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Pequeña descripción del uso del verbo HAVE

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Verb have

  1. 1. example
  2. 2. Excersise which of the following expressions need the word have He…….a new car of the year i…….a beautiful dog We……… angel in your hearth She ………..a big house
  3. 3. annex
  4. 4. conversation Mario: hi kevin Kevin:hello mario Efrain:Hello guys Kevin: wow in what car coming you Efrain:one chevrolet spark Mario:you HAVE a new car Efrain:not compare me with kevin he HAD a ATV Mario: he is rich Kevin:mario you are rich of love by HAVE a big mom
  5. 5. The solar system
  6. 6. example Its compound by: Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune
  7. 7. excersise  sort them as are normally Jupiter 1 Venus 2 Sun 3 Mercury 4 Uranus 5 Saturn 6 Mars 7 Earth 8 Neptune 9
  8. 8. annex
  9. 9. conversation Mario:hi kevin, what do you see Kevin:saturn Mario:this not are saturn, its mars Efrain:hello, this is a telescope Kevin:yes Mario:he says he this planet is saturn Efrain:its venus Mario:no venus its more red Kevin:hey, is not a plane its a bird