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  1. 1. THE DOMINANT FORCE IN ACTION AND ADVENTURE SPORTSOVERVIEW MEDIAN AGE PROFILEASG|Grind Networks is the 13-17: 12%largest action and adventure 18-24: 26% 25-34: 28%sports media group in the 35-44: 19%world reaching 11.5 million 45+: 9%people every month through:Print, Digital and Events. GENDER PROFILE MEDIAN HHI $81,700 Male Female 79% 21%
  2. 2. THE DOMINANT FORCE INACTION AND ADVENTURE SPORTSPRINTASG|Grind Networks printapproach is to speak to it’saudience in an authentic,non-homogenized voice.This approach has enabledeach title to be revered by it’sreaders as the authoritativevoice in their respectivesports.
  3. 3. THE DOMINANT FORCE IN ACTION AND ADVENTURE SPORTSDIGITAL MEDIAN AGE PROFILEThe cornerstone of ASG|Grind 13-17: 19%Networks digital properties 18-24: 28%is GrindTV, which is the 25-34: 28% 35-44: 17%exclusive action sports 45+: 8% VERTICALScontent provider for Yahoo! Surfer GENDER PROFILESports. Surfing Newschoolers SnowboarderOur vertical sites provide a Male Female Skateboarderdeeper dive into each sport 73% 27% Powderattracting an active, engaged Bike Ridemonkeyaudience. Paved Canoe & Kayak SUP (Stand Up Paddler) Dirt Rider ATV Rider
  4. 4. THE DOMINANT FORCE INACTION AND ADVENTURE SPORTSFind a LIFESTYLE AUDIENCEon GrindTV.com and expand thereach of your campaignReach your CORE AUDIENCEthrough our vertical sites to increaseengagement with your brand
  5. 5. THE DOMINANT FORCE IN ACTION AND ADVENTURE SPORTSEVENTSFrom amateur to pro and award SURF:shows, ASG|Grind Networks Nike 6.0 Lowers Procreates dynamic events that bring Rob Machdo Pro/Am Coldwater Classicour print and digital properties to Oakley Shop Challengereal life allowing brands unique SKATEBOARD:opportunities to personally Make-A-Wish Sunset Rampageconnect with our audience. SNOWBOARD: The Launch Ms. Superpark Superpark Amateur Series SKI: Powder Poll Awards Amateur Series
  6. 6. THE DOMINANT FORCE IN ACTION AND ADVENTURE SPORTSGOING MOBILEOur platform is expanding toprovide dynamic content anywhereour audience desires.ASG|Grind Networks can helpyou reach engaged consumerson iPad, iPhone and Androiddevices with applications that arefunctional, informative, and fun.
  7. 7. THE DOMINANT FORCE IN ACTION AND ADVENTURE SPORTSPRINT DIGITAL EVENTSSurfer GrindTV Surf:Surfing Surfer Nike 6.0 Lowers ProSnowboarder Surfing Rob Machdo Pro/AmSkateboarder Newschoolers Coldwater ClassicPowder Snowboarder Oakley Surf Shop ChallengeBike Skateboarder Skateboard:Paved Powder Make-A-WishCanoe & Kayak Bike Sunset RampageSUP (Stand Up Paddler) Ridemonkey Snowboard:Dirt Rider Paved The LaunchATV Rider Canoe & Kayak Ms. Superpark SUP (Stand Up Paddler) Superpark Dirt Rider Amateur Series ATV Rider Ski: Powder Poll Awards Amateur Series
  8. 8. OVERVIEWFor over 50 years SURFER has been the authoritative voicein the surfing world. Each month they dive into the magical,energized, ever-shifting zone where sea meets land andcapture the inspiring stories on paper, which is regarded asthe Bible of the sport.AGE PROFILE13-17: 19%18-24: 27%25-34: 28%35-44: 17%45+: 9%GENDER PROFILE FREQUENCY Monthly SPECIALS Male Female 68% 32% Photo, Big Issue,MEDIAN HHI Wetsuit Guide,$84,400 Hot 100DISTRIBUTION127,000 Source: January 2011 Reader Survey
  9. 9. OVERVIEWIn the late ‘60s, SURFING planted the first seeds of counter-cultural revolution with its innovative, mind-expanding design.The results of this editorial mission are two-fold. Not onlydoes it drive the new generation to come up with the nextbig thing, it inspires the rest of us to paddle out and push ourown boundaries. Above all else, SURFING makes us want togo surfing.AGE PROFILE13-17: 18%18-24: 29%25-34: 28%35-44: 17%45+: 8%GENDER PROFILE FREQUENCY Monthly SPECIALS Male Female 67% 33% Swimsuit, Board Guide,MEDIAN HHI Wetsuit Guide$76,500DISTRIBUTION123,000 Source: January 2011 Reader Survey
  10. 10. OVERVIEWFor nearly a quarter of a decade, SNOWBOARDER Magazinehas interwoven authoritative journalism, frank commentaryand compelling imagery to examine, reveal, and spotlight theculture of snowboarding. In doing so, we have acquired themost devoted audience of any snowboard media outlet in theworld.AGE PROFILE13-17: 24%18-24: 30%25-34: 27%35-44: 11%45+: 8%GENDER PROFILE FREQUENCY 7x (Aug-Feb) SPECIALS Male Female 73% 27% Girl, PhotoMEDIAN HHI$79,000DISTRIBUTION80,000 Source: January 2011 Reader Survey
