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Full moon at sunrise


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Full moon at sunrise

  1. 1. Excerpts
  2. 2. Radiant being of light, vortex of love, alchemist supreme, magnifier of prayer, the one I dream about and the onewho wakes me from the dream, why the dervish spins and the earth, teacher, teaching, and the taught, first breath, last breath, what lovers look for in each other, but rarely find,center around which everything revolves, endless night of love and the ecstatic aching of a moon-howling heart that does not want the morning to come.
  3. 3. I have written a thousand poems for youthat have never left my room.They fill the pages of notebooksstacked high on a shelf no one can reach.Orphans they are, beggars afraidthey are not noble enough for the King,would never make it past your guards.
  4. 4. There is nothing to do and nowhere to go, nothing to say and no seed to sow.
  5. 5. FULL MOON AT SUNRISE – Poetry of the Heart – If want to order a copy: click here. The book is text only. It does not include the graphics on the preceding slides. Mitch Ditkoff