Fitness People | Features & Benefits


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Fitness People | Features & Benefits

  1. 1. Marketing ProposalFeatures and Benefits
  2. 2. Introduction to People is a online Health and Fitness Directory that allows you to search gyms,fitness centres, personal trainers, massage therapists, supplement providers, fitnessequipment, fitness courses and fitness jobs.We give the ability for businesses and industry professionals to market themselves to awider audience then they could possibly do themselves. We do this through an onlinefitness directory system in which we base ourselves on getting our clients more leadsand exposure.Fitness People allows you to see current promotions from fitness providers, theservices they provide, a Google integration map, opening hours, contact details andratings of the fitness service from other customers all from the click of a mouse.
  3. 3. Why use there is no strong market for the consumer when trying to find fitness services.The other websites tend to be poorly designed or do not give a sufficient forms ofinformation. Fitness People allows the consumer to search for a variety of different fitnessservices all in one place.As a fitness professional you can also track what other people think of your service withrating and reviews and gain direct enquiries with the enquiry form located in the orangebox in every listing.The enquiry form is located in the top left hand corner, where the normal reading patternstarts, giving more opportunity for a lead to your business, because after all that is thegoal of Fitness People, to get more client leads for your business.
  4. 4. Social MediaFitness People have put a strong emphasis on Social Media. We feel this is the way of thefuture and a great way to communicate with a wider targeted audience.Currently Fitness People have 600+ Facebook Fans on their Facebook Page and 2800+Twitter followers. Fitness People communicates with our social media channels every dayand have built a strong relationship with its followers.These figures are growing daily which is great for your business as we are happy topromote your product/service through these channels and continually gain more
  5. 5. Search Engine OptimisationWhat is the point of trying to promote your product if no one can see you?86% of people do not go past the first page (Top 10 Listings) when searching on Google.Fitness People has worked to achieve great SEO Results to get your business noticed bymore people everyday!Fitness People currently rank in the Top 10 for over 75 Health and Fitness relatedKeywords, with this number growing on a weekly basis. We know what it takes to getresults with Google and its time for your business to reap the rewards.
  6. 6. Daily Health & Fitness ArticlesFitness People post Health and Fitness articles on a daily basis. Not only does this informour customers on how to improve their lives to reach their Health and Fitness goals it alsoattracts traffic towards your listing.When someone views an article on the Fitness People website, they are also in direct reachof searching for a Health and Fitness service such as yourself. What does this mean? More Traffic + More Searches = More Leads and More Sales!
  7. 7. E-Fit Email NewsletterEvery Tuesday, Fitness People send out aEmail Newsletter to everyone that hasregistered called “E-Fit”.Our E-Newsletter includes InspiringQuote of the Week, All Health & FitnessArticles posted to our website that week,Promotions from Fitness People and itsclients, Featured Businesses and more.We also include links to our website and aSearch Button to enhance the chance ofpeople finding your business online.
  8. 8. Customer Profile – Gender and Age
  9. 9. Key StatisticsAccording to 2011 Australian Fitness Industry Survey• 67% of Fitness Businesses use Social Media in some form, 91% of them found it useful.• 42% said they would use the internet to find Health and Fitness Articles.• 58% said they would use the internet to find opening hours.• 27% said they would make an enquiry online.• 32% said they would/renew a membership online.• 58% said their biggest concern was membership retention.• 34% said their biggest concern was Marketing.• 58% said Online Marketing will be a major trend to affect the Fitness Industry in 2011.
  10. 10. Features – Search PanelThe search panel is located on the Home Page of the website and is the core function inwhich a customer can find your service. The Search Panel is made up of three parts.The first part is “What” selection, this provides a drop down menu listing all the FitnessPeople categories. The second part is the “Where” selection, this allows people to searchby postcode or suburb to find a service. The third part is the “Within” selection, where auser can select within how many kilometres of their location they would like to searchfrom. The options are 5km, 10km, 15km, 25km, 50km, 100km, 200km.
  11. 11. Features – Enquiry LeadsThe main goal of marketing your product is to provide apositive return on investment. At Fitness People we bestinterests in mind. This is why we have integrated anenquiry lead form on every listing.The Form allows potential customers to fill in their detailsand questions and press submit, which will then feeddirectly to your email, providing you with a potential saleslead.The enquiry form is located in the top left hand corner ofthe listing and has been made in orange to stand out fromthe rest of the listing.
  12. 12. Features – Google Map IntegrationBy integrating Google Maps into every listing, itallows the user to visually process where yourprimary location is held.This can be a very valuable tool as a potentialcustomer can notice landmarks around your area sothey can recognise your location.Google Maps has become the benchmark in digitalmapping over the last few years and continues togrow.
  13. 13. Features – Ratings and ReviewsThe Ratings and Review feature on FitnessPeople is a very valuable measurement tool.Users can rate the listing on a five star basis.Note: To avoid unethical ratings, Fitness Peopleonly allow 1 vote per IP Address.Users can also write a review on the listing asshown in the image to the right. This allowsother potential customers to see an unbiasedview of other peoples experiences.All reviews can also be monitored by FitnessPeople and have to be approved before they arepublished.
  14. 14. Features – Promotion DownloadFitness People allow their clients to upload currentpromotions within their listing.When a user locates a listing it has the option forthem to download the listings promotion.This allows you to promote current deals associatedwith your business. This is a vital tool and providesmore leverage to your business.Fitness People accepts various different file types forupload. This can downloaded when making a listingand can be changed at any time by simply logging inand editing your listing.
  15. 15. Features – Listing InformationFitness People allows its clients to add andedit a variety of different information.Starting from a business description, going onto location, contact details and even openinghours.Fitness People has everything your nextcustomer needs to know about your business.
  16. 16. Featured ListingDo you want to stand out from your competitors?By making a Featured Listing, your listing is at the top of search results, provides moreinformation, is coloured differently to stand out and displays your logo in the searchresults.Plus you still get all the great features that a standard listing has to offer!
  17. 17. 30 Day Free TrialFitness People are willing to offer you a 30 day trial completely free with no obligationsto go any further.After this 30 day period, you will have the option to make a purchase of a yearly listing ifyou feel Fitness People will help you achieve your marketing objectives.What do you get?1. Promotion through the Fitness People Social Media Channels (Facebook & Twitter)2. Promotion through the Fitness People E-Newsletter.3. Banner Advertisement on the Fitness Website and/or E-Newsletter (Negotiable)
  18. 18. InvestmentAnnual Investment including GST:$119 per listing for a standard listing$149 per listing for a featured listingFor businesses with multiple listings such as franchises, etc. Fitness People are happy tonegotiate a discounted package that meets your business needs.
  19. 19.