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  • ADP is a leading business outsourcing provider in the U.S.Of the approximately 3,400 U.S. organizations with more than 1,000 employees who choose to outsource payroll and/or HR, more than 90% rely on ADP. But our footprint goes way beyond American shores.Overall, we serve approximately 600,000 organizations in more than 125 countries, including 425,000 small-business clients and about 26,000 vehicle dealerships.ADP’s footprint is global, servicing the needs of almost 500 multinational clients in more than 40 countries. Taken together, our operations, associates and services comprise work in more than 125 countries. At ADP, people aren’t considered employees, but rather “associates” who work together to make our clients successful. Our associates are located in 40 countries.Over 80 percent of FORTUNE 500 companies and more than 90 of the FORTUNE 100 companies use at least one of ADP’s services.
  • Our mission is to power organizations with insightful solutions that drive business success.Our vision is to be the world’s authority on helping organizations focus on what matters.Partnering with ADP means you get solutions with the latest HR technology – so you can focus your limited time and resources on your people and your goals, not back-office administration. Wherever you do business – across the street or around the world – you can count on ADP to help you succeed.
  • Read the first stat…There are Roughly 7 billion people in the world Cisco predicts there will be 8 billion mobile devices such as smartphones with another 2 billion machine-to-machine connections (10 billion total)Read the second stat…Morgan Stanley predicted this a few years ago and seems to be accurate. Last quarter alone, Apple sold 62 million iOS devices15.4 million where iPads. That was more than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire PC line worldwide. HP sold 15.1 million PCs. Lenovo sold 13 million PCs. Dell sold 11.9 million PCs. Acer sold 9.8 million PCs. Read the third stat…that’s across the globe. How about in the US? Does anyone know what the US population is? It’s roughly 313 million Does anyone know how many US wireless subscribers there are? Roughly 322 million- There are more US wireless subscribers than there are people, including infants and the elderly. Many of us have multiple devices, maybe 1 for work and 1 for personal use. Also, there are many things connected to the internet, like cars (OnStar), security systems, gas / electric meters, and some day refrigerators and other appliances.- Last year, mobile data traffic was more than eight times greater than all Internet traffic in 2000So these are all very loft predictions and who knows if they are perfectly accurate….but that said, they are all directionally correct…
  • Mobile HR Services is about extending current features, or enhancing them to be more valuable, to different glasses, or front end devices. Think about the ability to; submit or request “real-time” performance comments while attending meetings Edit and approve Timecards or Approve or deny PTO requests while away from a work location Search Candidate profiles while attending a job fair Enroll or attend training while in the airport waiting for a delayed flight Purchase prescription drugs at the pharmacist using FSA funds and eliminate the need for submitting for reimbursements Employees are trying to do all of this today. The way your employees work today is different than in the past. Work is about getting things done….not showing up. People work around the clock and around the globe.They are accessing applications from their smartphones, tablets, and anything else with a browser. Trying to access this information from mobile devices not designed to be used is incredibly frustrating. The expectations from users today, driven a lot by the consumer, is to provide constant connectivity to the information needed to successfully complete transactions.
  • The ADP Mobile vision is to provide a single app for all of that. We plan to go broad across many HR domains and strategically deep for mobile relevant use cases. ADP plans to support multiple roles beyond employee to include manager & practitioners (HR manager, recruiter, benefits admin, HR executive) and expand access to more ADP platforms, clients, and device types.
  • Here’s a list of available features and the short-term roadmapRead the features that are available and those coming shortlyWe have a native application that’s available on the Apple iTunes AppStore. Anyone can download the application to an Apple deviceWe also have mobile web solution, which means using a URL from the default browser on the smartphone. Typing in the following URL, provide just about the same application features as the Apple native application (without the download). The mobile web solutions supports Android, Blackberry, and Apple.
