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MoZeus Worldwide offers innovative platforms and mobile applications that leverage today's biggest passion points - Smartphones, Facebook, Email and Photo/Video Sharing. We enable brands, agencies, properties and organizations to connect with consumers by utilizing proprietary software within the smartphone, tablet and mobile application space. MoZeus technologies help partners create initial and follow-up engagements opening the door to a variety of follow-up marketing and advertising campaigns. We're NOT just developers either. MoZeus' background and expertise in experiential marketing separates us from the rest. Ultimately, MoZeus Worldwide understands the importance of connecting with target audiences quickly and cost efficiently - creating measurable advantages in a fiercely competitive marketplace that awards innovation.

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MoZeus Worldwide 2012 Capabilities

  1. 1. SMART Activator, theMost Used MarketingApp in the WORLD!
  2. 2. About MoZeusThe MoZeus SMART Activator application, the most-used event marketingapplication in the world, provides a comprehensive “toolbox” of innovative, cost-efficient experiential marketing platforms and mobile applications in one cutting-edge bundle that utilizes smartphones, Facebook, email and photo/video sharingto provide real-time consumer results. To date, MoZeus Worldwide has worked withmore than 200 brands, agencies and sports properties.The SMART Activator,the Most Used Marketing App in the WORLD!
  3. 3. SMART Generator Data Collection Lead Generation SimplifiedThe SMART Generator Data Capture App is asimplifed, cost-efficient, lead generation toolbuilt with real-time functionality - puttingyou in control. The application can run on asmartphone or tablet, enabling over-the-airwireless updates and real-time uploading.This amazing data capture solution is idealfor events. It empowers the user to collectvalid data and gives them the ability toregister consumers for sweepstakes andemail communication as well as acceptanceof privacy and other company policies. NO INTERNET REQUIRED Capture consumer data without being connected to the internet and decrease Multiple Languages the stress of your Event Managers. Apps don’t need internet access! LAUNCH QUICKLY Create a fully customized Data Capture App in days, not weeks, for half the cost. BRANCHING LOGIC Design surveys with branching logic allowing you to speed thru the process and capture more leads. AUTOMATED EMAIL RESPONSE SYSTEM Turn your leads into customers quickly by using MoZeus’ Automated Email Follow- Driver’s License Scanning Up System. Visit
  4. 4. The SMART Educator Educating Consumers About Your BrandMoZeus Worldwide specializes in helping clientseducate consumers about products, featuresand branded mobile applications. MoZeusaccomplishes this by creating educationalscreens for consumers to review during differentforms of engagement, such as trivia, interactivegames or app demos. Typically, most educationalexperiences are part of a station environmentwhere consumers receive credit for checkinginto respective locations. If you’re looking forways to enhance an experience and deliver keybrand messaging, the SMART Educator is atrusted and proven solution.Educational Engagement Tools 99 Mobile Trivia 99 Interactive Games 99 Instant Wins 99 App Demos 99 Sweepstakes Visit
  5. 5. SMART Instant Wins A Unique Tool to Capture Qualified LeadsUsing the SMART Prize software within theSMART Activator, brands and agencies canutilize assets like special t-shirts and othercommon premiums to successfully engageconsumers and, more importantly, capturequalified leads.Add a SMART Instant Win Game to anyprogram for as little as $1,500. Developmenttime for SMART Instant Wins can take as littleas two weeks. Instant Win Options 99 Branded Instant Wins 99 Interactive Flash Animations 99 Tweet-Up Sweepstakes The MoZeus Inventory Console allows Brand Ambassadors to change the odds or ratios on-the-fly to monitor your prize inventory. Visit
  6. 6. SMART Photo Overlay The Future of Photo MarketingThe SMART Overlay is the most popular choiceby brands and agencies for exciting photo REAL-TIME DELIVERY & INSTANT SHARINGpromotions and real-time data collection. Deliver Photos instantly for immediate sharing &The SMART Overlay system allows clients to gratification – then watch your Facebook stats grow.quickly capture valid data on site at an eventand send the final, composited image to the FACEBOOK POSTSconsumer in real-time. More than 50% of photos taken with the SMART Overlay solution get posted to Facebook.This technology represents the mostsophisticated solution available today, FACEBOOK VIEWSespecially if you’re looking to get branded On average, the viral impact of a MoZeus SMARTphotos posted on Facebook and capture valid Overlay campaign exceeds addresses in the process. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? If you take one thousand photos, more than 10,000 will be viewed on Facebook, with the brand at the center of attention. Consumers Receive a Custom HTML Email with Instant Social Media Sharing Options Visit
