Qe Dbaton Corporate Overview


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Qe Dbaton Corporate Overview

  1. 1. Beyond Commitment<br />QEDbaton Corporate Overview<br />Demand Generation Services to Technology Companies<br />QED Enabled Services Pvt. Ltd.<br />3rd Floor, Atria,<br />Baner Road,<br />Pune - 411045, INDIA<br />Tel: +91 - 20 – 40711000<br />www.qedbaton.com<br />
  2. 2. Beyond Commitment<br />Challenges Technology Companies face today<br />Current Situation<br />Most client market economies are under negative growth: USA - 2.8%, Japan - 3.6%, UK - 2.6%<br />US government gets more protectionist. H1B’s & L1’s affected<br />Contract values are shrinking & contract re-negotiations are the order of the day<br />Global IT Spends<br />Outlook<br />New verticals like Utilities, Government & Healthcare emerging<br />Emerging Markets are driving IT Growth<br />Decision making is getting decentralized leading to more opportunities<br />Forecasted Growth in Global IT Spends<br />Source: IDC , HIS Global Insight<br />
  3. 3. Beyond Commitment<br />Impact on Sales & Marketing Organizations within Technology Companies<br />“What Keeps B2B CMOs Awake At Night ?” <br />Source: Forrester Research Inc.<br />
  4. 4. Beyond Commitment<br />Sales & Marketing Challenges Technology Companies face today<br />80% of all leads go onto to make a “Buy” decision in 12-24 months<br />Critical Alignment Challenges between Sales & Marketing :<br /><ul><li> Lead definition
  5. 5. Lead scoring and qualification
  6. 6. Nurturing programs that deliver sales – ready leads</li></ul>Source: QED baton’s Sales & Marketing Best Practices Survey 2009<br />Source: QED baton’s Sales & Marketing Best Practices Survey 2009<br />Inside Sales- A critical function today<br /><ul><li>Adoption of SAAS as a business model among technology product companies.
  7. 7. Increasing pressures on lowering the overall cost per sale. Big Salaries and big travel expenses are no longer available to Sales & Marketing functions.
  8. 8. The Advent of technologies such as
  9. 9. Go to Meeting
  10. 10. Salesforce.com
  11. 11. Eloqua / Marketo
  12. 12. Increasing adoption of Social media & Networking sites as a tool for lead generation.</li></ul>Source: Bridge Group Inc<br />
  13. 13. Beyond Commitment<br />Company Profile- QEDbaton<br />About QEDbaton<br />A part of QED Enabled Services Private Ltd., QEDbaton provides integrated demand generation services to global technology companies. Since 2004, QEDbaton has worked with more than 70 technology companies assisting them with their new market penetration strategies across the geographies of US, UK, Europe, APAC, Middle East and Australia. <br />Using an optimum blend of various direct marketing tools, technologies & value added partners, we aim at delivering higher number of quality leads within your existing sales and marketing spend. And help you realize an overall reduction in the “Cost per Lead” section. We further that by actively generating high quality business opportunities for your sales team to act upon through a structured appointment setting and lead nurturing process.<br /><ul><li>Over five years of focused experience providing services to Technology companies, with a client port folio of more than 70 software</li></ul> product/ services companies. <br /><ul><li>Well established, mature, and credible business model.
  14. 14. High quality services with a tremendous cost advantages due to global delivery model
  15. 15. Global reach from a single location.
