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Action Plan Edld 5352 Week 4 Mjw

  1. 1. Michael J.Williams<br />EDLD 5352 Week 4<br />ACTION PLAN<br />Superintendent/Board of Trustees—<br />*Responsible for developing the governing policies and procedures based on state standards and requirements that every school in the district has to adhere to. <br />*Responsible for creating the policies necessary to integrate technology and instruction (as it relates to Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology) throughout the district.<br />Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction— Appointed by the Board<br />* responsible for leading and influencing personnel in curricular and instructional programs for technology. <br />* reponsible for district wide staff development and curriculum, and facilitating the use of technology in the teaching/learning process. <br />Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction— <br />*responsible for directing instructional/curriculum sources to meet student’s technology needs. <br />*resopnsible for planning, implementing and evaluating instructional programs with teachers and principals (i.e., includes instructional strategies, learning objectives and assessment techniques). <br />*responsible for facilitating the use of technology in the teaching/learning process.<br />Executive Director of Technology Services—<br />*responsible for working with the Assistant Superintendent of curriculum and Instruction to provide technology for instructional purposes.<br />*responsible for being informed of the districts curricular and instructional implementation of strategies and specific methods in which technology supports instruction.<br />*responsible for providing guidelines for implementing technology to meet the needs of 21st century students.<br />* reponsible for meeting with curriculum/technology committees to develop and enable appropriate technology instructional applications.<br />*responsible for focusing the development of technology of the district towards meeting its goals and objectives.<br />Director of Technology Support Services—<br />*responsible for planning and implementing programs for technical support personnel.<br />*responsible for maintaining a knowledge base database of technical problems and solutions.<br />*responsible for ensuring that systems residing on the voice, video, and data technologies are maintained, monitored and secured.<br />*responsible for ensuring that the district’s voice, video, and data technologies are maintained and repaired efficiently.<br />*responsible forensuring that anti-virus and all other appropriate network security technologies are up-to-date.<br />Director of Technology Information Services—<br />*responsible for assissting the Executive Director of Technology Services in development of long/short range goals and objectives for technology.<br />*responsible for supervising and coordinating the programming efforts of the district’s programming staff in the development/modification of software packages utilized by the district.<br />Director of Technology Web Services—<br />*responsible for maintaining internal/external website security<br />*responsible for ensuring internal/external website availability.<br />*responsible for evaluating internal/external website development proposals.<br />*responsible for managing resources to implement approvedinternal/external website development<br />*responsible for communicating internal/external website developments to appropriate stakeholders.<br />*responsible for assisting with implementation of various online systems.<br />Area Superintendent—<br />*responsible for coordinating with technology services department.<br />*responsible for providing leadership in causing technology goals and objectives of the school district to be met in assigned vertical.<br />*responsible for collaborating with necessary stff to ensure continuity in technology instruction among campuses within assigned vertical.<br />*responsible for using evaluative results to decide the extent to which campuses/district technology objectives have been met.<br />*responsible for providing opportunities for staff development in technology for administrative staff and teachers on all campuses within assigned vertical.<br />Principal—<br />*responsible for modeling, designing and implementing technology that adpats to campus needs based on data provided from STar chart, AEIS and PEIMS reports.<br />*responsible for ensuring a system is in place to monitor students’ progress in technology.<br />*responsible for monitoring the technology instructional program on campuses.<br />*responsible for ensuring effective planning for technology instruction and student achievement is accomplished.<br />*responsible for working with staff (SBDM committee) indeveloping long/short term technology goals are accomplished.<br />*responsible for ensuring that teachers are effectively implementing technology with in classrooms.<br />*responsible for maintaining expenditures within available funds for technology.<br />(Curriculum) Assistant Principals—<br />*responsible for observing and ensuring that technology is effectively and properly implemented by school personnel.<br />*Assist principal and work collaboratively with department chairpersons/instructional skills specialist in implementing and developing campus specifics objectives for technology instruction implementation.<br />*responsible for monitoring/evaluating the success of technology program.<br />Department Chairpersons/Instructional Skills Specialists—<br />*responsible for developing/implementing technology plans with core departments.<br />*responsible for assiting the principal in developing palns to meet the technology goals and objectives.<br />*responsible for ensuring teachers recieve any assistance needed in technology instruction or implementation within in core departments.<br />*responsible for helping to select appropriate technology tools to help student achievement and meeting technology goals.<br />*responsible for helping to monitor and evaluate the technology istruction within the school.