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Guidebook Practice Series 2013


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Guidebook Practice Series 2013

  1. 1. MoBar Twelve MCLE CLE52 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE ( Interactive Telephone Seminars Time for all programs: 2:00 - 3:30 pm CT 1.8 hours for each program Does not qualify for Kansas Credit GUIDEBOOK PRACTICE SERIES Why You Need This New Series The MoBarCLE Guidebook Series brings you 12 dynamic programs focusing on the skills every attorney needs. These telephone seminars are an easy, convenient way to expand your practice. Choose your area of practice, or explore a new one! These programs are designed to help you gain the edge in a variety of practice areas. Register early and take advantage of special discount package savings! 2013 Guidebook Practice Series P-1 Send payment to: The Missouri Bar, P.O. Box 119, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0119, phone toll-free at 1-888-253-6013 or 573-635-4128, FAX 573-659-8931. Paid registrations may be received by mail, phone, fax, or online at Please make payment by check, credit card or debit card. The Missouri Bar does NOT accept cash.Are you registering as a: m dial-in participant m additional listener Registration Fees (includes printed and downloadable version of the MoBarCLE Guidebook for the program(s) selected):Name _________________________________________________ m $139 — Any one seminar m $224 — Any two seminarsIf you are registering as an additional listener, please provide m $321 — Any three seminars Spethe name of the dial-in participant on the line below: m $404 — Any four seminars Dis cial c m $479 — Any five seminars Pac ountName __________________________________________________ m $546 — Any six seminars kag Sav e m $602 — Any seven seminars ingsStreet Address ___________________________________________ m $644 — Any eight seminars ! m $684 — Any nine seminarsP.O. Box ________________________________________________ m $734 — Any ten seminars m $781 — Any eleven seminarsCity/State/Zip ____________________________________________ m $783 — All twelve seminars m $ 79 — Each additional listener per programPhone _________________________ Fax _____________________ m Free — Season Pass HolderBar Number (if admitted in Missouri) _________________________ Please check the seminars you would like at the same time) (To receive package discounts, seminars must be purchased to purchase: _______ GPS: Probate Shortcuts (January 8, 2013)E-Mail __________________________________________________ _______ GPS: Environmental Issues and Federal Regulations (Feb. 5, 2013) (Required for link to download course materials) _______ GPS: Military Issues in Family Law (March 5, 2013) _______ GPS: Personnel Hearings (April 9, 2013) MasterCard m Check m Am.Exp.  m m VISA m Discover  _______ GPS: Social Security Administration (May 7, 2013) _______ GPS: Immigration and Naturalization Practice (June 4, 2013)Debit/Credit Card No. ______________________________________ _______ GPS: Defending Boating While Intoxicated Cases (July 9, 2013) _______ GPS: The Sunshine Law (August 6, 2013)Expiration Date ___________________________________________ _______ GPS: Civil Committment Under the Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Sexually Violent Predator Laws (Sept. 3, 2013)Signature _______________________________________________ _______ GPS: Mechanic’s Liens (October 1, 2013) (Required for credit card purchase) _______ GPS: Missouri Merchandising Practices Act (November 5, 2013) _______ GPS: Guardianships and Custodianships (December 3, 2013) I can’t participate in the telephone seminar but would like: (Please check above program(s) you are interested in. Price listed is per program.) m $ 39 — Printed Guidebook only m $ 59 — Audio CD only (allow 2-3 weeks for delivery) m $ 39 — Link to download Guidebook m $ 85 — Audio CD and link to download Guidebook m $ 39 — Guidebook on CD-ROM m $ 95 — Audio CD and printed Guidebook
  2. 2. Probate Shortcuts: Environmental Issues Military Issues in Dispensing with and Federal Regulations Family Law or Terminating Affecting Real Estate March 5, 2013 February 5, 2013 Administration Owners and operators of real property are generally responsible Increased military deployments in recent years have brought a corresponding increased need for January 8, 2013 for contamination at the property, regardless of when or by information on how this can affect family law matters. whom the contamination was caused. This book begins with a A 2011 survey highlighted the desire among MissouriWhat statutory procedures are available chapter that summarizes federal and Missouri environmental Bar members for practical guidance on this avoid the time and expense of a full laws that may be implicated in a sale or lease of commercial MoBarCLE and author Douglas C. Fredrick, a solo or industrial property, discusses how environmental issues can practitioner in Springfield and a JAG officer, haveprobate administration? Get practical be identified and assessed during real estate transactions, responded to that need and desire with this newtips that will help you save your client and provides recommendations for preparing documents for the transfer of commercial or industrial properties. The second publication. Learn how to locate a servicemembertime, money, and aggravation. Learn how chapter covers the expanding body of federal regulations and how to serve an active duty servicememberprobate can be avoided or terminated, applicable to real estate transactions. The ongoing financial domestically or abroad, Find out the applicability and and real estate crisis has brought on increased scrutiny, and implications of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.procedures for small estates, how to enforcement actions are rising. The chapter covers disclosure Learn how to obtain temporary financial support underperfect title without administration, and requirements, RESPA, FTC issues, civil rights issues, the ADA, military regulations and about the division of military and