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  1. 1. Integrated Marketing & Promotion proposal from Bullion Bulletin Bullion Bulletin is promoted by Foretell Business Solutions Private Limited, which is in the business of commodity research, consulting and publications since 1996. Foretell is also the promoter of www., & The principal business focus of Foretell has been in • Publications • Advisory Services • Business Consultancy • Seminars / Training Programs Bullion Bulletin is launched with an objective of disseminating market information on Bullion markets. BB intends to focus on issues concerning refining, ETF, bullion market sentiments, outlook, policy issues, derivatives etc. This comprehensive magazine is an initiative of Foretell Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, organizer of annual ‘India International Gold Convention’. Bullion Bulletin intends to reach-out to Indian & global audience on the strengths its expertise. Bu on Bu et n TM Marketing and promotion proposal from Bullion Bulletin
  2. 2. Profile of Readers: • Bullion importers, traders, suppliers • Bullion Banks & financial institutions • Refiners, mints • Jewellers • Mutual Funds & ETFs • Commodity Exchanges & brokering members • Govt agencies & policy makers • Logistics & other service providers Why you should advertise: • Currently the only Indian magazine on Bullion markets • Initiative of Foretell Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, organizer of India International Gold Convention ( • Strong database & wide reach across India & abroad • Cost-effective way of reaching out to your audience • Perfect platform to introduce & brand your products & services Our Invitation: We invite your esteemed organization to utilize the opportunity to promote / brand / reach out to your audience through Bullion Bulletin magazine & website Advertisement Proposal for Bullion Bulletin Magazine (Printed advertisement) Advertising Options: Position Tariff in USD Tariff in INR Front Inner Page USD 2500 Rs 150000 Back Inner Page USD 2500 Rs 150000 Back Cover USD 2800 Rs 170000 Bookmark USD 3000 Rs 180000 Center Spread (2 page advt) USD 2600 Rs 156000 Front Opening Spread (2 page advt) USD 3000 Rs 180000 Back Opening Spread (2 page advt) USD 3000 Rs 180000 Any Inner Color Page USD 1300 Rs 80000 All prices quoted are per insertion basis & offered based on availability Marketing and promotion proposal from Bullion Bulletin Bu on Bu et n TM
  3. 3. Kindly reconfirm availability of advertisement space before confirming. Contact The above rates are not applicable for special issues (Aug – IIGC special) Technical Specifications: Full page ad size 200mm * 270mm (with 3mm bleed) Format: 4 color, in CD the file should be in Corel Draw/Tiff/EPS, by email: jpeg/pdf for printing purpose in high resolution (300 dpi) Advertorial We can extend advertorial proposal to firms interested in promoting their services/ productsthroughpressreleases/interviews/articles. Write to us at abhinaya@fbspl. com with your specific requirements so that we can tailor a proposal accordingly. Introduction to web portal is one of the premier Portals on Bullion markets & probably the only information website from I ndia. Apart from hosting BB magazine, this website provides quality research and information on Indian/International bullion markets and enjoys a strong reputation amongst its subscribers spread across the world. Banner Advertisement on Rates & Specifications Position Size Price in USD (quarter) Home Page (Right Hand Top) 200 * 110 pixels USD 750 Home Page (Right Hand Below) 150 * 70 pixels USD 600 Note: Banner advertisement will be linked to the clients’ website. Marketing and promotion proposal from Bullion Bulletin Bu on Bu et n TM
  4. 4. Technical Specifications: Banner format in gif/jpg/flash etc, file size should not exceed 24 kb for quick loading/viewing. Electronic Direct Mailers (EDM) Service The  client  can  send  dedicated  mailers  to  a  select  database  of users. We have a huge database of over 5000 members. The EDM can be targeted to a select audience on the basis of cities/organization/sectors etc depending upon the client’s requirements. Benefits of Email Marketing Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses ofalltypesandsizes.Nomatterhowyoudefinesuccess,youcanachieveoutstanding results with email marketing while investing only a small amount of time and an even smaller amount of money… For more details and bookings, contact: Cell: +91 9343734140, +91 80 25276152/53 Fax: +91 80 25276154, Email: Bu on Bu et n TM