Mob4Hire Executive Summary Fall 2012


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  • Take a simple example:iOS 5 on smartphones only. You have3 hardware versions (3Gs, 4 and 4S)4 Operating System versions (5, 5.0.1, 5.1, 5.1.1)2 wireless connection types: wifi and 3G on a cellular networkThat is 24 combinations. Now add in devices from manufacturers for the big 4: Android, iOS, WP 7-8 and BlackBerry, more cellular network types such as EDGE, 4G LTE, tablets and smartphones, different carriers, countries and languages, and you have an explosion of platform combinations.You can’t cope with this on your own. Even if you could afford it, it would be a logistical nightmare.
  • We need to sell what we did to satisfy customers, especially if you want to talk about lessons learned, or use a pivot as a feature.Turn-key automated crowd testing solutions
  • Remote access handset services can be expensive, and people like Device Anywhere, SOASTA and Perfecto can be incredibly expensive.
  • Mob4Hire Executive Summary Fall 2012

    1. 1. We Make Mobile Better! crowd-sourced solutions for testing mobile software and data
    2. 2. Consider Mobile’s: • Thousands of Hardware Variations • Several Operating Systems • Hundreds of Mobile Network Operators • Wireless Access Options • Multitude of Users’ Locations and LanguagesTesting is a NIGHTMARE
    3. 3. Our solution … access to 60,000mobile enthusiasts people and devices on networks all over the world
    4. 4. Mob4HireCountries/Carriers uTest Perfecto Mobile SOASTA Keynote RTH RTH RTH RTH RTH Devices RTH = Regional Testing Houses also Partners With greater reach verses our competition
    5. 5. Our customers … we’ve done over 28,000 tester projects in 70 countries
    6. 6. … helped us identify a bigopportunity purpose-built rapid testing environments, accessible via APIs
    7. 7. • SMS Confirmation Testing = $36M* • For integrators and aggregators who need to monitor message delivery and data• Building out new labs for… • OEM (partnerships) Testing • Device Data Testing • And moreMobile Software Quality Assurance~ $12B Market in 2015***Total Addressable Market** – Mobile Software Services Industry Report 2012 - 15% QA
    8. 8. RTH RTH SOASTALower Cost Mobile RTH Labs Perfecto uTest Device Anywhere ReachCrowd automation lowers costs and saves time, compared to manual remote testing
    9. 9. • Technical • Crowd test automation with REST API & Android App + Crowd Management Platform • Beta release - August 2012 • 1st Commercial Lab – Target release January 2013 • Roadmap for 5 Labs• Marketing • Economic feasibility - June 2012 • Beta Sales and Pricing Program - Ongoing • Proven SEO/relationship sellingWe’re making traction in beta, with paying customers; ready to scale
    10. 10. Business Modelsubscription or bulk purchase revenue; dynamic bidding lowers costs
    11. 11. Laura Sullivan 17 years of experience in operations and consulting in telecom, manufacturing and the health care industries. Director of a $1B retail cooperative . MBA, Haskayne School of Business. John Carpenter, P. Eng Former Director of Technology for KnowledgeWhere Corp, and Architect of Geoservices for Useful Networks. B.Sc. University of Calgary in Geomatics and Spatial Programming. Paul Poutanen, P.Eng A wireless telecommunications industry veteran with senior experienced at Wi-LAN and Cell-Loc. Former President of Blister Entertainment. BScs in Industrial and Mechanical Engineer from the University of Manitoba.Advisors/Board are professionals and industry experts basedin Canada, US and UK.Leadership Team
    12. 12.  Lead investor for $1.2M seed financing Key hires in product management and business developmentWe need
    13. 13. • Technical (35%) • Expand technical team for development of commercial release and ongoing support• Sales and Marketing (55%) • Expand marketing team in product management and technical sales; increase promotion• Crowd (10%) • Crowd management … for rapid growth
    14. 14. Laura Sullivan 1.408.475.4161 (US) 1.403.471.7829 (CA) www.mob4hire.comContact