September 2011 - The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter


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September 2011 - The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter

  1. 1. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011 W elcome to the inaugural Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter – which will hopefully be the first of many more such newsletters! For those of you who are members of the Geomodeling Network, you will immediately recognize the format of this newsletter which has been shamelessly copied and regurgitated for this newer group – so shoot me! Why are we putting together a newsletter? Well at the time of writing, the Petrel Plug-in Network on LinkedIn is approaching the 500 member mark and there are still only a few discussions on the discussion board. I thought it was therefore about time to kick off some interesting discussions about: Ocean, available Petrel plug-ins, future Petrel plug-ins, plug-in developers and anything else related to the expansion of Petrel on the Ocean platform. This month’s articles are based around some of the newer Petrel plug-ins currently available on Schlumberger’s Ocean Store website ( We also have some Plugin user feedback, vendor profiles along and information on what’s coming to the Ocean store soon. As an independent provider of Petrel plug-ins Blueback obviously has an interest in the success of the Ocean store, so we would like to hear your feedback (good/bad) on your experiences to date. There are a number of Schlumberger members in this group, so I’m sure any feedback you provide will be taken on board and used to help improve the Ocean store experience for all – so come on, don’t be shy! Cheers for now, Mitch Sutherland ( Page 1 The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir
  2. 2. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011 Table of Contents 1.News from Schlumberger: i. The Ocean Store A new look for the Ocean Store. Page 3 ii. Supported Platforms Platform updates – 32bit, 64bit & Windows XP Page 6Electricity can be 2.Company Profile:dangerous. My Resoptima AS Page 6nephew tried tostick a penny intoa plug. Whoeversaid a penny 3.Blueback Reservoirdoesnt go far The Project Tracker and NEW Spatial Extension tool Page 7didnt see himshoot across thatfloor...Tim Allen 4.Terra3E - VolTerra Estimation of Oil Initially In Place (OIIP) is one of the priority tasks defining reserves. This plugin calculates volumetrics using high-resolution Petrel geological models. Page 9 5.Client Reviews Page 11"If at first youdont succeed; call 6.New to the Ocean Storeit version 1.0" New Petrel plugin functionality that will soon be available to download from the Ocean store Page 12Anonymous Page 2 The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir
  3. 3. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011Pulling the plugon the BlackBerry Member Articles, Reviews & Questionscould costcorporate Americamillions of dollars.The BlackBerry is 1. News from Schlumbergermore than e-mailbut a handheld i.New Look & Feeds on the Ocean Storeoffice, and if you Explore the new look of the Ocean Store plug-ins catalogue while staying up to date using the RSSshut down theBlackBerry, you feeds! Drew Wharton – Ocean Partner Program Manager, SISshut off the datathat powers The Schlumberger Ocean group is pleased to announce the launch of the redesignedAmerican business.Al Smith Ocean Store plug-ins catalogue ( now providing a better view of each product and related collaterals. The design now provides the capability to filter for all new plug-ins. And don’t forget to visit the Plug-in Summary page for your overview of what’s happening on the Store. The Ocean Store site also now features the new RSS feed subscriptions on the news headlines as well as the Ocean calendar events which will allow you to stay up to date with the latest. Click to subscribe: Ocean News RSS feeds & Ocean Calendar RSS feeds or read more below about the RSS feeds functionality. Subscribing to Ocean RSS feeds RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS technology allows you to subscribe to online information that changes frequently so that it automatically updates itself. When you want to see the latest Ocean headlines, you dont need to open visit the Ocean site, just check the RSS feed to look for any headlines that interest"Some things Man you. Every time a new article is posted to the Ocean web site or calendar, this will showwas never meantto know. For up as an RSS feed, as well. A feed is just a mechanism for updating information as iteverything else, changes.theres Google." There are many ways to set-up your feed reader, but the most used ones are eitherAnonymous through your e-mail application or your Internet browser. Page 3 The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir
