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Unexpected pregnancy


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Unexpected pregnancy

  1. 1. *
  2. 2. * More than 3 million unintended pregnancies occur every year in the United States.* The 3 million American Women who use contraceptives account for almost half of these pregnancies (47percent), while the 39 million American Women who use birth control account for 53 percent.* The majority of unintended pregnancies among women who use birth control result from inconsistent or incorrect use. *
  3. 3. “About half of the pregnancies in women overforty years old are unintended, a higher rate than for all other age groups except teenagers/youngwomen; for these pregnancies, women over forty have the highest rate of abortion of any age group”
  4. 4. * Insurance companies consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition. This means that if you do not already have insurance, they will not cover you. And if you do have insurance, it may not cover pregnancy or complications. Delivery costs about 6,000 and complications another 2,000 a day. If you have no or low incomes, you can receive insurance from the government that cover all of the pregnancy.
  5. 5. *• A child will not automatically improve your relationship with your partner• Abortion is not more painful than labor• Abortion is not more expensive than having a child• Using drugs in the beginning of the pregnancy does hurt the fetus• Adoption does not necessarily cut you off completely from your child• Men can nurture and love a child the way women can• There is financial help for all of the options.
  6. 6. *“Poverty is the reality for many teen mothers and our children. Within fiveyears after the birth of a first child, almost half of teen mothers and more thanthree quarters of unmarried teen mothers use welfare. Teen womenexperiencing domestic violence (about one third of all teens in a relationship)are battered more after marriage.” • Family, your partner, a counselor, your doctor, insurance companies, local health center or local family planning clinic are all people to turn too in support of a decision.
  7. 7. * There has been a lot of stigma about abortion and if it should be legal or not. How do you guys feel about this? Should this remain legal in the U.S.? Why or why not?