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moamenragab pdf (1)

  1. 1. Mo'men Ragab Abdu Abdel Baky Smoha, Elnasr St, Alexandria, Egypt Mobile:(+2) 01091527854 , 01205520655 PERSONAL INFORMATION ▪ Date of Birth : 6/09/1992. ▪ Marital Status : Single. ▪ Nationality : Egyptian. ▪ Military Status : Finished. OBJECTIVE ▪ Looking forward to obtain a suitable position in my field of studies, that would allow me to use my knowledge and professional as well as interpersonal skills . EDUCATION ▪ Faculty of Science at Alexandria University ▪ Graduation year : May 2013 ▪ Department: Chemistry/ Environmental science,. ▪ Grade: Good. SKILLS Computer Skills: ▪ Very Good knowledge of MS Word, Power point, Excel, Windows, Internet and Information Technology. Language Skills: ▪ Native language Arabic. ▪ Very Good command of both written and spoken English. Courses: ▪ First time Leadership and Supervision.
  2. 2. ▪ Corrosion , painting and coating inspection ▪ Preparation and production pharmaceuticals and cosmetics Function Skills: ▪ Ability to work alone and in a group and Motivated to my work ▪ Ability to learn new technologies and work under pressure. ▪ Excellent communications skills. ▪ Good listener, Organizational Skills, Confidence, Leadership qualities. ▪ Quick learner with ability to translate complex ideas and processes into technical. EXPERIENCE ▪ Working as a chemist at mixing department at ADCO Company (Alexandria for detergents and chemicals company). ▪ Trained at Kafr El-Dawar public hospital. ▪ Trained at LNG for natural gas. ▪ Trained in central labs of faculty of science INTERESTING ▪Reading, Internet, Football, Travelling.