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Senior sem project Truth

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Senior sem project Truth

  1. 1. Truth and Knowledge Nine, Anavi, Miyuki, Tony
  2. 2. What is Truth?-independent-simply believing that somethingis true does not make it true.-MUST be true.Example: Priori truth, 2+2 = 4cannot be challenged, trueregardless of what people think
  3. 3. What is Knowledge?Information acquired through past experience that can bejustified by reasonable evidence. Knowledge must be justifiedby evidence, true for everyone eternally (absolute), andbelieved in by people.• knowledge exists in different levels• it can be required through different sources (eg. culture, school, internet, expert opinion, news, etc.)
  4. 4. Does Knowledge RequireCertainty?Knowledge requires a high degree of certaintybecause it needs to be true since knowledge isjustified “TRUE” belief.
  5. 5. Does Truth Require Certainty? (Or Is that the Wrong Question?)• Truth does not require certainty because there can be truth regardless of belief.• If we dont believe a truth, we obviously wouldnt be certain.
  6. 6. But according to Plato...This seems to be the wrongquestion: o Something can either be true or untrue o There is no degree of certainty in truth o Humans can never be absolutely certain of something