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  1. 1. Simple, Strong Building Solutions The 4ltx Bracket
  2. 2. The 4ltx Bracket Introducing the first bracket with engineered wood in mind.
  3. 3. 4ltx: is for DIYs and ProfessionalsUse it at home Use it for work
  4. 4. It’s as Simple as 1… 2… 31. Obtain brackets and drawings. 2. Prepare wood parts. 3. Assemble and Install. Brackets Drawings Congratulations on your first 4ltx shelf!
  5. 5. The 4ltx Bracket is a Strong, Simple Solution for Easy BuildingWhat makes the 4ltx bracket different?• The 4ltx bracket is universal for L or T connections. Two brackets will make an X (a cross- connection).• The 4ltx bracket provides a stronger connection because forces are distributed between the bracket and the wood. Traditional bracket strength depends on the connection between the screw and the wood.• The 4ltx bracket contacts the panel from three sides (see images below). A traditional bracket connects to just one side. Contact 1 Contact 1 Contact 2 Contact 2 Contact 3 Contact 3 4ltx is Equally Beneficial to DIYs as to Professionals
  6. 6. It Can Be Visible or Invisible…Your DecisionExposed (novice) Notched-in (skilled) Camouflaged (expert)
  7. 7. Examples of the 4ltx Solution
  8. 8. Markets for 4ltx Home (DIYs) Home Furniture Prefabricated housing Marine building Outdoor/public space Industrial applicatios
  9. 9. 4ltx Features Made in the USA Customizable Re-usable Sustainable