Grammar - Articles


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Grammar - Articles

  1. 1. ARTICLES Shasha is the tallest girl in our class.  FUNCTIONS EXAMPLES EXERCISE A: Fill in the blanks with ‘a’ or ‘an’‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’ are used with a house, an eagle, the housesingular countable nouns 6. __________ expensive 1. __________ tailor 2. __________ egg dressIndefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’‘a’ and ‘an’ are used before singular 3. __________ umbrella 7. __________ roomcountable nouns 4. __________ kind uncle 8. __________ interesting 5. __________ odd angle movie‘a’ – with words that begin with a girl, a computer, a tree, a university, 9. __________ x-rayconsonant sounds a zebra, a unit, a uniform. 10. __________ empty can‘an’ - with words that begin with vowel an egg, an igloo, an hour, an orange, an EXERCISE B: Underline the answersounds umbrella, an idea, an owl 1. Aleena lives in (an, a) small village in Mentakab.Definite articles ‘the’ 2. (A, The) city of Petaling Jaya was decorated with big posters and bright used for: 3. Jade is (a, an) precious stone. • Particular thing, person or place • We saw the show, Ice Age, last night. • Superlatives • Naim is the strongest boy in our class. 4. My aunt is (a, an) accountant. • Person, place or thing mentioned • He has a bicycle. The bicycle is new. 5. Her house is (the, a) one with the blue gate. before • Things of which there is only one 6. The opening ceremony will be held on (the, -) Saturday. • The moon is bright tonight. • Seas, rivers, mountain, people of a 7. He helped out at (the, an) orphanage along Jalan Indah. • They visited the Rocky Mountain last place as a group. year. 8. He will be here within (a, an) hour.Omission of articles (no articles) • We do not use any articles before • We will meet Suhaila this evening. proper nouns EXERCISE C: Fill in the blanks with ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’ where necessary. • We do not use articles in front of • Alice had rice and soup for her lunch uncountable nouns just now. 1. Using ________ cellphone while driving can be dangerous. • We do not use any articles before • Studies show that guavas contain plural nouns where they are used more vitamin C than oranges. 2. Write two sentences on _______ piece of paper. in a general sense 3. You must complete _______ essay right now. Common errors 4. _________ exam will begin at eight o’clock.1. I’ll be there in a hour.  I’ll be there in an hour.  5. She spends several hours ______ day studying.2. I met an European yesterday.  6. _________ chocolate is good for you. I met a European yesterday.  7. _________ computer is faster and more accurate than a human.3. She is from United Kingdom.  She is from the United Kingdom.  8. Being ______ only child can be advantageous or disadvantageous.4. Shasha is tallest girl in our class. 
  2. 2. 9. Cars in Malaysia are driven on _______ left side of the road.10. Do you know how to take _____ digital photograph?