  • The majority of the feedback we receive is generally positive. The negative feedback falls into 2 categories;This is great, but I want more functionality, fasterI don’t see all those features when I login
  • Strategy: ADP Practical Case Study

    1. 1. A 63 YEAR OLD COMPANYIn 1949 Henry Taub founded AutomaticPayrolls, Inc. as a manual payrollprocessing business.In 1957, the company changed its nameto Automatic Data Processing, Inc.(ADP), and began using punched cardmachines, check printing machines, andmainframe computers.ADP went public in 1961 with 300clients, 125 employees and revenues ofapproximately $400,000. ©2012 MOBCON ─ WHERE MOBILE MINDS CONNECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 3
    2. 2. A GLOBAL PROVIDER  600,000 clients in more than 125 countries  Includes 425,000 small businesses  Includes 26,000 auto dealerships  Over 80% of Fortune® 500 companies  Over 90 Fortune® 100 companies  Associates in 40 countries  Over $10B in annual revenue. ©2012 MOBCON ─ WHERE MOBILE MINDS CONNECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 4
    3. 3. AN OUTSOURCING SERVICE COMPANYOne of the world’s largestproviders of business outsourcingsolutions and services for…  Human Resources  Payroll  Benefits  Retirement Administration  Tax Payments & Compliance  Vehicle Dealers 5 ©2012 MOBCON ─ WHERE MOBILE MINDS CONNECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    4. 4. SOME VERY LOFTY PREDICTIONS, DID YOU KNOW? By end of 2012, there will be more mobile devices connected to the Internet than there are people on Earth1 By end of 2012, there will be more mobile devices connected to the Internet than personal computers2 The mobile workforce is growing at a rate of 15% annually and 1.2 billion mobile workers - more than 1/3 of the world’s workforce - will access enterprise systems in 20133 1 Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2011–2016. 2 Source: Internet Trends (presentation from CM Summit), Morgan Stanley, June 7, 2010. 3 Source: VDC Research, HR Mobile Solutions white paper, June 2011. 6 ©2012 MOBCON ─ WHERE MOBILE MINDS CONNECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    5. 5. RUN MOBILE – SUPPORTING THE BUSY LIFE OF A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER Launched in 2010 enabling small business owners to process payroll on their mobile devices anywhere anytime  Over 47,000 iPhone downloads and over 45,000 unique client logins  Over 25,000 payrolls submitted on the mobile and over 26,000 employee profiles viewed on mobile Among the client base, 72% use iPhones, 22% use Android OS and 6% use BlackBerry devices. RUN Mobile Key Features  Enter hours and process payroll on the go anywhere anytime  View employee directory with contact, payroll and pay rate info  View reports for analysis  Perform HR Checkup and get HR tips for managing your workforce  Access to HR Dictionary with over 600 terms explained for right decision making  Just launched in Nov, mobile access to Document Vault and alerts/notifications about payroll deliverables ©2012 MOBCON ─ WHERE MOBILE MINDS CONNECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 8
    6. 6. RUN MOBILE HAS CHANGED THE WAY OUR CLIENTS WORKThe president of a nonprofit learning organization said: “I was on “RUN Powered by ADP makes payroll easier than I ever imagined itEasyPay and wanted a way to process my payroll on the go on my iPad. could be,” said Scott McKain of McKain Performance Group, Inc. ofThe ADP team took care of everything and they did a great job Fishers, IN. “With just a few clicks, we process payroll convenientlytransitioning me to RUN Powered by ADP. I am very happy with it and securely. We run reports and make all necessary state and federalbecause I can now process my payroll on my iPad. The screens are filings easily. And since transitioning to the RUN Powered by ADPmuch better because they give me a better appreciation for all aspects mobile platform, we can now process payroll securely over a mobileof my payroll. I really like that it works overseas, too, as I have device, no matter where our busy schedules take us. RUN Powered byprocessed my payroll while traveling. If other business owners have a ADP has really helped us be more productive,” McKain added.similar situation as I