Leisure themes&m values


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  • Leisure themes&m values

    2. 2. Themes The Appreciation Importance of Leisure of Nature Themes : the central idea or what the poem is mainly about
    3. 3. The Importance of Leisure Study the word power for this theme
    4. 4. The Importance of Leisure In this poem, the persona talks about how man is so rushed and busy. It is important that we set aside time for leisure in our daily schedule. We have become slaves to time and worldly pursuits. We no longer have the time nor the interest to appreciate the world around us and enjoy the simple pleasures of life
    5. 5. Appreciation Of Nature Study the word power
    6. 6. Appreciation of Nature Man has become less and less appreciate of nature and does not realize how important it is to preserve nature’s beauty. We must only appreciate nature but also take steps to protect and preserve it. Nature can be compared to a beautiful woman. ‘Beauty’ who mesmerizes us with her graceful dances and her charming smile.
    7. 7. Appreciation Of Nature Protect and Preserve the Nature
    8. 8. THEMES • The Importance of Leisure • Appreciation of NatureFountain Geyser
    9. 9. LeisureWhat about the beautiful natureyou’ve been seeing? Take your time to enjoy it and at the same time appreciate the nature by protecting and preserving it for our next generation
    10. 10. ? But wait… There are some moral values you must learn…Moral Values: What can be learnt from the poem
    11. 11. Moral Values Live a Set of balanced Life Priorities Correctly Moral Values: What can be learnt from the poem
    12. 12. We need to strike a balance between work and leisure.We should learn to relax and learn to balance between work andleisure.We can find pleasure in observing small things and be alert to thebeauty of our surroundings.Who knows we may even be inspired. If we live a balanced life ofwork and leisure, we would be happier individuals.
    13. 13. SET OUR PRIORITIES CORRECTLY» What kind of priorities do we have if we always have ‘no time’ to do the things that give us pleasure in life?» The persona wants us to examine our priorities so that our life will not be a ‘poor life’ that is only ‘full of care’ but one in which we can live to the fullest because we take time to set our priorities correctly.
    14. 14. State TRUE or FALSE for the statements below 1. According to the poem, man is busy T chasing material things. 2. Man today appreciates the beauty of F nature 3. Man is surrounded by many beautiful T things which he does not value 4. The poem reminds us of the TQ & A Session wonderful life we lead 5. The poem is about life in the town F 6. The persona feels that man leads a poor life because he does not have F money
    15. 15. Answer the following questions 1. What are the themes of this poem? 2. According to the poem, why does man not stop to appreciate nature? 3. What can we learn from the poem?
    16. 16. MULTIPLE CHOICES» The persona believes that Man does not take time to ______A. stand still and listenB. communicate with their friends and family CC. stand back and appreciate the beauty around himD. walk around the park in the evenings» What type of life do we lead today?A. A healthy lifeB. An unhealthy life DC. An interesting lifeD. A life full of worry» How does the persona view the way people live today?A. With joyB. With shock CC. With pityD. With excitement
    17. 17. THE ENDLEISURE