Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet


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Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet

  1. 1. Let’s Get Social Social media helps you communicate with your customers. The purpose of this guide is to help you fly solo, but you’re already getting the hang of it. You’ll have to play with social media to learn it, but keep on keepin’ on with your posts and pics. This new-style word-of- mouth is yours for the taking. Twitter. We are always using our Twitter account to “tweet” the world about the happenings at Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating, but also be a leader and educator in HVAC. Need business-related tips for Twitter, see a Make sure you share info about your business, but don’t make it a commercial. a Listen. See what peaks interest. a See what your competitors are tweeting. Facebook. Let’s face it; 500 million Facebook users can’t be wrong. Connect with us on Facebook by clicking the “Like” button on our page at If you have questions about setting up your business page, see a Don’t set up a Facebook page and let it grow dated. You have to keep it current. a Get content from our page and many of the people we “Like” to get you started. a Update on the go from your iPad or smartphone — especially with photos. LinkedIn. Get your profile filled out, with a photo, so you can be found. You’ll then find out who you know, and they can help your business. You would also be amazed what you can learn from others in your field, a Join groups. a Find co-workers and industry leaders. a Repost items from your Facebook and Twitter pages. YouTube. Yes, YouTube is social media! You could be the next YouTube video star — or your customer! Stay tuned to our YouTube channel at where we are always posting new videos and ones submitted to us. a Take videos from our YouTube page and post them on your Facebook wall. a Shoot a video testimonial from a happy customer with your cell phone and post it. Blog. We just launched our blog at, and there’s no better way to kick it off than by blogging as we go into the busy season. It will also help your search engine optimization in Google searches. Use those keywords that people would search to find you. If you get stuck, reach out to Colleen Hartman, Social Media Marketing Lead at, but you would be surprised at the answers you’ll find if you just Google your question. Yes, literally Google your question.For more information, visit©2011 Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc. The three-diamond logo is a registered logo of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.