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Ensero - Our Roots


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Ensero Solutions is an environmental consulting and remediation business with specific expertise in environmental assessments, active/passive water treatment, microbiological testing, radiological services, and turnkey remediation services for the mining industry and broader industrial sectors.

Our Roots (a.k.a. our core values) keep us in place, true to our purpose and strategy and also set out who we aspire to be.

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Ensero - Our Roots

  1. 1. OUR ROOTS What we value and who we aspire to be.
  2. 2. our ROOTS a.k.a. our core values root 1 /ro͞ot/ plural noun: roots 1. the part of a plant that grows down into the earth to get water and food and holds the plant firm in the ground 2. Ensero’s core values that hold us firm to our vision and culture and it explains the way we work and who we aspire to be. Even if we aren’t there yet, it is who we strive and work hard to be
  3. 3. our ROOTSa.k.a. our core values do the Right thing. act like an Owner. One Team. find Solutions.
  4. 4. RIGHTdo the thing
  5. 5. the environmentour companyour people our clients Make decisions through a balance of what is right for:
  6. 6. OWNER act like an
  7. 7. Everyone is empowered and accountable. OWN IT. KEEP IT SIMPLE. GET IT DONE.
  8. 8. as simple as it sounds, when our clients succeed, everyone at Ensero succeeds. Including you and that’s really important to us Understand our clients and help them succeed.
  9. 9. reach for the stars BUILD PEOPLE UP be positive EARN TRUST be enthusiastic CARE listen HELP OUT OTHERS COMMITMENT TO EACH OTHER Inspire others everyday.
  10. 10. ONE TEAM
  12. 12. 1. problems are solved faster 2. teams are built quicker Share information proactively and honestly.
  13. 13. And we’re open to positively debating this! . Positive debate helps us achieve the best outcome.
  14. 14. QUICK TIP Look at each other’s elbows when high fiving, you’ll never miss a high five again. Life is short, so work should be fun. Have Fun & Celebrate Success
  15. 15. SOLUTIONSfind
  16. 16. OR Half full Half full Optimism fuels our path to creative solutions.
  17. 17. Science and engineering are the ROOTS of all our solutions. Strategies are crafted through innovation, engineering and science.
  18. 18. • We begin with the belief that anything is possible.​ • We see opportunities where others see only challenges.​ • We find solutions where others cannot.​ Put it in to Action Our can-do spirit defines us.
  19. 19. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves…so we didn’t Follow Through and Deliver
  20. 20. 20