly important, simply because we can create context, via big data, position data, real time data. • Good example: Johnny Walker, a whisky bottle that can communicate with NFC-equiped smartphones.
 A blend of three trends: IOT, Big Data and context • What can it do? A sensor on the bottle can for instance tell whether the bottle has been opened. Useful in the supply chain, useful for the consumer who buys the product. More that that, the tag on the bottle can be used to deliver marketing messages to the consumer. FURTHER READING: here, here and here.
  25. 25. T R E N D 8
  26. 26. V I RT UA L R E A L I T Y N OT J U S T FO R P L AY
  27. 27. T H E T I P O F T H E I C E B E R G • This year’s challenger • Who? Oculus Rift, Samsung and many unknown developers. And of course HTC, which provided quite the surprise when launching a VR headset. • At this point, most use cases are about gaming. But there are many other possibilities (travelling, communication) FURTHER READING: here and here. (NB: Swedish)
  28. 28. T R E N D 9
  29. 29. D I G I TA L PAY M E N T S N FC
  30. 30. S A M E S A M E B U T D I F F E R E N T • Launch of Samsung Pay and Google Pay • Choice of words reminds of competitor Apple Pay • Very similar services. How they are marketed and which brand is most trusted will be the differentiators. • Most interesting: NFC (and tokenization) as the de facto standard for physical mobile payments FURTHER READING: here, here and here. (NB: Swedish)
  31. 31. T R E N D 1 0
  32. 32. E L E P H A N T S I N T H E R O O M E V E R YO N E WA S TA L K I N G A B O U T …
  33. 33. A P P L E A N D X I AO M I • Apple timed announcements so as to be top of mind Apple Watch launch event invitations two days before the show, campaign about the Iphone 6 camera on the day the largest flagship phones were unveiled • Xiaomi: Everyone wondering how far their disruptive business model will take them.
 Recap: Started 2010, Xiaomi number 3-5 (depending on the analyst firm) smartphone vendor in the world and number 1 vendor in China in 2014. FURTHER READING: Apple Watch and Xiaomi.
  34. 34. T H A N K YO U ! M A R L È N E S E L L E B R ÅT E N E D I TO R - I N - C H I E F M O B I L B U S I N E S S W W W. M O B I L B U S I N E S S . S E @ M O B I L B U S I N E S S @ M S E L L E B R AT E N