Mobile Monday Athens launch, Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Taptu


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Presented at the Mobile Monday Athens launch by Konstantinos Papamiltiadis of Taptu.
Title: Taptu: Content Curation, Discovery and Consumption. Does relevancy and context matter?
(October 3, 2011, The Hub, Athens)

Published in: Technology, Design
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Mobile Monday Athens launch, Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Taptu

  1. 1. Taptu: Content Curation, Discovery and Consumption. Does relevancy and context matter? MoMo Athens October 2011Confidential
  2. 2. Curation The British Museum (London) Acropolis Museum (Athens)
  3. 3. Profile of a Curator Jacques Saunière - Da Vinci Charles Saatchi (Founder of Code (Curator of the Louvre) Saatchi & Saatchi)
  4. 4. Content Curators around the years Not so long time ago.......... Long time ago..........Reference: Content – an illustrated history by Philip Sheldrake
  5. 5. Curation during the Digital Ages Almost no Gap Between Print & Digital.....Print - Digital -
  6. 6. Curators of the Digital AgesAnn Wintour (Editor-in-Chief- US Vogue) Mike Arrington (ex-Editor-in Chief Techcrunch) Arianna Huffington (Mike’s ex boss and-Editor-in Chief HuffPo/AOL)
  7. 7. YOU are a Curator...BUT you know thisFacebook (News FeedCuration) Twitter (Create and Curate Lists) Flipboard (Digital Magazine)
  8. 8. Taptu’s Curation Engine ✴ Build out of a Search “Engine” ✴ Incorporates Editorial and User Supplied Taxonomy ✴ Drives: ➡ Relevance ➡ Discovery ➡ ContextConfidential
  9. 9. Discovery & PersonalizationConfidential
  10. 10. Curation & Mixing (Tagging)Confidential
  11. 11. TapFormDiscover - Curate - Consume - Share
  12. 12. Contextual Playlists Contextual Keyword matching, keyword is matched against Tags to provide the right context Keyword supplied Tagging ➡ Keywords + context are submitted as Tags back to Taptu ➡ Taptu moderates keywords and provide additional context Note: Patent PendingConfidential
  13. 13. Context is King and It Matters.... ✴ Engagement ➡ Android up to 5 visits a day reading 20 stories Vs iOS 3+ visits a day reading 14 stories and scanning more than 500 per day ➡ 10% of the daily users are DJs mixing and mashing at least one playlist per day (over 100K curated Streams) ➡ 500% increase on the engagement figures since Curation Tools launched ✴ iOS & Android ➡ Phones and Tablets ➡ HTML5 coming soon... ✴ Platform ➡ APIs to: ➡ Search ➡ Curate ➡ Mix/TagConfidential
  14. 14. Q&A Konstantinos Papamiltiadis VP Product & Eng Twitter: @papamiltiadisk Mail: kp@taptu.comConfidential
  15. 15. AppendixConfidential
  16. 16. TapForm: Components Adaptive Rate Heuristics for Best RSS/Twitter/Panel Multi-tier caching Crawling Extraction Control (crawling freq) Image (size, position, etc) Articles / Streams Article scoring (random and binary) Article count Articles from source Mixing estimation in X time + tail coefficient calculated based on # of articles from domain Search Term Frequency Vs Inverse Domain traffic Feed depth & Relevance Document freq ranking Editorial visual rating Calculate N-dimensional Apply Paice-Husk K Nearest Neighbour algo to Clustering stemming algo feature space distances between stream articles work our clusters Stream In-memory radix trie to respond in 10ms (specialised data structure for Scoring Model based on combination of component scores Suggest optimisation)Confidential Taptu Apps 3rd Party Web/Apps
  17. 17. TapForm APIs: ✴ Search for Streams ➡ API returns the list of curated Feeds, Taptu and User Supplied Curated Streams (Tags) ➡ API returns list of Taptu and User Supplied Feeds that are contextually related to the keyword for Search Streams ✴ View Streams ➡ API returns the list of stories available on a Streams with a short Summary, Photo (where available), TimeStamp, Domain, Tags, etc ✴ Mix/Merge Streams ➡ API returns a list of constituent streams for the newly created Stream and and ID for the new Stream ✴ View an Article ➡ API returns an Article based on ID, including, full text (when available), photo (when available), timestamp, domain, favicon ➡ API returns Related Stories for other sources that are contextually related to the main source (cross stream clustering) ➡ API returns Related Streams, i.e. Taptu and User Supplied Tags provided context to the ArticleConfidential