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  1. 1. uppOut The World is changing. Technology is evolving. Nature is adapting. Generations are ending and new ones arising. Nothing is new though. Nothing is original. Nothing ever was. We are not discovering. We are researching and reinventing. But one thing has never changed: People
  2. 2. We were born with a dream: Changing the World. A technological world and increasingly digital. A world where everything changes, except People. We believe in them. | technology + people ©uppOut, 2015
  3. 3. Our work focuses on technology products, innovative solutions, business consulting and fully-featured digital and experiential marketing. Our mission is to bring companies to the digital and technology world. | technology + people ©uppOut, 2015
  4. 4. how? | technology + people ©uppOut, 2015
  5. 5. | technology + people ©uppOut, 2015 rethinking the box
  6. 6. | technology + people ©uppOut, 2015 UPP TRANSFORMATION Companies Technology Transformation Development and maintenance of digital and technological solutions on every platform and channel adapted and optimized to the client’s context, focus in obtaining an integrated experience and increasing conversion. UPP DIGITAL Site Management & Clients Acquisition, Omnichannel Solutions & Customer Experience UPP IMAGINEER New Business Models We rethink new business models through technological solutions, imagining and developing new products and platforms. This is the center of our philosophy. Analysis, development and implementation of brand activation with digital strategies. Digital oriented content and storytelling producing. UPP BRAND & CONTENT Analysis & Activation, Explaining & Selling In Different Way We analyze the existing processes, areas, data and reinvent and implement new technological solutions, optimizing productivity and ROI.
  7. 7. we have everything... | technology + people ©uppOut, 2015
  8. 8. The Minds A group of people born in three different generations that bring a load of different traits to the table. We approach business with transparency, simplicity and, above all, aiming for a positive, connecting and humanizing experience. With years of business management and consulting, UI and UX development, to IT and marketing experience, we're able to achieve any predetermined outcome. | technology + people ©uppOut, 2015
  9. 9. | technology + people ©uppOut, 2015 The Mixture An harmony of managing, IT and marketing. We devise strategies and campaigns from the ground up or refurbish the ones our clients need help with. From a simple website to a complex IT system or massive internal or external campaign, we build it with human factors, productivity and strategy in mind.
  10. 10. | technology + people ©uppOut, 2015 The Formula We take risks on bold an innovative approaches to the digital dimension, aiming for a happier and better connected world. Our word is sacred and we build upon it, with the purpose of a future where values are restored to their true form. Do not mistake it. At heart, we at uppOut are just dreamers. We dream big. But we make it happen.
  11. 11. | technology + people ©uppOut, 2015 we are uppOut!
  12. 12. Head Office Lisbon | Portugal Av. António Augusto de Aguiar N.º 24 1050-016 + 351 937 458 548 | technology + people ©uppOut, 2015