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Enterprise Risk And Value Management Solution Pdf


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GVP Partners and BTM Solution provide technology enabled solutions to help manage your Enterprise Risk and Value Management program. We help companies implement ERM programs that are sustainable.

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Enterprise Risk And Value Management Solution Pdf

  1. 1. Identify > Design > Realize.Enterprise Risk and Value ManagementProactively Manage Risk & Change for Value Creation and ValuePreservation through CONVERGENCE…Legal Notice: This document contains proprietary information of BTM Corporation and GVP Partners. None of theinformation contained in the document may be reproduced under any circumstances without express writtenpermission of BTM Corporation and GVP Partners. © 2012 BTM Corporation
  2. 2. Leading the Industry With more than a decade of R&D and implementation experience, BTM Corporation ( leads the industry in accelerating business value creation and sustainable growth by implementing the transformative management practices of CONVERGENCE. BTM’s products, solutions, and leadership development programs create repeatable processes that drive the strategic position, financial performance, and operational efficiency of our customers. “…no traditional company…combination of software, business process-building methodology, and advice.”BTM Solutions :: Identify > Design > Realize. 2 © 2012 BTM Corporation
  3. 3. The Value of Management Convergence Management Convergence across the Enterprise is Strongly Correlated with Higher Returns Regardless of size, sector, or industry, BTM Solutions identify and solve the challenges that often impede growth, hinder efficiency, and limit financial performance. Source: Convergence Index, BTM InstituteBTM Solutions :: Identify > Design > Realize. 3 © 2012 BTM Corporation
  4. 4. Current State of Risk and Value Management Value Preservation  ERM programs focus on downside risks Value Creation  Risks that are driven by strategic business change are not proactively managed  ERM programs are not integrated into the business model Enterprise Risk Management Environment  The focus is on BOD & C-Suite supporting value preservation without much attention to value creation  There is a need for an integrated management platform to deliver sustainable and measurable risk and value performance  Very little ERM program assurance is provided (5% coverage according to the Institute of Internal Auditors - 2012)  A new risk management framework - ISO 31000 – is gaining prominenceBTM Solutions :: Identify > Design > Realize. 4 © 2012 BTM Corporation
  5. 5. Enterprise Risk and Value Management Solution BTM Solutions are Different. We help you Identify, Design and Realize ERM Program Value Creation and Value Preservation opportunities.  Identify Improvement Opportunities leveraging capability research, value metrics, advancement roadmaps and measurement metrics  Design Future Options utilizing interconnected operating blueprints with dependencies and transparency  Realize Value Potential proactive lifecycle management approach with ongoing performance reportingBTM Solutions :: Identify > Design > Realize. 5 © 2012 BTM Corporation
  6. 6. Enterprise Risk and Value Management Solution  Integrates ERM into normal business operations and business change initiatives providing holistic management of risk to value creation and preservation.  All stakeholders efforts, the BOD, C-Suite and operational management are harmonized to focus on superior upside performance while minimizing downside surprises.  The outcome creates competitive advantage through a repeatable process. Proactively Managing Risk & Change for Value Creation and Value PreservationBTM Solutions :: Identify > Design > Realize. 6 © 2012 BTM Corporation
  7. 7. Principles & Process Element Assessment Approach Assess We use BenchMarker as an ERM maturity model evaluation tool. It uses ISO 31000 and other principles and process elements to benchmark organizations against best ERM practices. ISO 31000 is the emerging globally accepted “managing of risk” framework used by public and private entities. BenchMarker helps you understand your strengths and improvement opportunities.BTM Solutions :: Identify > Design > Realize. 7 © 2012 BTM Corporation
  8. 8. Identify > Design > Realize. Identify BTM Compass 360™ provides clear statements that identify areas of strength2 Phase and weakness. It fixes the starting point for Diagnose improvement, while describing the anticipated business outcomes and desired levels of maturity. These results also provide the necessary input toward creation of advancement roadmaps. ERM programs often fail as capabilities to manage risk for value creation and preservation are not understood.BTM Solutions :: Identify > Design > Realize. 8 © 2012 BTM Corporation
  9. 9. Identify > Design > Realize. Design BTM Fusion 360™ supports the design of your program by Phase 2 providing management Diagnose playbooks and advancement roadmaps with patterns and templates that describe the steps, guidelines, as well as the risk and value creation methods required to move an enterprise to a desired maturity level. One key output is an Advancement Roadmap for program execution. ERM programs are difficult to implement without proper structures, roadmaps and playbooks to guide the process.BTM Solutions :: Identify > Design > Realize. 9 © 2012 BTM Corporation
  10. 10. Identify > Design > Realize. Realize BTM Works 360™ provides the on-demand risk and value Phase 2 management intelligence needed Diagnose to realize the value of your program. It is the industry’s first integrated management platform that drives reusable enterprise execution capabilities and unifies decision-making and monitoring from the Boardroom to the C-Suite to the management of operations. The Board and C-Suite need an intelligence solution to proactively manage risk and value in the business.BTM Solutions :: Identify > Design > Realize. 10 © 2012 BTM Corporation
  11. 11. Customer Engagement Model  Highly specialized domain experts leverage cross- disciplinary skills to provide design, data, and research capabilities.  Platforms and solutions are delivered on-demand, which allows customers to avoid the indirect costs of IP ownership.  Value-based risk/reward pricing model set against capability maturity and financial returns.  Solutions can also be implemented with predictable service contracts and used in conjunction with other technology and consulting services. Our customer engagement model maximizes financial rewards for our customers.BTM Solutions :: Identify > Design > Realize. 11 © 2012 BTM Corporation
  12. 12. BTM Experience Our experience extends across large and small enterprises in the private and public sectorsBTM Solutions :: Identify > Design > Realize. 12 © 2012 BTM Corporation
  13. 13. We Think Differently! “A thought-provoking look at how many kinds of companies can move beyond simply being innovative and toward becoming more agile, resilient, and profitable.”BTM Solutions :: Identify > Design > Realize. 13 © 2012 BTM Corporation
  14. 14. Identify > Design > Realize. BTM Corporation BTM Corporation 2777 Summer Street | Suite 702 GVP Partners Stamford, CT 06905 Michael CorcoranT 203-969-9030 | F 203-969-9031 T 770-475-5944 | M 770 -891-1491 © 2012 BTM Corporation. The BTM logo and tagline are trademarks of BTM Corporation.