I Wonder - Elements


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  • I Wonder - Elements

    1. 1. ELEMENTSI Wonder
    2. 2. STYLE AND LANGUAGEThe poet’s style is conversational and personal.There are six stanzas and each stanza has a couplet that rhymes.It creates a powerful continuity of the mysteries of naturequestioned relentlessly by the child who is eager to know.
    3. 3. PersonificationAnd told Who lightsthe trees the starsto take a when they rest blow out Themes : An object being given a human quality
    4. 4. A word repeated for emphasisWHO WHY3 times 2 times
    5. 5. VISUAL IMAGERY• The image of trees resting (line 4)• The image of stars being lit and blown out (line 7)
    6. 6. VISUAL IMAGERY• The image of flashing lightning (line 8)• The image of the painted rainbow (line 9)
    7. 7. VISUAL IMAGERY• The image of someone hanging up the clouds so high (line 10)
    8. 8. S Y M B ‘grass, wind, birds, tree O s, moon, stars‘Dad’ symbolises lightning, rainbow andthe adult who is L fluffy clouds’ supposed to be symbolises the S wonderful creations of knowledgeable nature
    9. 9. MOOD TONE • being happy, captivated andi. Wonder child-like innocence as she explores the many elements in natureii. Curiosity • She is awed by nature and ponders by asking questions. Theiii. Innocence many questions posed relate directly to her curiosity.iv. frustration and • Towards the end, the speaker shows slight disappointmentdisappointment when her many questions are not answered by her father.
    10. 10. •‘ rass is reen’•‘ irds to uild’
    11. 11. It is the voice of an adult
    12. 12. The speaker is not a Nature lover
    13. 13. The speaker is an observant person
    14. 14. The speaker is bright and inquisitive
    15. 15. There are no answers to his questions
    16. 16. The speaker is asking nonsensical questions
    17. 17. Many natural phenomena cannot beexplained
    18. 18. The poet, the speaker and persona are thesame person
    19. 19. The persona is in awe of the beauty andpower of Nature
    20. 20. The persona thinks that his father cananswer his question
    21. 21. THE MENTAL PICTURES1 The green grass 2 The bird’s nest 3 The trees4 The ‘not quite round’ moon
    22. 22. THE MENTAL PICTURES5 The stars 6 The lightning 7 The rainbow8 The fluffy clouds
    23. 23. What is the thing that cannot be seen?
    24. 24. How does the persona know it exists?
    25. 25. What is the thing that cannot be located?
    26. 26. WH words used in the poem
    27. 27. 1st Word 2nd Word green seen nest rest RHYMESround found WITH out about sky highsuppose knows