do—that they have to process payroll on the go—RUN is the way to go.” Jeff Phillips of HP Investments in Daly City, CA illustrated the convenience of ADPs mobile solution. "The freedom of being able to schedule my payroll runs on my calendar, set up an appointment and run payroll on the day it was due, anywhere I happened to be, was too much to pass up. The iPhone app took a couple of minutes to find and install, and I ran my first payroll all from the 15th tee!" Phillips explained. Tony Snyder, accounts payable manager with Houston, Texas-based PCMI, Inc., said: “We have been with ADP for years processing our“The ADP mobile app allows ANN INC.’s workforce ready access to pay homeowner association clients’ payroll and recently upgraded ourinformation anytime, anywhere as they need it,” said Michael clients’ payroll process from the EasyPaysm platform, their original ADPKingston, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Transformation and payroll platform, to RUN Powered by ADP. The upgrade was efficientTechnology, ANN INC. “The PIN feature for quick login is a big win for and easy and, because RUN Powered by ADP is so simple to use, weaccessibility.” could begin processing payroll and accessing reports immediately. Now we manage our clients’ payroll so much faster and better than before.” ©2012 MOBCON ─ WHERE MOBILE MINDS CONNECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 9
    8. 8. WHAT ARE MOBILE HR SERVICES?HR services extended beyond the company walls to keep employees connected, providingaccess to features (existing or enhanced) from many different devices Core HR Payroll Time & Attendance Benefits Talent Management ©2012 MOBCON ─ WHERE MOBILE MINDS CONNECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 12
    9. 9. ADP MOBILE VISION - A SINGLE APP…FOR ALL OF THAT  Payroll  Time & Attendance  Scheduling  Benefits  Retirement Savings  Corporate Directory  Corporate News  Expense Reporting  Talent Acquisition  Talent Management A single mobile solution to increase;  Workflow Management  Communication & Collaboration  Social Media/Collaboration  Productivity  Business Intelligence Analytics  Engagement  Service Center  Decision Making ©2012 MOBCON ─ WHERE MOBILE MINDS CONNECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 13
    10. 10. ADP MOBILE SOLUTIONS - ADAPTABLE Available Features Future Enhancements  Pay Statements  Approve Timecards  PayCard Balances  View Schedules  View Time Off  View W2s  Request Time Off  About Me & My Team  Clock In/Out & Late Arrivals  Password Reset for Admins  Timecards / Sheets  Performance Notes  Benefit Plan Info  FSA Balances  Retirement Savings  Corporate Directory iPhone iPad Blackberry v4.6+ Android  Company News  View Tasks & Notifications Native Application  Admin site Mobile Web ©2012 MOBCON ─ WHERE MOBILE MINDS CONNECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 14
    11. 11. ADP MOBILE SOLUTIONS – SUCCESS!Just 1 year after the launch; More than 410,000 users, across 29,000 clients like Wyndham Hotels, Ann Taylor, and Honda 260 Customer Reviews - 3.5 stars on iTunes App Store ©2012 MOBCON ─ WHERE MOBILE MINDS CONNECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 15
    13. 13. THE SALES EFFECTIVENESS CHALLENGE1. How do we ensure that all of our sales people are delivering a consistent message?2. How can we ensure the content that our sales people are sharing is the most current and up to date?3. How do we help our sales people get their buyer more engaged in the sales presentation?4. How do we know what aspects of our solution the client was most interested in or what collateral was left behind?5. How do we make all of it easier to digest? ©2012 MOBCON ─ WHERE MOBILE MINDS CONNECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 19
    15. 15. IN CLOSING1. Mobile is now a “top 5” strategy component for most organizations.2. Long time, “brick and mortar” companies will need to leverage and partner with emerging “technology” companies in order to compete effectively in a mobile market place.3. The mobility must haves: a) Consistency b) Dynamic Updates c) Enterprise Class d) Visibility (Sales) Thank You J. Heffy Provost (770) 360-2476 ©2012 MOBCON ─ WHERE MOBILE MINDS CONNECT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 21