more. The electronic versions include sample forms in word-more. processing format. retired pay. And find links to useful military forms. Personnel Hearings Social Security Immigration and Before Administrative Administration Naturalization Practice Hearing Agencies May 7, 2013 June 4, 2013 April 9, 2013 Immigration and naturalization practice is complex, ever changing, and involves the integration of regulatoryThis handy and affordable publication guides the The Social Security Administration provisions that span numerous agencies. Author Leonpractitioner who encounters a contested personnel case administers three major benefit programs Versfeld is licensed to practice law in South Africa, theinvolving a public employee protected by a civil service United States (Missouri), England, and Wales. He sharesor merit system law. Author Paul R. Otto focuses on that affect nearly everyone at one time his wide variety of experience to help guide you throughlaws governing state employees who appeal personnel or another. This program will provide you this increasingly relevant area of the law. He explainsactions to the AHC (Administrative Hearing Commission). the statutes, regulations, and other primary sourcesThe issues and procedures covered illustrate practice with information you need to help your and provides an overview of the immigration system.before similar bodies. Find chapters on an employee’s client with Social Security Administration He discusses visas, naturalization, and citizenship. He provides practical guidance on hearings, appeals, employerproperty right in employment, dismissal for cause,and the accompanying procedural protections. Find issues. Take advantage of this opportunity sanctions, and E-Verify. He includes coverage of Missouri’sthis contrasted with the rights and process afforded immigration law. The book includes numerous charts andemployees without explicit for-cause protection. Also find to explore best practice suggestions for tables to help organize this complex field and save youa chapter on employees’ appeals and a well-organized claimant’s representatives. time. The glossary of acronyms and commonly encounteredchapter on contested case hearings to help you quickly terms and the tables of immigration classifications and visalocate the information you need to help your client. categories alone are worth the price of this book. Defending Boating The Sunshine Law Civil Commitment Under theWhile Intoxicated Cases August 6, 2013 Mental Health, Substance July 9, 2013 Press reports frequently carry stories of Abuse, and Sexually Violent disputes, controversies, and confusion Predator LawAlcohol and water may mix in a glass but not on about the Sunshine Law. Boards,a boat. Experienced Lake of the Ozarks area September 3, 2013 committees, and other entities are oftenattorney Erik Bergmanis details the ins and outs unsure of the reach of the law and This publication details how an individual may beof defending BWI cases in this well-organized involuntarily committed to a mental health facility or sometimes unaware of its existence and alcohol or drug treatment facility, the individual’s rights,guidebook. He compares and contrasts BWIwith DWI—BWI is more than just DWI on the applicability. They have many questions. and the process involved. It also examines the civilwater. There are three different statutes that can Are they subject to the Sunshine Law? commitment laws and procedures under the sexually What meetings are open meetings, and violent predator act. Commissioner Daniel P. Wheelerbe used to prosecute BWI cases. The statute explains the standards and process for 96-hour, 21-day,can vary depending on what sort of watercraft what process needs to be followed? What 90-day, 180-day, and 1-year commitments. He sets outis involved and even with what body of water is records are open records? What are the the standards and conditions for releasing patients,involved. Don’t find yourself adrift when your client exceptions? When can a meeting or record files, records, and transcripts. The book also discusses the parameters for release of liability of public officialsis charged with boating while intoxicated. This be closed? What is the process? Join our and petitioners. This book will help you quickly gethandy, affordable publication will help you set sail faculty for answers to these questions and the information you need to help your clients and theiron the right course. more. families through difficult situations. Mechanics’ Liens Missouri Merchandising Guardianships & October 1, 2013 Practices Act CustodianshipsMechanic’s liens may be the most November 5, 2013 December 3, 2013effective tool in the contractor’s The Missouri Merchandising Practices This seminar focuses first on the adjudication process for guardianships, formulation oftoolbox. They can increase Act is the premier consumer-protection limited guardianships, the extent to which theleverage to recover payment for statute. Learn how to protect your client civil rights of an individual are interdicted by from a long list of unfair and deceptive adjudication, the preference statute on who tolabor or materials. You will learn acts and practices. Find out how to appoint as guardian, duties and qualifications ofstep-by-step procedures for filing recover damages, including punitive the guardian of the person, and procedures for annual review of the guardianship. The seminarand preserving mechanic’s liens. damages and attorney fees. Get will also cover conservatorship proceedings andFind out how to create the lien, definitions and details on the MPA cause the conservator’s authority over the estate of a of action and considerations for filing suit minor or disabled person. The authority, duties,the extent of the lien, priorities, under the MPA. Included in the guidebook and liabilities of conservators are strictly definedand how to enforce the lien. are a practitioner’s checklist and chapters by statute, and this seminar presents the statutory on Attorney General actions and criminal authority and related caselaw in a logical and practical fashion. prosecutions.