  7. 7. SMART Video & Signature Capture Create Unique Videos With Overlay TechnologyThe MoZeus SMART Video System allowspartners to create exciting promotions byintegrating brand assets into the feed andend result. Video applications can includesignature collection software that allowsbrands to get consent from the consumerto use the footage for future marketingcampaigns (TV commercials, web ads, etc.). Consumers Record a Video With a Custom Branded Frame Consumers can Sign Virtually to Give Consent SMART Video Benefits 99 Collect valuable personal data quickly & cost effectively. 99 Engage consumers in unobtrusive manners. 99 Improve viral marketing initiatives. 99 Capture signatures from consumers digitally. 99 Deliver videos to email inboxes Consumers Receive Their Video in a Custom immediately. HTML Email With Sharing Options Visit
  8. 8. SMART Games Promoting Your Brand in Fun WaysIn 2010, MoZeus Worldwide launched aseries of interactive games on mobile devicesto help brands and agencies successfullyengage consumers in non-traditionalmanners and collect data in the process.MoZeus can develop and design a variety ofgames quickly and cost efficiently.In less than a week, consumers can play a fullybranded game specific to your event. MoZeuscan even take live results from a game andpost them on a branded leaderboard on anLCD Screen. Custom Games Include: 99 Racing Games 99 Sports Games 99 Spin the Wheel 99 Magic 8 Ball 99 Branded Trivia 99 Simon Says 99 Photo Scrambles Visit
  9. 9. SMART Donator The Perfect Solution for Cause MarketingThe SMART Donator mobile paymentprocessing system built into the SMARTActivator app allows brands or organizationsto engage consumers in fun ways PRIOR toasking for a donation.Upon being engaged by a Brand Ambassadorwith a MoZeus promotional tool like a specialphoto opportunity or instant win game,consumers then have the option to make adonation by swiping their credit card via theRoam Data technology. The credit card datais encrypted immediately and all transactionsare processed in real-time meaning no data isstored on the mobile device. The Roam Datatechnology is 100% PCI-DSS certified and themost secure solution available today.MoZeus can also include digital signaturewaivers and terms and condition pageswithin the respective work-flow. Visit
  10. 10. SMART RFID & NFC A SMART Way to Track ConsumersMoZeus Worldwide offers several differentsolutions to track consumers aroundfootprints including RFID and NFC systems.Each program can be built out to include anycomponents that are included within theSMART Activator platform. Popular elementsthat clients utilize include Dynamic DataCollection, Sweepstakes Entry, Instant Wins,HTML 5 Games, Photo and Video Marketingand Augmented Reality.All content generated from each respectivestation can be fully integrated with socialmedia channels like Facebook and Twitter.This allows for consumers to quickly postphotos or videos and update their personalpages to highlight which activity they justcompleted. Visit
  11. 11. SMART Stations Multiple Engagement Tools on One PlatformUtilizing the SMART Activator, MoZeus helps 3its partners deliver different engagements on Consumerssmartphones or tablets by creating different proceed to theexperiences on each device. The MoZeus next station,SMART Tracking software allows brandsto easily learn about consumer preferences where theywhile capturing data in the process. check in withOur advanced tracking technology allows the their uniqueconsumer to use one unique ID to participate ID to enter ain all engagements in the brand’s footprint. sweepstakes.1 4 Consumers Consumers go register via a on to the next unique ID - an station and RFID bracelet, check in with branded swipe their unique card, mobile ID to play a number or SMART Instant email address. Win Game. 2 5 Consumers Consumers check in with check in their unique at the last ID at the next station with station to play their unique a branded ID to fill out interactive a branded game. survey. Visit
  12. 12. The Social Activator Integrating Social Networks Into Your Program The MoZeus Social Activator can easily be integrated into any program, allowing brands access to a wealth of consumer information including number of friends, age, demographics, gender, groups, likes, and more. The Social Activator gives brands the opportunity to allow consumers to log in using their Facebook credentials. Once the consumer accepts the permissions associated with the program, the brand then not only has access to important profile information, but also now has the ability to automate branded messaging to the consumer’s timeline. Incentivize Consumers to Log in by Awarding Points for PrizesConsumers can Register Securely Using Their Facebook Account Clients are Given Access to Crucial Information Facebook Statistics in Real Time Visit
