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Webinar Mastery Series: With SaaS, Are you heading for a vendor lock in?


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While SaaS solutions promote security, reliability and performance, you may be wondering what happens to your data if and when you decide to exit the service and how do you decide on the right SaaS solution. Learn More:

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Webinar Mastery Series: With SaaS, Are you heading for a vendor lock in?

  1. 1. With SaaS, Are you heading for a vendor lock-in? SUNIL UTTAM Principal Solution Architect & Co-founder WEBINAR 03:00 PM – 03:30 PM OCT 10 2018
  2. 2. A dedicated private solution. Why Not ?
  3. 3. • Capex intensive infrastructure & AMCs • One time software license purchases • Dedicated teams to operate, manage & monitor the setup 24/7 • Long delayed upgrade cycles • Long refresh cycles COMPLEX BILL OF MATERIAL ( BOM )
  4. 4. The setup needs to be designed for • Reliability • Security • Data Durability and • High Availability COMPLEX DESIGN
  5. 5. COMPLEX UPGRADES Re-architecting for growing storage demands and new security threats, may require major changes. Upgrades and updates of the software in order to handle new solution demands, may need planning and downtime.
  6. 6. NEED WELL TRAINED TEAMS Internal Teams to maintain, manage and operate the setup 24/7 & deliver on an SLA
  7. 7. Thus... 81% organizations are opting for SaaS solutions to drive their workloads & gain from SLA backed guarantees.
  8. 8. WHY SaaS ?
  10. 10. CAPEX
  11. 11. • Scale up, Scale down with ease • Pay per use • Pay as you go UNPRECEDENTED SCALE & FLEXIBILITY
  12. 12. SaaS cloud setups, provide a highly durable, elastic & fully managed storage piece EASY STORAGE MANAGEMENT
  13. 13. • Multi layered security • Certified Infra & Application • Data in a separate durable store • Digital eyes, ears, controls monitoring security on the platforms • Strong processes to secure & maintain security HIGHER SECURITY
  14. 14. Financially backed SLAs on various parameters like Uptime, Response, Data Durability, Resolution & more. GUARANTEED
  15. 15. In a nutshell, SaaS enables CIOs to shift their focus from technology acquisition & delivery to realizing business outcomes as the measure of success.
  16. 16. So it seems like SaaS is the next best thing after sliced bread
  17. 17. So, what's the problem ?
  18. 18. It’s your data, which accumulates over time!
  19. 19. For example In our own archiving platform, Vaultastic, a 1000 user company will accumulate 4TB of email in a year. So after 5 years of using our platform, the company has got 20TB of data. How do you get such large volumes of data, when required?
  20. 20. The benefits of SaaS just cannot be ignored, and is a no brainer. But, it will work in your favour, if you can just ensure that these 5 conditions are met
  21. 21. You own the data. The SaaS provider is simply a custodian. Before entering into a SaaS contract, ensure there is a data ownership and exit clause. Ensure the contract gives you sufficient notice time to convert, copy and download your data. Clear support for a data exit strategy 1
  22. 22. The data formats should be compatible with your business and IT systems. Agree on the format of data and meta data you shall receive the extracted data in. A lot of vendors use Bandwidth Throttling as a way to prevent a single customer from overloading their systems. However the downfall of this means that it can take several years to extract hundreds of TB of data. Understand the available data formats & Methods of extraction2
  23. 23. Find out if there are third-party extractions available, what it will cost and how long it will take using this method. This can be useful, if you want to move large volumes of data. Understand the support given by the vendor during exit3
  24. 24. Check the data extraction fee you will have to incur if and when you decide to move your data out of the cloud. You may also consider costs for data extraction, converting, third-party system integration (SI) costs, acquiring alternative solutions, and possibly running the two systems in parallel during the transition period. "Research suggests that SaaS vendors can charge astronomical amounts to provide data when customers exit contracts with them." Understand costs of exit 4
  25. 25. Evaluate SaaS vendors that have a rich set of APIs or portals enabling straightforward migration, extraction and perhaps even integration of data. Choose vendors with API, Portals, DIY kits 5
  26. 26. So while SaaS can provide strong value to your business and free up your teams for strategic projects, you need to carefully plan your data exit strategy to prevent a vendor lock in and high costs during an exit.
  27. 27. Mithi designed all its SaaS platforms keeping in mind that we are custodians of your data and not owners. We have designed tools, API, and processes for you to be able to pull out bulk data at will & easily.
  31. 31. TRUST Well architected for Regular Independent Security & VAPT audits
  32. 32. UNLIMITED Q & A Alright, Lets talk until you run out of questions...SHOOT !
  33. 33. for attending this webinar Drop in your queries at For more info contact