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Webinar Mastery Series: Transform Teamwork Productivity with the new SkyConnect - Ideolve Combination


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This email data management mastery series aims to educate and share Myths, Facts, Best Practices, Technologies along with live case studies. Learn More:

This webinar takes a look at how a combination of cloud email and team collaboration app, can help your team improve productivity, by reducing the confusion caused through back and forth email messages and long email threads.

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Webinar Mastery Series: Transform Teamwork Productivity with the new SkyConnect - Ideolve Combination

  1. 1. Transform teamwork productivity with the New SkyConnect – Ideolve combination AUG 22 2018 | 3:00PM – 3:30PM ISTLIVE WEBINAR SUNIL UTTAM Co-founder & Principal Solution Architect Mithi Software Technologies.
  2. 2. In this webinar we will examine why email needs a companion to boost team work
  3. 3. SKYCONNECT V3 Lets first review the new capabilities in the SkyConnect Email application, which can boost productivity
  4. 4. BAYA 3 EMAIL Modern 3 pane web interface Mobile Responsive No configuration required All mail retained on server improving durability Advanced search to locate mail quickly
  5. 5. Thread view to collate conversations Tight integration with tasks/calendar Templates to standardise email responses Schedule Vacation responses so you don’t miss Quick select Rich compose with inline graphics, tables and more
  6. 6. BAYA 3 CALENDAR Upgraded CalDAV server Improved Free/Busy interface Integrates seamlessly with TB, Outlook 2016+, mobiles. Differentiate events needing your attention
  7. 7. BAYA 3 TASKS Track to do lists here Mark status & get reminders of upcoming tasks Export emails as tasks Tag tasks to group & classify them Bulk add tasks via a CSV
  8. 8. BAYA 3 CONTACTS Personal DLs to help you communicate easily Automatically collect used contacts for quick lookup.
  9. 9. BAYA 3 EXTENSIONS Ready Plugins to add capability quickly APIto allow your teams to extend the functionality
  10. 10. So, the new features in SkyConnect make Email & related apps, easier & more accessible for a user, thus boosting user productivity.
  11. 11. However, Using email for team collaboration creates a cluttered mailbox which severely impacts productivity
  12. 12. email is now critical to transacting business digitally, using it for team communication can be counterproductive in cases where you need quick feedbacks and turn around OR when you need deep & intensive collaboration with your team.
  13. 13. While it is better to use the enterprise chat that comes as part of SkyConnect for quick & real-time information exchange, Ideolve is the app designed for Intensive team collaboration.
  14. 14. Uncomplicate Team collaboration for a jump in productivity
  15. 15. In Ideolve all the collaboration happens using notes. A note captures an Idea, objective or the outline of an Initiative. Notes can be shared with other team members for their reference or comments.
  16. 16. Notes can be classified using tags that represent broader themes, projects or initiatives for easy organisation & location of information.
  17. 17. By having all the discussion with the team & related information around an idea or initiative in one place, you don’t spend time locating or stringing together pieces of conversation to form the complete picture.
  18. 18. And that can mean that you can get a lot more done in a day
  19. 19. What’s more, with team discussions moving to Ideolve, your email inbox beings to look less cluttered & is easier to manage. So it’s less likely you’ll miss something important landing up in your inbox.
  20. 20. In Ideolve all the collaboration happens using notes. A note captures an Idea, objective or the outline of an Initiative. Notes can be shared with other team members for their reference or comments.
  21. 21. Lets examine one team work use case in depth and see how a combination of email and Ideolve can deliver better outcomes.
  22. 22. Use Case: Review of information assets by teams A study of 2 methods
  23. 23. …Using Email to review documents
  24. 24. TEAM REVIEW OF A DOCUMENT A team of 5 is working on a project, and one member wants to share the scope document received by a vendor and receive feedback from the other 4 members.
  25. 25. RFC The member forwards the email with the attachment to the other 4 members for review. We now have 5 mail in the system pertaining to this topic.
  26. 26. FIRST RESPONSE Each member "replies all" with their comments or documents with revision tracking We now have 10 mail in the system pertaining to this topic.
  27. 27. NTH RESPONSE Conversations continue with back and forth email flows We now may have more than 30-40 email in the system pertaining to this topic.
  28. 28. HAIRBALL The originator of the thread has to work hard to cull useful information from all this dispersed feedback into a cohesive single action document. A big productivity drain
  29. 29. Let’s see one such typical thread of email
  31. 31. Lets see how Ideolve can be used by teams to review documents
  32. 32. Upload the email into Ideolve forward the email to to create a note Share this note with the other 4 members from within Ideolve.
  33. 33. Each member now adds comments to the note All feedback now attached to the one single note.
  34. 34. Tag specific members for attention and action More feedback collects on the note
  35. 35. The author can easily collate these comments and update the main note which are directly visible to all the participants
  36. 36. QUICK OVERVIEW OF THE IDEOLVE APP Notes Sharing Tagging Commenting MentionsShare via SIM Notifications Search Webclient Apps Email Connectors Responsive
  37. 37. Delivering the collaboration advantage to every enterprise
  39. 39. TRUST
  41. 41. UNLIMITED Q & A Alright, Lets talk until you run out of questions...SHOOT !
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