Under the bed


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Under the bed

  1. 1. Under the Bed BOO! Click to learn about Bed Monsters
  2. 2. All About Bed Monsters Click on a subject to learn more
  3. 3. Bed Monsters love when there is a lot of space under the bed to fit in. Makes it easier to move around.HOME NEXT
  4. 4. Bed Monsters love a room that has no night lights or lamps so that they can sneak up on you at any time.HOME BACK NEXT
  5. 5. Bed Monsters are very good at grabbing for feet or ankles that are left dangling over the bedside.HOME BACK NEXT
  6. 6. Bed Monsters know when you are just about to fall asleep at night. That is when they spring to life.HOME BACK NEXT
  7. 7. Bed Monsters know when you are looking for them and can blend in to their surroundings under your bed.HOME BACK
  8. 8. Bed Monsters change colorsto blend in with whatever islurking under your bed so youwill never see them when youlook.HOME NEXT
  9. 9. Bed Monsters have at least four long arms so that they can reach up on all side of your bed at the same time.HOME BACK NEXT
  10. 10. Bed Monsters have a million legs like a millipede so that they can move quickly and quietly under your bed.HOME BACK NEXT
  11. 11. It is said that Bed Monsters have three rows of teeth like a shark, but no one has gotten a good enough look to know for sure.HOME BACK NEXT
  12. 12. Bed Monsters turn into a pair of socks, a baseball glove, or a dust bunny during the day so that you will never be able to know what they are for sure.HOME BACK
  13. 13. Bed Monsters love peanut butter.If you put peanut butter on one ofyour socks and leave it next to yourbed the monster will be toodistracted with the peanut butterto bother you.HOME NEXT
  14. 14. Bed Monsters hate it when there is a night light or lamp left on. They don’t want to be seen. So, they are less likely to come out from under the bed with a light on.HOME BACK NEXT
  15. 15. Bed Monsters also have very sensitive hearing, if you leave a TV or music going at night the monster will be more likely to stay under the bed with its earplugs in because it doesn’t like the noise.HOME BACK