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The River - poetic devices


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The River - poetic devices

  1. 1. THE RIVER Poetic Devices
  2. 2. SOME OF THE POETIC DEVICES• Literary meaning VS Figurative meaning• Rhyme , Rhythm , Free Verse• Mood , Tone• Repetition, Assonance, Aliteration , Onomatopoeia• Imagery, Symbol• Simile, Metaphor , Personification• Theme, Moral Values
  3. 3. METAPHOR a figure of speech comparing two things but without using ‘like’ or ‘as’
  4. 4. The river’s a wanderer –Rivers are always on the go. (A nomad, a tramp)
  5. 5. The river’s a winder –Rivers meander as theyflow.
  6. 6. The river’s a hoarder–Rivers pick up substancesas they go along
  7. 7. The river’s a baby–Rivers makes baby-likesounds
  8. 8. The river’s a singer–The sound of a river is like asong
  9. 9. The river’s a monster–Rivers can destroy
  10. 10. ONOMATOPOEIA a sound a thing makes
  11. 11. 1. Hums2. Gurgles3. Sucking4. Gobbled5. Swallow
  12. 12. PERSONIFICATION gives human qualities to things
  13. 13. Personification • He doesn’t choose – takes on the 1 human ability to make choices • He twists and he turns – makes 2 human-like movements • He just cannot be still- is depicted 3 as a restless person
  14. 14. Personification (continued…) • And he buries down deep – like a 4 human has a will of its own so decides to bury treasure • That he wants to keep – has the 5 human ability to choose • He gurgles and hums – is like a 6 baby
  15. 15. Personification (continued…) • … he’s happily is given the human emotion of happiness • Sucking his thumbs – takes on human features
  16. 16. Personification (continued…) • As he dances along – like humans can dance • He’s gobbled up trees – can 10 eat and swallow like humans
  17. 17. SIMILE compares two things or persons using the words ‘like’ or ‘as;
  18. 18. SIMILE• And sounds like he’s happily sucking his thumbs• The river is like a baby happily sucking his thumbs
  19. 19. CONTRAST Showing twoopposite ideas
  20. 20. ContrastThe idea of the Riverbeing a ‘baby’ thatgurgles and hums iscontrasted to the Riverthat is hungry and vexed
  21. 21. ContrastThe idea of the Riversucking his thumbs iscontrasted to the Riverbeing a monster thatgobbles and swallowstrees
  22. 22. RHYMEhave the same ending sounds and maybe spelled differently
  23. 23. RHYME 1st Word 2nd Word tramp camp hill still RHYMES deep keep WITH hums thumbs along song vexed next
  24. 24. SYMBOLSa thing that stands for something else
  25. 25. SYMBOLSWanderer Hoarder• symbol of • symbol of hiding lack of or keeping stability something else
  26. 26. SYMBOLS Baby Monster • symbol of •symbol of innocent destruction
  27. 27. VISUAL IMAGESan image that appeals to the sense of sight
  28. 28. The River that twists andturns
  29. 29. The little treasures that areburied deep in the river bed
  30. 30. The baby that sucks histhumbs
  31. 31. The singer that dances ashe sings
  32. 32. The monster that gobblestrees and swallows humanbeings