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This PPT will clear your doughts reagarding the definatition of Hacking/hacker, And by this PPT you can learn how much it is neccesary to hide your IP address during internet surfing and how you can hide your IP address during internet surfing and how you can access blocked sites with the help of proxy server.

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  1. 1. A presentation by Mo. Irshad A PRESENTATION BY MO. IRSHAD B.TECH (CSE) FINAL YEAR
  2. 2. Definition of “Hacking/Hacker”
  3. 3. What a “Hacker” is not 1. First of all a hacker is definitely not a criminal. 2. A hacker is not a guy who is stealing credit card numbers, commiting crimes, breaking cyber laws, releasing viruses and so on…… 3. He is not also a teenager, sitting in a dark- room in someone corner, eating pizzas whole day and breaking the FBI’s site..
  4. 4. Who exactly is a Hacker 1. The real and exact definition of a hacker is actually someone who has some very interesting qualities or characterstics. 2. He is person who wants to achieve things which are normally not achievable. 3. A hacker is somebody who always wants to discover unknown characteristics, unknown features, unknown tips and unknown tricks and wants to make things work in a manner that most of people can’t imagine. 4. Hacker always believe in streching the limits and the most important thing is that he/she is highly creative and highly innovative.
  5. 5. I-P Address  Every computer system which is connected to the internet has a unique internet protocol address .  So an i-p address is a unique identity of a computer system on internet.  I-p address is just like your contact number if anyone has your contact no. then he/she can connect with you any time similarly in order to communicate or hack a computer system it is very first step to know victim’s computer’s i-p address.  So it is extremely extremely important to hide or protect your I-p Address during internet surfing.
  6. 6. How to hide your I-P address  Proxy servers are used to hide or protect I-P address during internet surfing.  For this before doing anything on the internet ; firstly you have to connect with a proxy server/site.  And then with the help of that proxy site you can access anything or everything on the internet and your I-P address will always remain hide or protective.  So a proxy server acts as a buffer between you and internet and hide your identity and protect your I-P address.
  7. 7. 1.Open your web browser
  8. 8. 2.Enter the URL of site (
  9. 9. Within few seconds this page will be open
  10. 10. 3.Now first connect with a proxy site (
  11. 11. This page will be open
  12. 12. Enter URL of the site which you want to visit (
  13. 13. And now you are able to access google Anonymously
  14. 14. How, you can access blocked sites in your net-lab with the help of proxy server………………
  15. 15. 1. Open a web-browser
  16. 16. 2.Type and hit Enter
  17. 17. This page will be open
  18. 18. Type blocked site which you want to visit (Eg. and hit Enter
  19. 19. Finally now you can watch online videos