  16. 16. Non English speaking skilled manpower ( French and German)
  17. 17. Services portfolio includes a blend of relevant services that would help accelerate clients sales process, where QED tries to encapsulate and integrate multiple demand generation functions so as to provide an integrated solution to assist technology companies </li></ul>Geography Coverage<br />US ( 65%) Europe { UK, Benelux, Nordic, Germany, France} ( 25%) APAC / ME/ India ( 10%)<br />
  18. 18. Beyond Commitment<br />QEDBATON- INTEGRATED DEMAND GENERATION SERVICES<br />Sales & Marketing Diagnostics<br />Lead Nurturing<br />- Lead Classification<br />- Campaign design, & response management<br />- Lead Scoring & Lead Qualification<br />- CRM/ SFA Synchronization<br />- Lead Allocation<br />- Understanding existing Sales & Marketing organization<br />- Benchmarking against industry best practices<br />- Sales funnel analysis<br />- Execution Strategy plan & recommendations<br />1. Evaluating markets vis-a-vis your services / Product lines<br />2. Market sizing and profiling<br />Lead Generation<br />- EDM ( Email Marketing)<br />- Web Marketing ( SEO, White Papers, Webinars)<br />- Events Strategy<br />- Tele Marketing/ Inside Sales (Appointment Setting)<br />- B2B Surveys<br />- Strategic Account Profiling<br />- Channel Partner Development<br />Market Scoping<br />3. Competitor Analysis<br />4. List building & Contact discovery<br />LeadManagement<br />
  19. 19. Beyond Commitment<br />QEDbaton’s Impact on Sales & Marketing Organizations<br />What do you get by engaging with us<br />A detailed month on month Sales & Marketing activity plan aligned to the annual revenue goal<br />A lead scoring mechanism to determine which leads go to Sales and which leads go into a Nurturing program<br />Key metrics to measure effectiveness of activities undertaken and determine ROI on diverse activities including activities which have traditionally been considered intangible.<br />Execution of diverse Sales & Marketing activities to deliver on the Activity plan laid out<br />
  20. 20. Beyond Commitment<br />QEDbaton Growth<br />Sales & Marketing Diagnostics<br />Sales & Marketing Alignment<br />Sales & Marketing Plan Execution<br />Inside Sales Support<br />Event Enrollment & Follow Up<br />Strategic Account Profiling<br />Appointment Setting<br />Inbound Lead Qualification<br />List Building<br />
  21. 21. Beyond Commitment<br />QEDbaton Process Excellence<br />Our Value<br />Recruitment Benchmarking: <br />Over the past 6 years we have interviewed over 3000 people and have developed a rigorous process for finding the right fit candidate.<br />Training:<br />We have developed a series of training modules which not only cover the technology aspect of the business but also help develop those essential sales skills of the recruits.<br />Employee Development:<br />The multi tiered delivery structure we follow promotes horizontal growth for our employees. Internal and External Training Programs equip them with the best in class knowledge to excel at work.<br />Technology:<br />Our constant endeavor is to make our processes more efficient through the use of technology. All our technology is custom built around our unique process framework.<br />Process Framework:<br />Our process framework is built around our experiences working with over 70 technology companies worldwide. Over the past 6 years we have defined, built and refined the framework to derive the best results.<br /> Service Delivery through Process Efficiency and Innovation<br />Customer<br />Appointment Setting<br />Surveys<br />Sales Intelligence<br />Web Marketing<br />Events<br />List Building & Contact Discovery<br />EDM<br />QEDbaton Center’s of Excellence<br />TRA<br />I<br />N<br />I<br />NG<br />QED baton Account Management Team<br />QED baton Leadership Team<br />Subject Matter Experts<br />Service Delivery Teams<br />Service Delivery Managers<br />QED baton Business Development Team<br />
  22. 22. Beyond Commitment<br />QEDbaton –Experience Matrix<br />Opportunities Identified<br />Chart: Vertical Wise Campaign Splits- 2008<br />
  23. 23. Beyond Commitment<br />QEDbaton –Our Customers<br />
  24. 24. Beyond Commitment<br />Sample Clients & Case Studies<br />Demand Generation - Case Study<br />The Client <br />Is a $ 1 Billion IT services company. The company is a GE Offshoot with more than 30000 employees spread across 18 countries. The client is a global leader when it comes to BPO/KPO services & IT services. The client sales team was looking for some support in terms of organization profiling, lead qualification and appointment setting. It was expected that through this initiative, the team would be able to accelerate the sales process. <br />Business Need<br />To drive sales revenue through penetrating the US 500 Million- $2 Billion companies from the target verticals and widen the sales funnel through<br /> a) Target Market identification, Database Building and Intelligence capture through Primary Research.