  4. 4. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011 Option 1: Receive RSS feeds to your e-mail inbox in Microsoft Outlook. It’s almost like having the site send you an e-mail with the newest post (except that we don’t need your e-mail address so you don’t have to worry about spam or unwanted posts). Outlook 2007 or later has a separate folder for receiving RSS feeds, so you can organize the information in a way that you find useful.A good way I knowto find happiness,is to not bore a To set up an RSS feed through Outlook, follow these steps:hole to fit theplug.”Josh Billings 1. Choose Tools --> Account Settings. The Account Settings dialog box appears. 2. Click the RSS Feeds tab. The RSS sign-up page shows the list of feeds to which youre subscribed. 3. Click New. The New RSS Feed dialog box appears."Unix is user-friendly. Its justvery selectiveabout who its 4. Enter the URL of the RSS feed.friends are." Copy and paste the following URL(s):Anonymous - for the Ocean Store News: D8b99%2Dbb2c2b8a67d7&View=49bbd99c%2D2da6%2D4e65%2D8853%2D91052be5fe 6 - for the Ocean Calendar: E%2D839C%2D4E3B39480E6F%7D These URLs are typically long. If you enter the address inaccurately, it doesnt work. So it is best to copy from above. Page 4 The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir
  5. 5. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011 5. Click Add. The RSS Feed Options dialog box shows a variety of changes you can make to your subscription: • Feed Name: You can change the name Outlook displays. • Delivery Location: You may want to send that information to a special folder or even to a totally separate data file. • Downloads: Outlook automatically downloads only a brief summary of each item, which saves disk space but requires you to manually download full text of each item one by one. If you want Outlook to simply download the whole message, click the box labeled Download the Full Article as an .html Attachment to Each Item. 6. Click OK. 7. Click Close. Your new RSS feed is ready to bring you the latest on the Ocean Store. Option 2: Review the RSS feeds in your Internet browser. Instead of going to the web site, scrolling and navigating to find out what’s new and checking manually for any updates, you can set up a feed reader to do that for you. Each time you log in to the feed reader, it will have a list of every news item or calendar event that has been written since you last checked."There are 10 types Most Internet browsers have an RSS Feed reader built-in and all you need to do is clickof people in the on the RSS icon and follow instructions (if displayed) or simply monitor the respectiveworld: those who folder (in Internet Explorer 8, for example, ‘Feeds’ are displayed under a separate tabunderstand together with your ‘Favorites’ and ‘History’ panel on the left).binary, and thosewho dont." Click on these links now to add the Ocean Store RSS feeds to your Internet browser RSS feeds reader: Ocean News RSS feeds & Ocean Calendar RSS feedsAnonymous Alternatively, seek for instructions inside your preferred Internet browser. Page 5 The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir
  6. 6. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011 ii.Supported Platforms for Petrel and Ocean for Petrel Drew Wharton – Ocean Partner Program Manager, SIS Schlumberger Information Solutions will retire support for the Microsoft Windows XP operating system starting with Petrel 2012 and Ocean for Petrel 2012 release next year. Please, also note that Petrel 2011 and Ocean for Petrel 2011 are the last releases to support a 32 bit operating system. In summary, the supported systems for Petrel software and Ocean for Petrel framework will be: Petrel and Ocean Microsoft Windows operating systems Releases XP 32 bit XP 64 bit Vista 64 bit Windows 7“Bill Gates is a very 64 bitrich man today... 2010.2and do you want Supported Supported Supported Supportedto know why? The 2011answer is one Supported Supported Supported Supportedword: versions” 2012Dave Barry X X Supported Supported 2. Company Profile – Resoptima AS"A printer consists Resoptima is an independent technology company based in the central of Oslo, Norway.of three main Resoptima provides software solutions and consultancy services for the oil and gasparts: the case, the industry, and specializes in reservoir engineering challenges such as history matching,jammed paper tray uncertainty assessment and production optimization. (Read more).and the blinking Olyxred light” Olyx is a plug-in from Resoptima which enables the users to utilize their Petrel RE licenseAnonymous to its fullest extent. Olyx allows your Petrel users to carry out advanced history matching studies, uncertainty assessments and to solve other reservoir optimization challenges. The plug-in bridges the uncertainty loop between static modeling and dynamic simulation in Petrel RE. Page 6 The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir
  7. 7. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011 Current plug-in specifications:  Integrated with the Petrel Workflow manager  Fully compatible with all Workflow manager supported simulators  Enables parallel optimization for the simulation work  New sophisticated objective function definition  Fast and robust post-processor  Evolutionary optimization algorithms  Simulation database which is completely integrated with Petrel simulation cases  Extensive cross plotting features Whats coming?  Seismic History Matching  Enhanced Uncertainty Analysis (Experimental design, Multivariate analysis)  Enhanced production optimization  Advanced weight function  New optimizers  Training material and demo data“Getting For additional information (video and pictures), click here.information offthe Internet islike taking adrink from a fire 3.Blueback Reservoir – the Project Tracker and NEW Spatialhydrant. “ ExtensionMitchell Kapor The Blueback Project Tracker: The Blueback Project Tracker is a plug-in for Petrel for data managers to track and monitor Petrel projects from all their Petrel users. It provides extensive information about the Petrel project content and history. With a powerful and customizable search engine, you can quickly identify data inconsistencies, duplications, reference project relations and changes over time. The Blueback Project Tracker is a powerful and much needed toolkit for controlling and managing an increasing number of Petrel projects scattered around your disks. A new version was released in September 2011 with a series of updates and improvements. See these links for more information. Page 7 The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir
  8. 8. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011I used to thinkthat cyberspacewas fifty yearsaway. What Ithought was fiftyyears away, was Blueback Project Tracker Spatial Extensiononly ten yearsaway. And what I The release of the Blueback Project Tracker v2.0 has a series of upgrades andthought was tenyears away... it was improvements based on user feedback. In addition, this release presents a new modulealready here. I just facilitating integration of the Blueback Project Tracker database with ESRI ArcGIS. Thewasnt aware of it module, named Spatial Extension, provides tools to visualize the findings in the Bluebackyet. Project Tracker database. By using ESRI ArcGIS to display mispositioned Petrel data, dataBruce Sterling duplications and project outlines, together with cultural data like coast lines and license boundaries, Petrel data managers can quickly take action when errors are detected. The visualization is also of great help when streamlining project management processes."Programmers aretools forconvertingcaffeine intocode."Anonymous Page 8 The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir
  9. 9. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011“Once a new  Display map view of all Petrel data across all Petrel projectstechnology rolls  Detect mispositioned Petrel dataover you, if youre  Inspect Petrel data from map viewnot part of thesteamroller, youre  Detect Petrel reference data duplicationspart of the road.” For more information on the Tracker and the Spatial Extension see either of theStewart Brand following websites below or contact The Ocean Store: Blueback Reservoir website: management/project-tracker 4.Terra3E – VolTerra (now available on Ocean Store) Overview Estimation of Oil Initially In Place (OIIP) is one of the priority tasks in defining reserves. This plug-in calculates volumetrics using high-resolution Petrel geological models. The calculations are based on the equilibrium between gravity and capillary forces. It provides fluid volumes in standard and reservoir conditions, 3D saturation distributions of each phase and saturations along wells. Features The physics are fully respected using: 1) the most available geological description in lithofacies, 2) the 3D porosity distribution, 3) the capillary pressure curves associated to each lithofacies and 4) the thermodynamic of the oil and gas. The method is particularly well suited for carbonate reservoirs because it can account for lateral and vertical heterogeneities. This approach does not require the use of a reservoir simulator. Page 9 The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir
  10. 10. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011In software systems "VolTerra" process dialogit is often the earlybird that makes This dialog provides an automated tool to include input data ofthe worm. geological models in order to estimate volumes of oil and gasAlan Perlis initially in place. This method, calculating OIIP in standard and reservoir conditions, is the natural end point of any workflow devoted to the geological modeling of newly discovered or mature reservoirs. It is particularly suited to highly heterogeneous reservoirs."My software neverhas bugs. It justdevelops random “Results” tabfeatures."Anonymous “Results” tab contains the phase pressures at equilibrium, volumes of fluids in place in standard and reservoir conditions and 3D saturation grids of each phase (Sw, So, Sg). In addition, 3D visualization of the saturations grids can be compared to well values derived from logs. Page The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir 10