  11. 11. OVERVIEWDriven by a staff of lifelong skaters and experienced, dedicat-ed writers and photographers, SKATEBOARDER provides aninside and accurate look into the real issues of skate culture.No filler. No distractions. Nothing a skater doesn’t need. Justskateboarding. And with that, SKATEBOARDER has provenitself to be the true skateboarder’s magazine. The First, TheBiggest, The Best.AGE PROFILE13-17: 36%18-24: 37%25-34: 15%35-44: 7%45+: 5%GENDER PROFILE FREQUENCY Bi-Monthly SPECIALS Male Female 78% 22% Photo Annual, Interview IssueMEDIAN HHI$54,500DISTRIBUTION58,000 Source: January 2011 Reader Survey
  12. 12. OVERVIEWAs we enter our 40th anniversary year, we are intent oncelebrating the rich heritage that got us to where we are—POWDER as a magazine, and skiing as a sport. But in doingso, we would be remiss if we were not keeping a keen eye onthe future as well. We have no idea what the next 40 years willhold. But after looking at the last 40 years, I can assure you itwill be unbelievable. -Derek Tayor, EditorAGE PROFILE13-17: 12%18-24: 26%25-34: 36%35-44: 19%45+: 7%GENDER PROFILE FREQUENCY 6x (Sep-Feb) SPECIALS Male Female 78% 22% 40th Anniv. Buyer’s GuideMEDIAN HHI$95,000DISTRIBUTION112,500 Source: January 2011 Reader Survey
  13. 13. OVERVIEWAt BIKE, we believe that the simple love of riding unites us all.Many of our readers fall into the trail category. Still others arededicated single-speeders or die-hard downhillers. Othersown several bikes and enjoy just about everything. But nomatter what bikes they ride, BIKE readers rally around acommon language—a sense of adventure, a passion for thesport, and above all, a love of the ride.AGE PROFILE13-17: 10%18-24: 16%25-34: 30%35-44: 31%45+: 13%GENDER PROFILE FREQUENCY 9x SPECIALS Male Female 86% 14% Photo Annual Gear BibleMEDIAN HHI$85,000DISTRIBUTION76,000 Source: January 2011 Reader Survey
  14. 14. OVERVIEWPacked full of the world’s greatest road bike photography andintelligent, inspiring and honest stories, PAVED is being cre-ated for the throngs of people who relate to the raw passionof riding. Its target audience is broad and inclusive. The com-mon denominator: People who define themselves by theirlove of riding bikes on pavement.AGE PROFILE13-17: 1%18-24: 5%25-34: 28%35-44: 41%45+: 25%GENDER PROFILE Male Female 83% 17%MEDIAN HHI FREQUENCY$88,000 QuarterlyDISTRIBUTION47,000 Source: January 2011 Reader Survey
  15. 15. OVERVIEWBeing the world’s leading paddlesports publication is a hugeresponsibility. It’s a responsibility we take on with the samelevel of passion that drove us to start paddling in the firstplace. We translate the feeling of a great day on the water intowords and imagery. That feeling has the power to improve ourreader’s lives. That’s our responsibility: to educate, entertain,and inspire.AGE PROFILE13-17: 4%18-24: 9%25-34: 25%35-44: 30%45+: 32%GENDER PROFILE FREQUENCY May - Dec SPECIALS Male Female 83% 17% Boat Book BeginnersMEDIAN HHI$104,000DISTRIBUTION72,000 Source: January 2011 Reader Survey
  16. 16. OVERVIEWSUP Magazine prides itself on the best skill and techniquearticles driven by the sport’s top practitioners that are sureto help jumpstart a reader’s standup journey. Combining thehow-to with interviews and product reviews provides readerswith inspiration to get out and paddle!AGE PROFILE13-17: 2%18-24: 5%25-34: 25%35-44: 37%45+: 30%GENDER PROFILE FREQUENCY Monthly SPECIALS Male Female 60% 40% Board GuideMEDIAN HHI$76,000DISTRIBUTION50,000 Source: January 2011 Reader Survey
  17. 17. OVERVIEWDIRT RIDER is the largest off-road motorcycle magazine fora reason; it delivers high-quality, informative and entertainingcoverage of all forms of off-road motorcycle recreation. Thereaders are active participants who want to learn more aboutthe bikes, parts, gear and riding techniques that will helpthem enjoy their passion.AGE PROFILE13-17: 7%18-24: 9%25-34: 20%35-44: 28%45+: 36%GENDER PROFILE FREQUENCY Monthly Male Female 97% 3%MEDIAN HHI$71,900DISTRIBUTION128,000 Source: January 2011 Reader Survey
  18. 18. OVERVIEWFrom the editors of DIRT RIDER, by far the world’s largest off-road motorcycle magazine. ATV RIDER applies that success-ful format to the ATV market and provides a new and betterway to reach ATV enthusiasts. Regular features include new-bike tests, modification and set-up stories, tech stories, gearand accessory reviews, personality profiles and more.AGE PROFILE13-17: 12%18-24: 14%25-34: 38%35-44: 24%45+: 12%GENDER PROFILE FREQUENCY Bi-Monthly Male Female 97% 3%MEDIAN HHI$58,500DISTRIBUTION27,000 Source: January 2011 Reader Survey
  19. 19. Use our network to accomplish your goals! THE DOMINANT FORCE IN ACTION AND ADVENTURE SPORTS THANK YOU