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Yoga with Mitzi Connell


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Mitzi is a Health & Wellness Promoter • Business Promotion & Event Planner • Rocket City Yoga Week Organizer •
• Social Media doer • Yoga teacher • Life coacher •
• 6th-sense haver • Liam Neeson lover •

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Yoga with Mitzi Connell

  1. 1. Welcome!
  2. 2. My Not-So-Hidden Agenda  About me  Q and E  The power of words  5 steps  Photo album
  3. 3. My 3 Brands
  4. 4. Hatha Yoga Certified E-RYT® 200 Huntsville, Alabama Cell: 256.361.YOGA Web: Email:
  5. 5. 7 days a year. Thousands of students. Incredible teachers & events. Beautiful public & private venues. The largest yoga event in the state of Alabama.
  6. 6. Rocket City Yoga Hub (the career hub for yoga teachers in North Alabama) Yoga teachers seeking career opportunities. Studios & gyms seeking yoga teachers. Yoga teacher training programs.
  7. 7. Q and E Questions I get. Excuses I hear.
  8. 8. Is this going to hurt? Do I have to touch my toes today? Are you going to make me chant? Are you a hippie? Questions I get
  9. 9. I’m not flexible. Yoga is boring. Yoga’s only for women. And sissy men. Excuses I hear
  10. 10. The Power of Words
  11. 11. They’re real people, with real bodies… and really honest answers. So, I asked them 13 questions. Here are their words. Meet My Students
  12. 12. Question #1 “In one word…describe your personality.”
  13. 13. Question #2 “In one word…describe how you feel about your body right now.”
  14. 14. Question #3 “What is your current age?”
  15. 15. Question #4 “How long has yoga been a part of your life?”
  16. 16. Question #5 “In one word, describe what you thought of yoga BEFORE you tried it.”
  17. 17. Question #6 “In one word… tell me how you feel BEFORE you practice yoga.”
  18. 18. Question #7 “In one word… tell me how do you feel DURING yoga practice?”
  19. 19. Question #8 “In one word… tell me how do you feel AFTER yoga practice?”
  20. 20. Question #9 “In one word…describe Mitzi’s classes.”
  21. 21. Question #10 “In one word…describe Mitzi’s personality.”
  22. 22. Question #11 “In one word…describe Mitzi as a Yoga Teacher.”
  23. 23. Question #12 “What wisdom would you share with someone who has never tried yoga?”
  24. 24. It's not as difficult or intimidating as you might think. Mitzi & her students are all very accepting & every skill level is represented inherently in the classes. It's just about you doing what you need to do, no one else.
  25. 25. As cliché as it may sound, you get as much out of it as you put into it. Surprising to me is the number of times I find tears creeping out of the corners of eyes and tracing down the sides of my face during final relaxation.
  26. 26. Don't be intimidated. Yoga is for EVERYONE! The hardest part is trying to find the right style/practice, but every style/practice that I have tried has welcomed me wholeheartedly. Try it. If you don't like it, try a different one.
  27. 27. You pick: 1. It's something good for yourself that you can do every day of your life. 2. Living is so much more enjoyable when you nurture your body and mind. 3. Yoga teaches you many things about how your body and mind work with together. It stimulates your to desire to learn.
  28. 28. Allow your body, mind and spirit to reveal themselves. Don't judge your practice. Every yoga practice will be different and will teach you something. Falling out of a posture is letting go of the ego, and that's a good thing.
  29. 29. People come to yoga for very different reasons, but we all leave feeling the same way. Just unroll your mat, start from where you are and let the journey unfold. Don't worry about being "flexible" enough to "do" yoga. If you can breathe you can "be" yoga.
  30. 30. Practice often. Learn how to breathe. Yoga can keep you younger, longer.
  31. 31. Question #13 “Any additional comments about Mitzi?”
  32. 32. She's "the real deal.” She's also real … and sort of a big deal.
  33. 33. Need peace of mind? Need to figure something out in your life? Need a place to unwind, think, focus on self and inner being? Simply need to get your s*** together? Mitzi is the one to see!
  34. 34. Mitzi is by far my most favorite contemporary yoga instructor. She knows her stuff, but is very easygoing and laid back, welcoming all students and creating an atmosphere of fun zen. She has single-handedly created a new yoga community in northern Alabama, bringing together people from all walks of life in both large and small settings, and I know that my life has been changed forever because of it.
  35. 35. Mitzi knows Yoga like Bo knows football !
  36. 36. When I began yoga with Mitzi, as many I was intimidated and scared. Mitzi's first class she was so welcoming! It's amazing the energy Mitzi gives off just being around her. She not only is concerned with her students yoga practice but also strives to help them connect to themselves in their own personal lives as well.
  37. 37. In every class I participate in Mitzi encourages me to challenge myself. I appreciate and love how she is able to help us all do that with our wildly varied physical strengths. I wish I could start every day with a Mitzi yoga class.
  38. 38. Mitzi is amazing; as a yogi, as a professional, and as a women. She is a cheerleader, counselor, and comforter. She is honest to her students and herself, which makes her genuine. She makes every class a home and place of refuge for her students.
  39. 39. She’s humorous, yet saucy. A most wonderful quality.
  40. 40. Meet Ron One of my favorite students.
  41. 41. • Ron is (as of the date of publication) a 65-year old NASA astrophysicist. • In 1974 he was a 20-something yogi. • He left his yoga practice behind…and took the path of marriage, family, and a long career with NASA. • Fast forward to 2010… • Ron has been with me since January 2010. • He practices at least 3 times per week. • His recent NASA physicals have measured him ½” taller and at 100% breath capacity (for the first time EVER) • And he’s back to doing headstands again.
  42. 42. 1974 2011
  43. 43. Now what? Get on the mat in five easy steps.
  44. 44. Step 1 Find a certified and trained yoga teacher. (Fortunately for you, I am a certified and trained yoga teacher.)
  45. 45. Step 2 Buy your own yoga mat. (Unless you enjoy other people’s foot fungus.) Avoid mats at Wal-Mart! (You get what you pay for.)
  46. 46. Step 3 Dress comfortably. Anything stretchy. Avoid pants that create “Plumber’s Crack” Your fellow class members will thank you.
  47. 47. Step 4 Do not eat within 1 hour of class. Especially Mexican food. (Trust me on this .)
  48. 48. Step 5 Bring a small towel if you sweat easily. Bring water if you wish. Bring a sense of humor. Then get on the yoga mat.
  49. 49. Yoga is NOT about touching your toes… it’s what you learn on the way down. Judith Hanson-Lasater
  50. 50. A special thank you to my students. Their words helped create this presentation. I am humbled to be a part of their world. Thank You
  51. 51. Hatha Yoga Huntsville, Alabama Cell: 256.361.YOGA Web: Email: