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Foro tematico Intermediate


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Published in: Education, Career, Business
  • Drama
    One girl had a job interview in a big company last week, but when she saw a fight between the interviewer with the interviewee about the color people that they were talkative about something that not matter!. Inmediatly she thought, that it was a topic discrimination. What a nightmare!!. She decided to replay that conversation with his friends and said that she never will be there. She will leave a message on voice mail saying this company is discrimination of color people.
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Foro tematico Intermediate

  1. 1. Apprentices: Its time towrite and evaluate howmuch we´ve learned in thelast days.
  2. 2. ASSIGNMENT1. Pick out ONE of the following communicative situationsa: Having a job interviewb: Having a business lunchc: Hanging out with friends
  3. 3. 2. Pick out at least 5 of the following words• Baby bottle• discrimination• far fetched• household goods• jacket potato• lamppost• nightmare• pantyhose• reply• talkative• voicemail• zipper
  4. 4. 3. Pick out a genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror, SciFi, Action4. Make up a story or a dialogue in which you use the 5 words you chose in the communicative situation and the genre you also chose.5. Write it down in this Forum ( Min: 5 lines Max: 10 lines)
  5. 5. EXAMPLE:• Communicative Situation: Hanging out with friends• Genre: Comedy• Words: baby bottle, nightmare, pantyhose, talkative, voice mailLast night the girls had a sleepover. They were all wearing their pajamas at Sammy’s house. Katelyn was so talkative, she was stressed out because her boyfriend broke up with her in the afternoon. What a nightmare!! and she wanted some advice from her girlfriends. The other girls cheered her up doing some pranks and jokes. They put on some panty hoses, took some baby bottles and started doing silly things. Kate took the phone and called her ex…he didn’t answer but she left a message on his voice mail. Hopefully he’d listen that up and would understand she’s already over him….What a great nights the girls had!
  6. 6. Looking forward to reading your participations! Regards.