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INFORMAL LETTERS                                        1. The address                                                    ...
MODEL SENTENCES FOR INFORMAL LETTERS                                                Giving informationOpening Remarks     ...
To express Appreciation/ Gratitude1.    Thank you for your advice.                                                   MODEL...
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Informal Letter Writing


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Informal Letter Writing

  1. 1. INFORMAL LETTERS 1. The address a. The writer’s address is usually written at the top right hand corner.Informal letters are social or friendly letters. They are usually written to people we b. There is a comma (,) after each line.know personally, for example members of our family, relatives, friends or pen c. There is a full stop (.) at the end of the address.friends. d. You can include the name of your state (Melaka) if you are writing to someone in another state (Pahang).The Format e. Include the name of your country (Malaysia) if you are writing to someone overseas eg. India. 68C, Lorong Satu, Taman Bahagia 2, Writer’s / 2. The date 77000 Jasin, Sender’s a. Write the date below the address. Melaka. Address b. Use the correct English spelling of the month. c. When replying to a letter given, your date should be a few days after that 1st March 2010. Date of the letter given. d. There are different ways of writing the date.Salutation Dear Farah, 1st March 2010. 1st March 2010. It was indeed a wonderful surprise to Opening March 1, 2010. hear from you again. __________________ remarks ___________________________________ 3. The greeting/ salutation __________________. a. The greeting or salutation is written one line below the date, on the left hand of the page ended by the comma (,). ______________________________ b. The salutation used depends on how close you are to the person you are ___________________________________ writing to _______________________________. (i) Dear ……….. is most often used and always correct. You can use it for The contents anyone, from your mother to a new pen-pal. _______________________________ (ii) My dear……. is used if you have a close relationship with someone, ___________________________________ like your family or best friend. ___________________________. (iii) Dearest and My dearest………are usually used only for people you love. Do write to me again after your Closing examinations. Until then, good luck in the remarks 4. The ending exam! a. The ending is written below the closing remarks on the right hand side of the page. Your friend, Ending b. The ending depends on whom you are writing to. Saliza Signature (i) When writing to a family member or a relative you can end with: Yours affectionately, Yours lovingly, Your son, (ii) When writing to friends or pen-pals you should end with: Yours sincerely, c. Your name or signature is written below the ending.
  2. 2. MODEL SENTENCES FOR INFORMAL LETTERS Giving informationOpening Remarks 1. I would like to inform you that I have just been offered a scholarship. 2. Didn’t you hear the good news? I got the Best Student Award for my PMR1. How are you? I hope you are in the pink of health. exam result.2. Thank you for your interesting letter. 3. You are not going to believe what I am going to tell you. I have just been3. I received your letter yesterday/ a few days ago. informed that I won the first prize in a slogan-writing contest.4. What a surprise! It’s really good to hear from you. 4. I had a most terrifying experience last Monday while I was on my way to5. How is everyone in the family? Well, I hope. school.6. I am really glad to hear from you. 5. I am sure that you’d be glad to know that I have passed my PMR exam.7. How are you? I am sorry I couldn’t write earlier. 6. Did you know that Jasin Supermarket is having a sale?8. This letter will probably come as a surprise to you.9. What a pleasant surprise it was hear from you after such a long time. Giving adviceExtending Invitations 1. If you ask me, I will advise you to accept the offer. 2. I really think you should give up your part-time job and concentrate on your1. Would you like to join me on a trip to Pantai Remis? studies.2. How about coming over to my place next weekend? 3. If I were you, I will discuss the matter with my parents first, before making a3. I would like to invite you to my brother’s wedding that will take place on the decision. 16th of August. 4. I think you should think carefully before you decide what to do.4. My friends and I are planning to go camping during the holidays. Why don’t 5. Apply for the scholarship, there is no harm in trying. you come along?5. If you have not made any plans for the holidays, perhaps you would like to Offering Apologies join us on a trip to Cameron Highlands. 1. I am sorry for not replying your previous letter.Responding to Invitations/ Accepting Invitations 2. I did not mean to offend you in anyway. Please accept my apology. 3. Please forgive me for not informing you earlier.1. I’d be glad to join you and your friends on the trip. 4. I apologize for not keeping in touch with you.2. I’d love to come over to your house.3. Thank you for your invitation. I’d be glad to come to your birthday party. Offering Congratulations4. Of course I would love to attend your brother’s weeding. Thank you for inviting me. 1. Congratulations! You truly deserve the Best Student Award. 2. I would like to congratulate you on your recent success in your examination.Declining Invitations 3. I heard that you passed your exams with flying colours. Please accept my congratulations.1. Thanks for your invitation. However, I am sorry I will have to turn it down as I 4. Well done! I am sure your parents must be very proud of you. have already promise my father that I’d join him on a fishing trip.2. Although I’d love to join you, I am sorry to say that I will not be able to make Offering Condolences and Sympathy it.3. I am sorry to inform you that I will not be able to attend your sister’s wedding. 1. I am sorry to hear about the accident. 2. I know how you must be feeling now. You have my sympathy. 3. What a dreadful thing to happen! I am sure you must still be in a state of shock and disbelief. 4. My parents join me in sending you our deepest condolences.
  3. 3. To express Appreciation/ Gratitude1. Thank you for your advice. MODEL ANSWER2. It was really thoughtful of you to help us in our time of need. 16, Jalan Sinaran,3. How kind of you to think about us! Taman Jaya Bakti,4. I truly appreciate your kindness. 77000 Jasin, Melaka.Closing remarks 16th February 2010.1. That will be all for now. I shall write again when I have the time.2. Please convey my warmest regards to your family. Dear Shaiful,3. Best wishes to you and your family.4. Please give my love to Grandma. Congratulations on your success in the recent PMR examination. I always5. Good luck in your coming examination. knew that you were an outstanding student. I am sure your parents are really6. Do write soon. proud of you.7. I hope to hear from you soon.8. Do write again when you have the time. In your last letter, you told me that you were undecided whether or not to accept the offer to study in a residential school. If I were you, I will definitely accept the offer. I would not have second thoughts about my decision. In the first place, this will provide you with an excellent opportunity like this. Only students who excel in their studies are offered places in residential schools. Thus, competition is stiff and this will spur you on to achieve better result. Of course, studying in a residential school would mean that you would have to leave home and stay in the hostel. If given a choice, I would prefer to stayMODEL PMR QUESTION in hostel. Instead of staying at home and being pampered by the rest of the family, you will learn to be independent. Learning to live with people of differentYour friend who scored 8A’s in the PMR examination has been offered a place to backgrounds can be in a residential school. However, he is undecided whether or not to acceptthe offer. Write a letter to him. In your letter you should: Anyway, you have till the end of this month to make a decision. Discuss it Congratulate your friend on his success with your parents. Weigh all the pros and cons before you decide. Please convey Ask him to accept the offer my warmest regards to your parents. Give your reasons Your friend,When writing the letter: Azahar Use all the points Elaborate on the notes Make sure it is not less than 120 words.