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Grammar revision

  2. 2. WE HAVE LEARNT… 1 6th January ‘Wh’ Words 2 13th January Positive and Negative Sentences 3. 31st January Collective Nouns 4. 9th February Adjectives of Comparison 5. 14th February The Simple Present Tense 6. 20th February The Simple Past Tense
  3. 3. ‘Wh’ Words Task 2: Lisa: Hi, Juliana. Did you have a good holiday? Juliana: Yes, I did. Lisa: How did you spend the holiday? or Where did you go during the holiday? Juliana: I went to Pulau Pinang with my family.
  4. 4. ‘Wh’ Words Lisa: Oh, that’s nice. When did you go there? Juliana: I went there two weeks ago. Lisa: Where did you stay? or Whom did you stay with? Juliana: I stayed with my uncle, Roslan Lisa: What did you do there? Juliana: I visited many interesting places, like Penang Hill and the Kek Lok Si Temple.
  5. 5. ‘Wh’ Words Lisa: Which place did you like the most? Juliana: I liked Penang Hill the most. Lisa: How did you go up the hill? Juliana: We went up the hill by cable car. It was very exciting. Lisa: It sounds like you had a great time there.
  6. 6. Task 2: Sue Ann’s job is difficult. She works long hours. She wears a uniform to work. She looks neat and tidy. She looks after her patients well. She is a responsible person. She enjoys her job. Positive and Negative Sentences
  7. 7. Positive and Negative Sentences Task 1 1.I’m sorry, sir. The bank is closed Banker 2.Good evening. Here are the headlines Newscaster 3.Please fasten your seat belts Steward/ Stewardess 4.The fish are quite fresh Fishmonger
  8. 8. Positive and Negative Sentences Task 1 5.Open your mouth wide and let me check. Dentist 6.May I see your driver’s license, please? Police Traffic Officer / Policeman 7.May I take your order, please? Waiter / Waitress 8.I have to change your brake pads. Mechanic
  9. 9. 1. Janice is not happy with her job. 2. They do not travel to work by bus. 3. She has not received her salary. 4. I do not work in an air-conditioned office. 5. These computers are not expensive. 6. Mala’s job is not stressful. Task 2
  10. 10. Task 1: 1. A gang of thieves 2.A crowd of spectators 3.A choir of singers 4.The crew of sailors 5.The team of runners 6.An army of soldiers Collective Nouns
  11. 11. Task 2: Animals 1. A herd of cattle 2.A flock of birds 3.A brood of chickens 4.A litter of kittens 5.An army of ants 6.A troop of monkeys 7.A swarm of bees 8.A team of oxen 9.A pack of wolves 10.A gaggle of geese Collective Nouns
  12. 12. Task 2: Things 1. A row of houses 2.A hedge of bushes 3.A cloud of dust 4.A heap of rubbish 5.A string of pearls 6.A clump of trees 7.A bouquet of flowers 8.A bundle of sticks 9.A flight of steps 10.A fleet of ships Collective Nouns
  13. 13. Task 4: down 1. A comb of bananas 3. A flight of steps 5. A clump of trees 6. A bundle of sticks 7. A crowd of spectators Collective Nouns
  14. 14. Task 4: Across 2. A flock of birds 4. A string of pearls 6. A basket of fruit 8. A bunch of grapes 9. A brood of chickens 10. A herd or cattle 11. A cloud of dust Collective Nouns
  15. 15. I have just returned from a holiday in Kuala Lumpur. I stayed with my uncle. He is the manager of one of the newest (new) hotels there. I spent three nights in the hotel. It was the most exciting (exciting) experience of my life. My room was on the highest (high) floor and I had the best (good) view of the city. The view was better (good) during the day because I could see further/ farther (far) into the distance Adjectives of Comparison Task 2
  16. 16. My uncle took me to a restaurant which served the tastiest (tasty) chicken rice I have ever eaten. I went sightseeing and saw some places which were more interesting (interesting) than the ones at home. The things sold there were cheaper (cheap) and there was a greater (great) variety than in the shops in my hometown. Finally, we went shopping at the largest (large) shopping mall in Malaysia. Adjectives of Comparison Task 2
  17. 17. 1. The salary I get is higher than yours (high) 2. Is your new job more rewarding than your previous one? (rewarding) 3. Some jobs are easier than others. (easy) 4. Your handwriting is getting worse. I can’t read your note at all. (bad) 5. I think travelling by train is more interesting than travelling by air. (interesting) Adjectives of Comparison Task 1
  18. 18. 1. It is too noisy here. Let’s go somewhere quieter (quiet). 2. The report is rather untidy. If you do it on the computer, it will be neater. (neat) 3. Sometimes my job is boring. I prefer to do something more interesting. (interesting) 4. Ann’s house is too small. She should move to a larger (large) one. Adjectives of Comparison Task 2
