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Edmodo presentation


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A presentation for teachers to understand how to use Edmodo and see some of the benefits of building an online community for their students.

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Edmodo presentation

  1. 1. EDMODOBuilding an online communityoutside of the classroom walls S
  2. 2. Why do a presentation on Edmodo? I have been using Edmodo for 2 years. The site is continually updating with new features. Edmodo has been a key part of developing the community of my classroom (inside and out). It also provides opportunities for my students to communicate in the target languages that they may not have at home .Course syllabus (outline) with Edmodo info for parents
  3. 3. What is Edmodo?Edmodo is a classroom website that iscompletely controlled by the teacher…
  4. 4. What are the benefits of using a classroom website like Edmodo?S Classroom management: for example, homework updates & communication about field tripsS Opportunity for students to communicate with you or the class about any questions they may have about an assignmentS Creating a community and links between yourself and the students in the classS You can share links and YouTube videosS Students who are away know that there is a website available
  5. 5. What are the benefits specific to Edmodo?S Classroom management: Students S You can create online polls (ex. may post messages ONLY to the which activity you prefer, what teacher or the entire class. Cyber- game do you want to play in PE bullying (or online drama) is next, how do you learn best?) reduced. S You can even create onlineS You can post your assignment quizzes: , multiple choice, true or criteria online (either to save paper false, short answers and fill in the OR in case students lose the criteria blank included it is available to you) S There is an app for that! MostS Students can turn in assignments cell or iTouch devices can online; better tracking of download the app for free. assignments turned in on time (a and the best part… record).
  6. 6. Parents can sign up too!S I have reduced the number of phone calls to parents by at least 60%S If parents feel like they don’t know what their childs homework is, they can check EdmodoS EACH CODE GIVEN TO A PARENT IS INDIVIDUAL TO THAT STUDENT; THEY CAN ONLY ACCESS THE INFORMATION YOU WANT THEM TO HAVE!
  7. 7. Let’s sign up and try it out…
  8. 8. …and you’re in!
  9. 9. Creating groups:create one for each class you wish to use Edmodo with
  10. 10. S Each class you create has aYour Group separate group codeCode S Include the group code on the class syllabus at the beginning of the semester S I have found it easier to have students sign up on my school computer the 2nd class so that it is done S This serves as an incentive for students to get their outlines signed since I tell them that they will have to have it signed in 1 day or else I will delete them until the signed form is handed in)
  11. 11. Managingyour account S This account has 8 parents associated with it. S The parent code spreadsheet is a list of all of the personal codes for each student. S I hand out the parent code to the students with their course syllabus on a step- by-step instruction sheet addressed to parents.
  12. 12. Building ConnectionsS Parents and students can contact you directly through the website (direct message)S Students can post messages on the wallS Teachers can choose to send group messages to just the class or both the class and the parentsS Teachers can also communicate with members of their clubs or teams (who they might not see on a daily basis in class)
  13. 13. Creating an assignment 1. Click on “Assignment.” 2. Fill in the Assignment Title, Description, Pick a due date and then send it to your class (and I would suggest the parents as well) 3. Students click on “Turn in” and then you get a message saying that the assignment has been turned in 4. You mark it and either send it back, or put their mark in.
  14. 14. Communicating with the entire class (and Parents)
  15. 15. Your Library
  16. 16. You can even connect to Google Docs!
  17. 17. Edmodo only works if students actively use it : (learning from my mistakes) Engage students the first week of class by: S A poll to be used in class the next day S Video links that will engage students in the content of the course (engage in discussion the next day) S Homework update (ex. syllabus signature deadline) S Ask them to talk about what they learned about the
  18. 18. Resources and helpful links Teaching with Technology: information about what makes a quality website with ideas Using a classroom website to communicate with parents