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MobiAccess introduce the solution of MobiLink which mobilize your ERP with MobiAccess. MobiLink enables your enterprise to extend the capabilities of your central IT systems. Details in MobiAccess presentation.

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  1. 1. MobiLink™ mobilize your ERP with
  2. 2. InfomatiX Ltd. at a glance Founded 2002 – Budapest, HUNGARY Our strategic partners Employees ~100 Customers 100+ Users 3.000+ Partners 10+ Company Broad Experience in Mobile IT Solutions highlights International Business Experience Young and Agile Professional Team Dedicated Mobile User Experience Design Team Several ongoing R&D Projects Multilingual Culture References 2009. 11. 25. 2
  3. 3. InfomatiX awards 2009 InfomatiX wins Eurecan European Venture Contest 2009 vith MobiAccess 2009 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 EU FP6 and FP7 Projects on Integration 2006 and Embedded Mobile State Supported Foundings for 2006 development of the MobiAccess framework 2004 TechStart Founding - Best Innovation 2009. 11. 25. 3
  4. 4. International Presence InfomatiX products and services are available all over the world! Headquarters: Budapest, HUNGARY Subsidiary: Bucharest, ROMANIA References 2009. 11. 25. 4
  5. 5. Divisions of InfomatiX MobiAccess Multiplatform Mobile Development Distiller Mobile Sales Force Automation EasyRep Data analysis and report creation (BI) CashTime Project management solutions System Outsourcing Deep experience with Microsoft and Blackberry solutions 2009. 11. 25. 5
  6. 6. What is MobiAccess? MobiAccess 3.1 SDK The MobiAccess development framework is a fast and robust tool to enable developers quickly create data intensive mobile applications without extensive programming knowledge for several supported* mobile platforms. *supported platforms are: BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Symbian, J2ME phones, Google Android and Windows Mobile up to 6.5 Applications powered by MobiAccess Ready made applications for enterprises which offers full scale Field Force Automation, Mobile Sales Force Automation and state of the art Warehouse Management. MobiLink 1.0 This uniqe application mobilize any functions and offers seamless and easy integration with your existing MIS/ERP/CRM/WMS/PM systems. 2009. 11. 25. 6
  7. 7. MobiLink the mobile ERP integrator 2009. 11. 25. 7
  8. 8. MobiLink – the mobile ERP integrator solution What does MobiLink offer? MobiLink enables your enterprise to extend the capabilities of your central IT systems. With unique mobile modules for six supported mobile platforms MobiLink offers seamless integration of MobiAccess applications to any existing MIS/ERP/CRM/WMS/PM systems. The mobile clients can reach, connect, synchronize your data via any cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Develop your own mobile application with MobiAccess SDK! Synchronize and exchange your data via MobiSync server! Connect your mobile application to any IT system via MobiLink universal interface! Why integrate? Works great with existing IT Enhance productivity Always up-to-date customer and market information on your BlackBerry Increased cost and time efficiency Faster decision-making Decreased number of human errors Improved motivation Better management Immediate tasks and follow-ups for efficient workflows Less paperwork Prompt information Clear-cut system Much control over enterprise workflows Works online or offline (on demand) 2009. 11. 25. 8
  9. 9. Enterprise IT System integrated with MobiAccess solutions (architecture) 2009. 11. 25. 9
  10. 10. MobiAccess Enterprise Solution Integrated with ERP Central ERP System MobiAccess Mobile modules Applications (modules) Service Module MobiAccess Field Manager (FFA) Sales Module MobiAccess Distiller (SFA) Customer Relations Module (CRM) MobiAccess CRM Financial Module MobiAccess MIS Asset Management MobiAccess InventoriX Warehousing MobiAccess LogistiX Production Line mgmt MobiAccess ProductiX Questionnaire mgmt MobiAccess QuiX Worksheet mgmt MobiAccess WorX etc. etc. MobiAccess solutions are always customized but more cost efficient compared to ERP vendor offerings. Modular design allows to add or reconfigure modules. Data integrity can be preserved thanks for the use of the same objects on both sides and the standard linking interfaces. The lightning fast and secured incremental synchronization can be processed by heterogeneous range of mobile devices. *Easy to integrate with leading ERP brands such as: Microsoft Dynamics (AX/NAV), SAP, Genesis World (CAS), EPICOR (Scala), Exact, ABAS, Baan, rEVOLUTION, Infosys, infor: COM, JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SunSystems, Verk/400 2009. 11. 25. 10
  11. 11. References deployed MobiLink systems 2009. 11. 25. 11
  12. 12. Ref. 01. - ICO (Microsoft Dynamics Axapta integration) 2009. 11. 25. 12
  13. 13. Ref. 02. – Nestlé (SAP) 2009. 11. 25. 13
  14. 14. Ref. 03. – InfomatiX (CAS Genesis World) 2009. 11. 25. 14
  15. 15. MobiAccess products enterprise solutions 2009. 11. 25. 15
  16. 16. MobiAccess Warehouse Management (WMS) LogistiX – The unique module available only with MobiAccess Simple, innovative , electronic solution for efficient warehouse inventory management Quick, accurate, unambiguous identification - Barcode scanning, RFID technology Easy administration - Significant paperwork reduction Rapid stock-taking - Flexible quantity and inventory level management Reduced diversion - Up-to-the-minute stock control Flexible, cost-effective solution - Easy integration with common ERP systems 2009. 11. 25. 16
  17. 17. Mobile Asset Management InventoriX / InventoriX IT Enterprise inventory control, item identification and linking can be performed in an error-free, secure and efficient way. Up-to-the-minute inventory control - Real time difference tracking and diagnostics Quick, accurate, unambiguous identification - Barcode scanning, identification Simple, effortless administration - Significant paperwork reduction Rapid stock-taking - Direct record entry via mobile device Less diversion - Greater control 2009. 11. 25. MobiAccess Integration Solutions 17
  18. 18. Mobile workforce and worksheet management MobiAccess WorX Efficient task management, optimised resource management. Offline operation – For nomad workforce Time and fuel savings - Rational route planning Instant response, minimal room for error - Immediate task dispatch, transmission of required information Instant authentication - Electronic signature capture capability via mobile devices Prompt and punctual service - Orders are submitted directly to the centre 2009. 11. 25. MobiAccess Integration Solutions 18
  19. 19. Mobile questionnaire management MobiAccess QuiX Mobile questionnaire management system, fast and efficient market research, easy analysis and evaluation. Various question types - Easy construction of complex surveys and questionnaires Fast and effortless data collection - Completed forms instantly submitted to the centre Instant authentication - Electronic signature capture capability via mobile devices Easy survey processing - Collected data can be evaluated right away Improved staff productivity - Increased sample volumes, higher accuracy 2009. 11. 25. MobiAccess Integration Solutions 19
  20. 20. Mobile Sales Force Automation MobiAccess Distiller Automating the work of sales representatives, makes communication much more effective, provides a better view on business processes, and helps your sales to be more successful. Competitor monitoring - Providing market research data; industry dynamics, new competitors, new products, promotional campaigns... Clear-cut system - Management gets more detailed view on clients, representatives, partners and competitors Prompt information – Sales staff will send their reports more frequently, providing management up-to-date information, reducing response time Simple, quick, effective - Fast, simple and efficient data flow between sales representatives and headquarters Route planning – Automatically producing route planning from shop data 2009. 11. 25. 20
  21. 21. Thank you for your attention! Any questions? Ádám Baneth Division leader 2009. 11. 25. 21