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Report Writing

  1. 1. REPORT WRITING A. What should you do? 1. You should use formal language 1. A report gives information about something 2. Reports are normally written in the past tense 3. You should have a title and write at least 4 paragraphs.The Format 4. You should have an appropriate ending with the name of the writer written at the end. Report on A Visit to Happy Life Old Folks’ Home Title 5. You should keep your sentences short. Last Sunday, I went with the English Language Introduction: B. Society to visit the Happy Life Old Folks’ Home. The When was the trip? students gathered at school, then left for the home by Who joined the a chartered bus. trip? We reached the home at 9.00 a.m. The old folks Content What you saw were having their morning tea when we arrived. We and did there? met the old folks and had a chat with them. Then, we How you felt distributed clothes and food to each old folk. After about the visit? that, we read the newspaper to them. The events in the Soon it was time for lunch. We helped the workers report are often in serve and feed the old folks lunch. We also ate with a chronological them. Then, we helped the workers clean up. order (or the order in which the At 3.30 pm, we took a group photograph with the events happen) Use Sequence old folks and workers. The workers were glad for our connectors help and the old folks were a little more cheerful. Closing We bid farewell to everyone and promised to return two months later to help out in any way we could. By the time we left the home, it was already 5.00 pm. Prepared by, Saliza Note: Kindly check PMR 2005 Paper 2 – write a report on the National Day (Saliza Mohd Saleh) celebrations in school. Secretary of English Language Society.
  2. 2. MODEL SENTENCES FOR REPORT WRITING MODEL ANSWERIntroduction Report on A Visit to Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) • Last weekend, my classmate and I went to a waterfall with our teacher, Encik Md Amin. We went there to learn more about plants in the jungle. • During the first semester holidays, my class organized a trip to Taman Last weekend, my friends and I went to the Society for the Prevention of Negara in Pahang. Our class teacher, En. Zulkefli, accompanied us on the Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to do volunteer work there. We arrived at the SPCA at trip. about eight in the morning. We were very excited about helping the animals as • On 22th May, the Nature Club of SMK Tun Perak organized a two days trip well as the people who worked there. to the Kuala Selangor Nature Park. Thirty six students accompanied by two teachers went on this trip. We had made reservations to put up at the The staff at the SPCA took us around so that we could look at the place and the Firefly Park Resort for the overnight trip. animals that were there. They explained to us about how the SPCA helpedClosing • The next day, we packed our things and left for home. We slept during the animals. After that, they suggested some work we could do while we were there. entire journey as we were exhausted. Nevertheless, it was a very exciting We went to the cages where the cats and dogs were kept. Most of the animals trip. • We had a wonderful time volunteering at the SPCA. We not only helped were well behaved. We took the animals one by one out of the cages and bathed out but we also learnt about how the animals were looked after. We will them. Some of the animals did not like being bathed but we were gentle with be going again to volunteer at the SPCA. them. After we had bathed them, we cleaned out the animals cages. This work • When it was time to leave, I felt happy that I had visited the children. At was not easy and it was smelly too. After that, we had to feed the animals. We the same time, I felt a little sad. The children did not have the comforts I filled the animals’ food and water bowls and placed them in the cages. had. Yet, they did not complain. When we had finished all the work, we played with the animals for a while. ItMODEL PMR QUESTION was fun and the animals were happy. Later, some people came to visit. We talkedYou and some friends went to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to the visitors and helped them choose the right animals as pets.(SPCA) to do volunteer work. Using the notes below, write a report for your We had a wonderful time volunteering at the SPCA. We not only helped out butmagazine on what you did there. we also learnt about how the animals were looked after. We will be going again to Arrived- SPCA –morning volunteer at the SPCA. Bathed- animals Cleaned-animal cages Feed- animals Play-fun-animals happy Prepared by, Talk –visitors-help-choose pets. SalizaWhen writing your report: (Saliza Mohd Saleh) You may use all the notes given Elaborate on the given notes to make it more interesting Secretary of English Language Society. make sure it is not less than 120 words