  11. 11. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011 Microsoft isnt evil, they just make really crappy operating systems. Linus Torvalds Visualization of results VolTerra provides: the phase pressures at equilibrium, 2D and 3D saturation grids and saturations along the well. (To find out more on Terra3E & VolTerra please click here) 5.Client Reviews Patrick Wong – Senior Reservoir Modeler at Noble Energy, Houston I have been using Bluebacks Set Upscaled plug-in. It is a simple but great application that allows users to use any cells as upscaled cells (cells with "[U]" status) for property modeling. We can also use it in Petrel Workflow. "The box said Required Windows One application is cross-validation. E.g. use (n-1) wells for property modeling, use the 95 or better. So, I nth well for testing the prediction, loop the process n times, and then calculate the installed LINUX." average error. We can minimize the error by optimizing the geostatistical parameters such as variogram variables. The script may be tedious though... so it would be nice to Anonymous have a plug-in for general cross-validation purposes. (Thanks for the review Patrick - it would be great if other members could provide feedback on their experiences with Ocean plug-ins). Page The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir 11
  12. 12. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011 6.New arrivals to the Ocean Store WesternGeco Prestack Seismic Interpretation: In order to better understand seismic interpretation anomalies and to incorporate the wealth of information lying in the prestack domain, WesternGeco has brought prestack viewing, stacking, interpretation and on-the-fly processing to the Petrel desktop along with an integrated prestack workflow. Blueback Reservoir – Project Tracker Spatial Extension: The Blueback Project Tracker plug-in for tracking and monitoring Petrel projects on network drives, creates a SQL database and has a range of tools to detect errors and data management issues related to Petrel projects. Spatial Extension integrates ESRI ArcGis® to enable visualization of detected problems with the Petrel project data management. Both the Blueback Project Tracker and the new Spatial Extension module, are targeting Petrel data managers. They are not a Petrel end-user tools, but facilitates improved Petrel project management. PetroMod Data Exchange: The output of a simulated 3D petroleum systems model in PetroMod 2011.1 can be loaded to Petrel 2011 for comparison to existing Petrel models. Any simulated event (geological age) and related overlay (property) can be chosen for import. Once loaded drainage areas and hydrocarbon flowpaths or percolation stringers can be viewed (depending on the simulation method: Flowpath, Hybrid, or Invasion Percolation). With PetroFlash, hydrocarbon compositions of accumulations and compositions at surface temperatures and pressures can be investigated. "Real men dont use backups, they Raster Log: post their stuff on a public ftp server With the Raster Log plug-in for Petrel you can display raster logs in the Well Section window along with digital logs, seismic and property model backgrounds, etc., to use all and let the rest of of your data for correlating wells and picking well tops, and you can share raster logs the world make among multiple projects. The plug-in supports TGS A2D SIF, IHS RasCal XML, Petra LIC, copies." and MJ Systems’ LogSleuth formats. Linus Torvalds Page The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir 12
  13. 13. The Petrel Plug-in Network Newsletter Sept 2011 SIRENN: Sirenn is a very powerful and flexible tool to build proxy models of reservoir simulators. The proxy models are developed using artificial neural networks, a technique that has been expanding rapidly in petroleum engineering applications, as in other fields requiring huge computer power like aerospace (flight simulation). Sirenn can be used for many applications: the Well Placement Optimization, Field Development Scheduling, History Matching with Multiple Models, Global Optimization of Oil Production Systems, Screening and Designing Improved Oil Recovery Methods. Spectral Decomposition Solution: Any observation whether it is a photograph, a seismic shot record or migrated data-set depends on the scale at which it is obtained. The Spectral Decomposition plug-in analyzes the scale dependence of seismic data. This tool is based on 2D and 3D wavelet transform techniques applied in form of continuous wavelet transform. This method is based on the assumption that the rise and decay of wavelet coefficients are directly related to scale and thus related to singularities in data-set. To find out more information on all of these new plugins, please click here Hope you enjoyed this newsletter. The plan is to send out similar newsletters every 2 x months or so, but in order for this to happen I need some articles. They can be: 1. From plug-in developers – new technology, company updates etc 2. From plug-in users – reviews of products, plug-in requests 3. From Schlumberger – Ocean news Fin Page The Petrel Plug-in Network – Sponsored by Blueback Reservoir 13