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The Art & Science of Building a Great Community - Jen Sable Lopez


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Building a Community can feel like a daunting task, but you know the investment can be invaluable. You’ll have to get your hands dirty, get creative, and analyze the data to make it happen. In this session Jen Sable Lopez, Director of Community at Moz, will talk goals, tactics, measurement, and give tons of real-life examples to help you build and keep a healthy community for your organization.

Learn how to:

Grow and develop community
Gain insights into how Moz runs their community
Adopt best practices from Jen Sable Lopez

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The Art & Science of Building a Great Community - Jen Sable Lopez

  1. 1. The Art & Science of Building a Great By Jennifer Sable Lopez Director of Community at Moz @jennita
  2. 2. Community. The Latest Buzzword?
  3. 3. Why Should I Care About Building a
  4. 4. They’re Searching for You @jennita #MNSearch
  5. 5. And Not Just on Google @jennita #MNSearch
  6. 6. They’re Your Customers @jennita #MNSearch
  7. 7. They Review You @jennita #MNSearch
  8. 8. They Share Your Stuff @jennita #MNSearch
  9. 9. Psst… They LINK to You @jennita #MNSearch
  10. 10. They Tell Their Friends About You @jennita #MNSearch
  11. 11. They Stick Around When You Fail @jennita #MNSearch
  12. 12. They Make Marketing Easier COMM @jennita #MNSearch
  13. 13. Ok, Let’s Start Building!
  14. 14. 1. What do you Want to Achieve?
  15. 15. Start With the Organization’s Goals @jennita #MNSearch
  16. 16. Start With the Organization’s Goals @jennita #MNSearch
  17. 17. How Can Community Help Reach The Goal? Reach an average of 10 comments per post Increase community engagement on Google+ by 10% Create plan for on-site community engagement Increase community engagement on Facebook by 17%. @jennita #MNSearch
  18. 18. Let’s Pick One Increase community engagement on Google+ by 10% @jennita #MNSearch
  19. 19. Why is it Important? Increase community engagement on Google+ by 10%. Increased engagement leads to greater knowledge of inbound marketing in the greater community and reaches a broader marketing audience. @jennita #MNSearch
  20. 20. How Will You Take Action? How will we increase these numbers? Post non-Moz content 3x per week Hang outs!! Open ended marketing questions Think about SEO value when publishing G+ posts Great reference: @jennita #MNSearch
  21. 21. Talk About These Goals with Everyone @jennita #MNSearch
  22. 22. 2. Make it Someone’s Job
  23. 23. Internal or External @jennita #MNSearch
  24. 24. Empower Them to Reach Their Goals @jennita #MNSearch
  25. 25. Give Them the Means to Take Action @jennita #MNSearch
  26. 26. Make it a *Thing* in Your Organization @jennita #MNSearch
  27. 27. 3. Find the People for Your Community + What They Care About
  28. 28. Find what people are saying about themselves @jennita #MNSearch
  29. 29. Followerwonk By hovering over a name, you get more info about the person’s engagement, how often they tweet with URLs, as well as their retweets. This is an excellent way to see if they’re someone who just spits out content, or actually engages with their followers. @jennita #MNSearch
  30. 30. Followerwonk @jennita #MNSearch
  31. 31. Twitter Search @jennita #MNSearch
  32. 32. Google+ Search @jennita #MNSearch
  33. 33. Google+ Ripples @jennita #MNSearch
  34. 34. Pinterest @jennita #MNSearch
  35. 35. Pinterest – What do specific people pin? @jennita #MNSearch
  36. 36. Rapportive Jackpot baby! @jennita #MNSearch
  37. 37. Quora @jennita #MNSearch What types of questions do they ask/answer?
  38. 38. Whew. Now… Engage! 4. Do All The Things
  39. 39. Be a Part of the Community @jennita #MNSearch
  40. 40. Transparency Works Best @jennita #MNSearch
  41. 41. Take it Offline @jennita #MNSearch
  42. 42. You’ll Need to be Consistent SEOmoz Twitter May 2009 @jennita #MNSearch
  43. 43. Because, Consistency is Key Moz Twitter October 2013 @jennita #MNSearch
  44. 44. In All Channels Blog started in 2004. By August 2005, Rand alone already had 518 Blog posts. @jennita #MNSearch
  45. 45. Buffer Schedule tweets + Review Analytics @jennita #MNSearch
  46. 46. Create a Content Roundup @jennita #MNSearch
  47. 47. Promoting Them = Promoting You @jennita #MNSearch
  48. 48. Talk About What *They* Care About @jennita #MNSearch
  49. 49. And What *They* Love @jennita #MNSearch
  50. 50. 5. Measure All The Things
  51. 51. What Are Your KPIs? Increase community engagement on Google+ by 10% @jennita #MNSearch
  52. 52. Capture Numbers Weekly @jennita #MNSearch
  53. 53. How Does This Change Google + Engagement Month over Month? @jennita #MNSearch
  54. 54. Know How Individual Posts Do @jennita #MNSearch
  55. 55. TrueSocialMetrics @jennita #MNSearch
  56. 56. What content gets the best engagement?
  57. 57. On Facebook – Using Insights @jennita #MNSearch
  58. 58. In May 2013… We weren’t paying attention We were posting more links… @jennita #MNSearch But our photos had better engagement!
  59. 59. How about today? Well, we post more photos! @jennita #MNSearch Plus we started adding just text posts
  60. 60. And Twitter? What gets retweeted? @jennita #MNSearch
  61. 61. Content w/ the most reach
  62. 62. Well hello, Google+ @jennita #MNSearch
  63. 63. Why Care About the Negatives?
  64. 64. Followerwonk
  65. 65. Spammers or real people?
  66. 66. Facebook Unlikes? What happened here? @jennita #MNSearch
  67. 67. Too many posts? @jennita #MNSearch
  68. 68. 6. Test All The Things Such as…
  69. 69. What’s the best time of day to _____?
  70. 70. Send a Tweet? Tweet #2 Tweet #1 @jennita #MNSearch
  71. 71. When are you active? Tweet #2 Tweet #1 @jennita #MNSearch
  72. 72. You can also use Twitter Analytics @jennita #MNSearch
  73. 73. Post to Facebook? “The average number of your fans who saw any posts on Facebook by day of the week.” @jennita #MNSearch
  74. 74. A wee bit more helpful? @jennita #MNSearch
  75. 75. Try PageLever Now Notice a trend?
  76. 76. Or SimplyMeasured @jennita #MNSearch
  77. 77. Publish a Blog Post? Publishing time 2-3am Pacific @jennita #MNSearch
  78. 78. Test a Different Time Publishing time ~Midnight Pacific @jennita #MNSearch
  79. 79. When do you get the most clicks? @jennita #MNSearch
  80. 80. A Good Place to Start @jennita #MNSearch
  81. 81. Set your goals Make Community a priority Know your people Be human and care
  82. 82. Building Community A bit of Science, a
  83. 83. Thank You Jennifer Sable Lopez Director of Community at Moz @jennita
  84. 84. Free/Freemium Bitly Tools Mentioned Buffer Facebook FollowerWonk Simply Measured
  85. 85. Paid Tools SocialEngage Mentioned SproutSocial Unified (aka PageLever)