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A sampling of the digital art of San Miguel photographer and painter, Evelyne Pouget -- some of which will be featured in a Holiday Art show in Pozos, Mexico on December 16th.

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  1. 1. SAN MIGUEL DIGITAL PAINTINGS by Evelyne Pouget • Evelyne • • 845.389.5405 (featured at a holiday art opening in Pozos on 12/16/17)
  2. 2. ABOUT ME Born in Paris, I have been an artist since the age of 20 when I began my graphic design career in Rome. It was only when I turned 42, in New York, that I became a painter, my preferred medium being oil and oil pastel (landscapes and portraiture). Most recently, I have discovered a fascinating, new way to merge my love of photography with digital effects. My muses, these days, are the Indigenous Concheros dancers of San Miguel de Allende and the architecture of our beautiful town. As you will note in the following images, my digital paintings are infused with the color, light, and energy of the Mexican culture I feel so honored to be a part of and celebrate. Looking forward to seeing you, in Pozos, on 12/16, for our grand opening extravaganza!
  3. 3. WHERE: Hotel la Villa de Pozos. (Bus pick up at Hotel Real de Minas next to Mercado Sano). WHEN: December 16th, 11:30 – 6:00 pm WHAT: Cocktails, live music, tango exhibit, fashion show, lunch ` WHO: M. Vega, Jose Yanez, Billeelee Mommer, Liza Marino, Pablo Contrersas, Marco Camarillo, Cecila Ochoa Torres, and Evelyne Pouget COST: 400 pesos (plus whatever art you buy) TRAVEL: Easy! We will pick you up, by bus, at Hotel de Minas, in SMA, at 11:30 am, and bring you back six hours later. ENJOY: Bring your walking shoes and camera to enjoy the fabulous town of Pozos! JOIN ME and 7 OTHER ARTISTS for a HOLIDAY ART OPENING IN MINERAL DE POZOS • Paintings • Fashion • Digital Art • Soft sculptures • Jewelry • Paper Mache • Stop motion video A HOLIDAY INVITATION FOR YOU & YOUR FRIENDS!
  4. 4. PRICES & SIZES: Available upon request • • • 845.389.5405