<br /> b) Target Account tracking through primary and secondary research to glean intelligence <br /> pertaining to IT Landscape, Organisational structure and current vendors <br />c) Engage key decision makers in a dialogue using a consultative selling approach and<br /> delivering value proposition addressing their pain or interest areas. <br /> d) Setting up Face-to-Face meetings with the decision makers .<br />Results & Deliverables<br />Over the last 2 years, a team of 7 inside sales representatives have been working closely with the client sales team in the US geography. QED’s team has been instrumental in giving major breakthroughs into Fortune 100 companies in the US. The team has generated more than 300 meetings over the past 2 years. Additionally, the QED team has also been instrumental in driving traffic for the Genpact team around key events such as the Oracle Open World, and the SAP Sapphire.<br />
  25. 25. Beyond Commitment<br />Sample Clients & Case Studies<br />Market Entry Strategy report- Case Study<br />The Client<br />Poli-Film is one of the leading manufacturers of high end specialty packaging materials. With manufacturing sites in Germany, France and the USA, Poli-Film serves customers from the Steel, Aluminum, plastic sheet and automotive industries.<br />Business Need<br />Poli-Film had their presence in India via their distributors and it was observed by the management that there is a good demand for surface protection films in the Indian market based on their distributor’s feedback. The management wanted to gauge the potential of Indian market for their product and they employed QED research services for the same. <br />Methodology& Deliverables<br />Information was gathered using primary and secondary research techniques. The data collected was converted into meaningful data by means of Statistical Analysis. The same was analyzed with the help of industry experts so as to present the strategy and roadmap to Poli-Film’s management to penetrate the Indian market. <br />Results<br />A detailed India market report was submitted which helped the Poli-Film management in gauging the appropriate entry strategy to address the Indian surface protection film market <br />
  26. 26. Beyond Commitment<br />What our clients have to say about us.........<br />“QEDbaton has extended my work week by making calls to find contacts, sift through them to find the right players, and determine whether they are worth my time. They understand Strategic Selling and how to find and leverage contacts at all levels .  Unlike telemarketing firms, their team works with me continuously to execute my account penetration strategy and to articulate our value proposition based upon the role of each person they contact. While I am on the road or busy making presentations they are always working to find active projects so I can maximize face-to-face contact with my best prospects”<br />Ken Swienberg VP Sales (US)… Tavant Technologies, USD 60 Million IT Solutions company<br />“The pre-work in terms of research on the customers, the lead sheets they provide us with, and rigor around understanding our offerings are truly appreciated. I would rate QEDbaton’s ability to provide sales ready opportunities as excellent.”<br />Jon Simon VP Sales (USD 1 Billion IT/ ITES company)<br />“QEDbaton’s ability to build relationships with the target audience is outstanding. They are doing a good job of opening doors for us in the accounts we had prioritized.”<br />Director Sales-US KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited<br />“It has been a great experience both in terms of professional services offered as well as the personal touch in all communications. The result delivered was exactly the way expected and clearly showed the effort put in by the entire team. We are also extremely satisfied with the timeliness of the core project as well as readiness to adapt to last minute requirement adjustments. Service delivered with professionalism.”’<br />Amar Saleem - Marketing Middle East, Honeywell Building Solutions<br />
  27. 27. Beyond Commitment<br />Rationale for Outsourcing Sales & Marketing Activities<br />Access to Proprietary Resources<br />Flexibility<br />Cost Advantage<br />Performance and Expertise<br />Skilled manpower<br /><ul><li>Companies get access to a larger and more diverse (Skill sets, Language, domain ) set of man power.
  28. 28. By the virtue of having engaged a specialized Outsourced Sales & Marketing activities partner the have the liberty of ramping –up and ramping-down the engagement size at short notices as per business pressures.</li></li></ul><li>Beyond Commitment<br />THANK YOU<br />QED Enabled Services Private Limited<br />3rd Floor Atria, Baner Road<br />Pune : 411007 , INDIA<br />URL: www.qedbaton.com<br />Email: sales@qedbaton.com<br />Phone: 9120 40711000<br />