MoMoAthens Cross-Screen_Introduction to Webinos by Webinos


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This presentation was made at MoMo Athens Cross-Screen Development event by Webinos on October 22, 2012

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MoMoAthens Cross-Screen_Introduction to Webinos by Webinos

  1. 1. Mobile Monday AthensIntroduction to webinos Getting Gadgets Talking Open Source Web Framework for Secure Cross Device Applications 1
  2. 2. What is webinos An open source web application platform for multiple devices Supported by a strong consortium
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. Big ProblemsFragmentation/ InteroperabilitySilos : app-storesCross Device: especially offlineExperience RoamingOwnership of data 4
  5. 5. Agenda Four/Five Platforms Web application architectures for beginners Getting devices working together Takeaways 5
  7. 7. PC Platform Delivered as end user installable packages for windows and linux Mac installer in progress Installer includes both renderer and PZP
  8. 8. Mobile Platform
  9. 9. TV Platform
  10. 10. Automotive Platform
  11. 11. IOT/M2M Platform
  12. 12. Platform/ OS PortingRoadmap
  14. 14. “Open” Web AppFramework manifests etc) but These elements are standardised, Each of these elements can be improved (e.g.JSON Apps testable agreed and can be deployed now W3C Widgets Packager Chromium Embedded Web Renderer OR Android - WebView XACML = WAC + Policy Subject = person APIs GeoLocation Orientation Calendar Contacts Others W3C + WAC + Webinos CRX
  15. 15. Decoupled Browser (Warning disruptive!!) Also remote http (normal Apps website)+ Decouple Appstore Widget URI OR HTTP URI OR FILE URI Packager Standard Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari ec..) Supporting web sockets Policy Websocket – with APIs domain origin test GeoLocation Orientation Calendar Contacts Others User grants access of domain to feature (ala geo-location)
  16. 16. Webinos as a Server Server Client/Browser Apps Packager Policy Widget Renderer APIs GeoLocation Orientation Calendar Contacts Others
  17. 17. webinos for M2M/webinos for server apps Server Background Apps Packager NO UI Policy Web Services and Embedded APIs Servers very GeoLocation similar Orientation Calendar Contacts Others
  18. 18. Operating System vs Webinos Underlying OSApplication Technology
  20. 20. Cross Device RequirementsWhat do we need? Interoperable web application packaging Device and User Identity + Addressability Cross device synchronisation Peer2Peer Connectivity Device and Service Discovery Distributed Policy Framework Remoting mechanisms Defined Interoperable APIs A data sharing model 20
  21. 21. Technologies Node.js: primary implementation is based on cross platform node.js PKI model: webinos uses a distributed certificate model to identify users and devices, online or offline - Identity TLS: mutually authenticated connections give the overlay network security XACML: is used as the basis of the policy framework WIDL/Feature URI: forms the basis of the service description and discovery model JSON-RPC: is used to allow JavaScript to be called remotely W3C Widgets: generic secure packaging mechanism JavaScript APIs: defined, interoperable device and service access Connection Manager: Peer to Peer and optimised networking
  22. 22. Me and My Devices Mutually authenticated TLS sessions bind all devices to a Peter: PZP (Personal Zone Proxy) cloud agent Peter: PZH (Personal Zone Hub) Peter: PZP Security Policy (Personal Zone Proxy) PZH Server (Logical Entity) Peter PZH Peter: PZP Peter: PZP Peter: PZP (Personal Zone Proxy)(Personal Zone Proxy) (Personal Zone Proxy)
  23. 23. Me and your devices  PZH - Personal Zone Hub  PZP - Personal Zone Proxy – Resides on Server – Resides locally on the – TLS – Transport Layer – Logical Entity: 1 PZH per device Security user – Present on every webinos  Secure/Certified – Each PZH server can host device connection between multiple PZH’s webinos components Peter: PZH Helen: PZH (Personal Zone Hub)  TLS (Personal Zone Hub) Security Policy Security Policy Server / PZH Server / PZH (Logical Entity) (Logical Entity)  TLS  TLS Internet/Cloud LocalPeter’s Personal Zone John’s Personal Zone Peter: PZP Direct P2P (e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi Direct) Peter: PZP Peter: PZP Peter: PZP Peter: PZP Helen: PZP (Personal Zone Proxy) (Personal Zone Proxy) Security Policy Security Policy Devices Devices 23
  24. 24. Data Ownership Micro PZP DOCTOR 1 PZH ? DOCTOR 2 Micro PZP TRAINER 2 Same scenario for In car telematics and swapping insurers. Same scenario for Smart Meters.
  25. 25. All fully integratedOpen Source Community Drupal: Developer Education Github: Source Code and Forums repository Jira: Issue tracking/ Bugs GreenHopper: Agile Scrum Development 25
  26. 26. Final Takeaways Convergence is a trend – Which platform for developing for apps across devices – How will they work together? Web is the “universal” platform Webinos is OPEN – Not led by any SINGLE company Webinos is compatible (needed?) by many other Oss (including web based OS) Webinos is a consumer centric view of privacy and security Free to join… Free to use...
  27. 27. Follow up