<br />Bookeeper—<br />*responsible for assisting principal in effectively monitoring and utilizing funding for technology instruction.<br />Technology Specialist—<br />*responsible for ensuring that technology is functioning and assist in the use of technology.<br />*responsible for making sure that coordination with the district’s technology department is maintained.<br />*responsible for assisting in making decisions on the appropriate systems, softwares, and other technology devices to meet the needs of the school and students.<br />*responsible for providing staff development in technology tools and technology devices to faculty and staff.<br />Teachers—<br />*responsible for implementing strategies and methods that will enhance student achievement in technology.<br />*responsible for monitoring and evaluating students’ progress in the use of technology and technology tools within the content area.<br />*responsible for increasing technology-based products in classrooms<br />*responsible for helping students to become information seekers and use multi-media to produce products.<br />Short Term and Long Term Goals Technology Action Plan<br />INPUTS (The specfic technology interventions)PROCESSES (The methods used for the implementation of technology)OUTPUTS (Immediate results from specific processes using the inputs)3 YEAR OUTCOMES 5 YEAR OUTCOMESAcquire more laptop carts, PC’s and mimeos.Acquire software to help in regular instruction and remedial instruction.Provide staff devlopment in use of technology tools.Develop campus specific curriculum to address technology tools use in all departments1a. Write a grant to partially fund the purchase of laptop carts, PC’s, and mimeos.1b. Use Title I and local funds to assist in the purchase of software.2a. Write a grant to partially fund the purchase of laptop carts and PC’s.2b. Use Title I and local funds to assist in the purchase of appropriate software.3. A variety of staff developments will be offered to teachers regarding implementation of technology.Increase in technology-based products from students in all subjects.Increase in student on-task behavior in the classrooms and observing students engaged in lessons.A paradigm shift with instruction in the classrooms.An increase in students’ academic results.Students become information seekers and use multi-media to produce products and progress through content 25% of classroom time.Teache facilitates classroom lessons through the use of technology 255 of the time.95% of students pass EOC’s in all content areas.Students use technology in the classroom on a weekly basis to produce 50% of the products required in the classroom.Teacher facilitates classroom lessons through the use of technology 50% of the time.99% of students pass EOC’s in all content areas.<br />Professional Development:<br />On my campus, the principal’s vision is for all students to become 21st century learners. In order to succeed in providing the appropriate instruction to accommodate such learners, the teachers have to become proficient or better in utilizing technology and technology tools. Therefore, a variety of professional developments have to be offered that will enable teachers to obtain the experience in utilizing technology. By analyzing the results of the Star Chart report, it is noted that more technology needs to be implemented in all classrooms. More multi-media should be used to produce products, and more teachers have to learn to facilitate technology into the classroom. The measure of the success of the implementation of an effective technology program will provide positive results when AEIS reports are analyzed. Incremental success can be determined by disaggregating District Benchmark scores every six weeks.<br />Mimeos (technology tool that turns the white board into an interactive board) were purchased for the math department and training was provided. However, more will need to be purchased for other departments and additional training is needed in order for teachers to get the full use out of the product. <br />Professional development that provides teachers with the ability to utilize blogs in the classroom and other multi-media tools will be needed. Teachers will need training on how to implement research engines, presentation tools, graphics and others.<br />Teachers will also need to learn how to create technology-based products in order to encourage students to use the same.<br />Overall, teachers and students will have to learn the ethics to internet use and how to avoid the pitfalls to having access to a wide range of information. Information regarding cyber bullies and how to remain safe on the internet with the use of PINS or pseudonyms as a means of identification will have to be introduced.<br />Department Chairs and Instructional Skills Specialist have to develop and write curriculums that help to effectively implement technology within our school. Then during departmental planning periods, teaches have to be trained on how to implement instructional strategies that include technology use. The curriculum developed also has to address the district needs as developed by the individuals throughout the organizational chart.<br />The Star Chart results also revealed that there should be an appropriate student/computer ratio. More computers are planned to be purchased to maintain a proper ratio, especially since reports predict that there will be an increase of student enrollment the next school year.<br />In summary, in order to increase student achievement in the school, teachers have to implement an effective program that meets the needs of diverse learners and provides a healthy diet of technology because we are instructing “digital natives”. A strong curriculum that assesses what has been taught and is properly aligned will aid in producing the desired results. Continuing professional development for teachers will give them the necessary skills to produce the quality instruction that is needed in order to keep pace with 21st century learners.<br />AISD Organizational Chart for Technology<br />