  13. 13. SMART Console Dashboard Real-Time Access, With Real-Time ResultsOne of the distinct advantages of using theMoZeus SMART Activator is having access tothe SMART Console – the online web portalthat allows you to view results and makechanges in real-time.The SMART Console has a variety of featuresand benefits for clients to have a completeunderstanding of their results. Tour Managersand Brand Ambassadors can even access theSMART Console on mobile devices in the fieldto measure real-time progress. SMART Console Benefits 99 Live, 24/7, stat reports and results at no additional cost 99 Automated Email Reports 99 Premium Data Exporting 99 Real-Time access to the dashboard with unlimited users Visit
  14. 14. The MoZeus Leadership Team Proven Experience and Expertise Scott Sheppard Charles Jones Preston Carter President and CTO Chief Operating Officer SVP - Strategic PartnershipsScott Sheppard is President and Chief Charles Jones is COO and SVP of Brand Preston Carter is Senior Vice PresidentTechnology Officer of MoZeus. Scott Strategy of MoZeus Worldwide. With of Strategic Partnerships of MoZeusis a serial entrepreneur with more than over fifteen years of experience in the and has been with the company from20 years of experience at organizations marketing, advertising, and mobile the very beginning. With over twelveranging from technology start-ups technology space, Charles brings a years of experience in developingto Fortune 500 companies. Scott has wide variety of skillsets to MoZeus. data collection, photo marketing andexpertise in product research & design, His current responsibilities revolve interactive campaigns for large brandsdevelopment, and management. around developing and managing and agencies, Preston is well known fully integrated, multi-million dollar around the industry as one of the mostScott’s past history with creating partnership platforms with Fortune 500 talented and progressive thinkers in thesuccessful technology start-ups has companies and Top 100 Experiential Event Marketing space. Preston’s careerhelped shape the overall mission and Agencies. Notable client acquisitions started at PictureU Promotions whereearly success of MoZeus Worldwide. while at MoZeus include Verizon he spent eight years helping pioneerScott’s previous company, WebVMC, Wireless, Nissan, Ford, US Cellular, Virgin the photo marketing industry. Preston’sprovided in-home healthcare technology Mobile, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. client roster includes AT&T, Beam Global,that allowed caregivers to remotely Coca-Cola, Visa, Miller-Coors, Dannon,manage patients with chronic diseases. Charles’ career has included tenures with Harley Davidson, Kraft, Country Financial,In 2008, Intel recognized WebVMC’s the San Antonio Spurs, Axcess Partners Mitsubishi and Toyota.innovative technological advancements, Worldwide, University of Texas, Fidelityand purchased WebVMC. In 2009 Investments and PictureU Promotions. Jay FullerIntel and GE invested $250 million in a In 2006, Charles was nominated for the VP - Product Developmenthealthcare joint venture using WebVMC’s prestigious 30 under 30 Award given Jay Fuller is Vice President of Producttechnology as its cornerstone. to top executives who have excelled Development of MoZeus. Jay brings at young ages. Charles is a graduate of more than 15 years of developmentScott’s career has also included positions Denison University and holds a Master’s experience to MoZeus several notable organizations, like Degree in Sports Marketing from the In his current role, Jay manages, where he was the Vice University of Florida. development team and more specifically,President of Product Development. the SMART Activator and SMART ConsoleIn addition to this, Scott was the 2nd Bill Sluben platforms. Jay’s career has included rolesemployee at two successful start-up SVP - Consumer Engagement at WebVMC, Ciena, InterContinentalventures, Portable Systems Technologies Hotels Group and CNN, where he was& Media Solutions International, which Bill Sluben is Senior Vice President of Consumer Engagement of MoZeus. Bill a Senior Architect. Jay attended thewere purchased by Aflac and Hitachi Georgia Institute of Technology.respectively. joined the Management Team in 2012 after his agency, Live Link Events, was Erich JanzenScott holds a Degree in Computer acquired by MoZeus. His impressive Creative DirectorEngineering from the Georgia Institute resume includes over 17 years of planning, implementing and managing Erich Janzen is the Creative Directorof Technology. of MoZeus Worldwide. His daily experiential marketing programs for a wide variety of clients including Coca- responsibilities include managing and Cola, General Motors, Fiat, Comcast, The directing all creative projects for a wide Weather Channel and others. Bill holds variety of brands and agencies. Erich has an MBA in Marketing from the University held positions with Intel and WebVMC of Connecticut. prior to joining MoZeus. Visit
  15. 15. Contact 1-888-YMOZEUS