  19. 19. 5. Mr. Lee is a good boss. I think Mr. Tan is better (good) than Mr. Lee. 6. These books are very costly. You can buy cheaper (cheap) ones at New Store. 7. My office is very comfortable. It is more comfortable (comfortable) than my previous one. Adjectives of Comparison Task 2
  20. 20. 1. Which is the narrowest street in this city? (narrow) 2. Mega store is the most popular supermarket in my hometown. (popular) 3. Which is the best restaurant here? (good) 4. March is the hottest month of the year. (hot) It is also the driest. (dry) 5. Name of the most famous picnic sports in your area. (famous) 6. The most important thing in my life is my health. (important) Adjectives of Comparison Task 3
  21. 21. 1. Many people live in a city. 2. Open burning causes pollution. 3. The population increases every year. 4. Many tourists visit Kuala Lumpur 5. A high-rise building spoils the city view. 6. Frequent traffic jams occur in the city. 7. People move to the city to look for better jobs. 8. An efficient public transport system makes life easy. The Simple Present Tense Task 1
  22. 22. 1. The sun (set, sets) in the west. 2. Trees (provide, provides) us with shade. 3. We (need, needs) oxygen to live. 4. The Earth (revolve, revolves) around the sun. 5. Oil (float, floats) on water. 6. Most people (associate, associates) twisters with tornadoes. The Simple Present Tense Exercise
  23. 23. 7. Smoke (cause, causes) air pollution. 8. Friends (help, helps) each other when needed. 9. (Complete, Completes) your homework before dinner time. 10. She (washes, wash, washs) the drain every day to stop mosquitoes from breeding. 11. The library is (open, opens) now and we can (borrow, borrows) two books for a fortnight. 12. My mother (surfs, surf) the Internet for cake recipes. The Simple Present Tense Exercise
  24. 24. 1. We ran to the shops. 2. They fried eggs for dinner. 3. The boys tried to score goals. 4. The children made paper decorations. 5. They carried Mr. Tan’s bags up the stairs. 6. Shahrul and Malvin saved their pocket money. The Simple PastTense Task 1
  25. 25. Juliana: What did (do) you do in the city yesterday? Shahrul: A friend of mine was ill. We visited (visit) her in the hospital. We took (take)her some fruits and magazines. We spent (spend) about an hour with her. The Simple PastTense Task 2
  26. 26. Kiran: Why were you late for school? Choo Lin: I woke (wake) up late and missed (miss) the bus. So. My father gave (give) me a lift. I reached (reach) school half an hour late. Kiran: What did Mrs. Lee say? Choo Lin: She warned (warn) me not to be late again. The Simple PastTense Task 2
  27. 27. Rashid: What did you do last weekend? Wai Mun: I went to Perdana Mall (go) Rashid: Why did you go there? (do) Wai Mun: Oh, I wanted to buy a watch. (want) Rashid: What happened to your old one? (happen) Wai Mun: I lost it while I was on my way to school. (lose, am) The Simple PastTense Task 3
  28. 28. Rashid: Did your mother know about it? (do) Wai Mun: Yes, she was not very happy. But she gave me the money to buy a new one. (is, give) Rashid: Wow! That’s great. Okay, I’ve got to go now. I’m late for my tuition class. Wai Mun: Okay, bye! The Simple PastTense Task 3
  29. 29. Table of irregular verbsNo Verb Past Tense 1 arise arose 2 be was 3 bear bore 4 beat beat 5 begin began 6 bind bound 7 bite bit 8 bleed bled 9 blow blew 10 break broke 11 bring brought 12 broadcast broadcast 13 cling clung 14 cost costed 15 creep crept 16 cut cut 17 deal dealt 18 do did 19 dream dreamt 20 drink drank
  30. 30. 21 drive drove 22 fall fell 23 feed fed 24 feel felt 25 find found 26 fly flew 27 forbid forbade 28 forget forgot 29 freeze froze 30 give gave 31 go went 32 grind ground 33 hear heard 34 hide hid 35 hold held 36 know knew 37 lay laid 38 lead led 39 Leave left 40 Lend lent
  31. 31. 41 let let 42 lie (lie down) lay 43 lie (tell a lie) lied 44 mean meant 45 mistake mistook 46 mow mown 47 outgrow outgrew 48 oversleep overslept 49 panic panicked 50 pay paid 51 picnic picnicked 52 quit quit 53 read read 54 ride rode 55 ring rang 56 rise rose 57 run ran 58 see saw 59 seek sought 60 sell sold
  32. 32. 61 sew sewed 62 shake shook 63 shed shed 64 shine shone 65 shrink shrank 66 shut shut 67 sing sang 68 slide slid 69 sling slung 70 smell smelt 71 speak spoke 72 speed sped 73 spell spelt 74 spend spent 75 spin spun 76 spoil spoilt 77 spring sprang 78 stand stood 79 steal stole
  33. 33. 81 stink stank / stunk 82 strike struck 83 swear swore 84 swim swam 85 swing swung 86 take took 87 teach taught 88 tear tore 89 tell told 90 think thought 91 throw threw 22 tread trod 93 upset upset 94 wake woke 95 wear wore 96 weep wept 97 zip zipped
  34. 34. Good, better, ________ Never let you rest, Till your good is ______, And your better is the best.