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  1. 1. Job Title: ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT- FINANCIAL SERVICES (Full Time) Industry: Administrative / Clerical State, City: CT,Danbury Salary: $35K - $50K No. of Vacancy: 1 Key Word: Administrative Assistant, Series 7, Financial Services Posted On: 9th Jun 2014 Job Description: ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT - Financial Services - Danbury, CT $35-$50K If there's one thing that you can say about us, it's that we're unique...we're a recruiting firm that A) Doesn't lie and B) Has a sense of humor, so when we tell you that we don't place Administrative Assistants all that often you know that A) It's the truth and B) It must be a pretty gosh darn good opportunity if they're working on it... Well, you just showed us in no uncertain terms how smart you are because you agreed with all that stuff... Smart move my young padawan learner. Butter-up the buffoon and get the interview - EXCELLENT! Now, do you have what it takes to go further? Do you have a Series 7 license that is current? If you have my permission to keep going... Do you have a strong work ethic, a college degree, a passion for finance, strong Word/Excel and an incredible ability to work in a high pressure industry and still be a smiling face in person and a pleasant voice on the phone? If that's you and a salary in the $35K - $50K range plus benefits works for you, then get your resume to us faster than a politician an reach into someone's wallet...and you know that's pret--ty
  2. 2. Job Title: TAX SENIOR AND TAX MANAGER - PUBLIC ACCOUNTING (Full Time) Industry: Accounting / Finance State, City: CT,Fairfield County Salary: $60K - $100K No. of Vacancy: 2 Key Word: Tax, Public Accounting, Manager Posted On: 9th Jun 2014 Job Description: TAX SENIOR & TAX MANAGER - PUBLIC ACCOUNTING - Fairfield County - $60K - $100K One of the premiere CPA firms in the State of Connecticut has contacted us and asked us to help them locate a couple of up and comers in the world of public accounting on the tax side. For us, this is like being asked to judge the best tasting ice-cream after walking across the desert... you just can't go wrong no matter what you do... This one is as much an Oprah-esque, "you get a new car, and you get a new car" moment as it gets. There's just no way to lose on this one. The company gets you (a major win for them). You get an AMAZING opportunity to grow your career and we get to pay the mortgage... how cool is that? This one is so know if you do it or not. CPA, all tax work from 2-10+ years of experience in public... You knwo the drill. I don't want to bore you any more than I have to. You know if you're serious about looking or not. If you are this is a GREAT opportunity for you. Salary, depending upon your experience level, can range from $60K to $100K plus bonus. If you're interested, and I know you are because you're still reading this dreck, send us a resume ASAP to
  3. 3. Job Title: PLUMBING ESTIMATOR (Full Time) Industry: Building Construction / Skilled Trades State, City: CT,Waterbury Salary: $60-$80K No. of Vacancy: 2 Key Word: ESTIMATOR , PLUMBING Posted On: 31st Mar 2014 Job Description: When we see the caller-ID and see that it's this client calling, we move faster than Alec Baldwin when he sees oncoming paparazzi. I mean we move so fast that our tail wind knocks the tattoos off of Justin Bieber. They told us they're looking for a top notch Plumbing Estimator for their COMMERICAL HVAC Company. This is Full-Time estimating, so you need to have a good eye, strong skills and a track record of good decision making and success in turning profit. If you have your necessary licensing current and want to work right away and a $60-$80K base plus expenses and bonus works for you then send us a resume ASAP. Send your resume in MS Word format to
  4. 4. Job Title: AUDIT MANAGER- PUBLIC ACCOUNTING (Full Time) Industry: Accounting / Finance State, City: CT,Fairfield County Salary: $80K - $90K +Bonus No. of Vacancy: 2 Key Word: AUDIT MANAGER, PUBLIC ACCOUNTING, STAMFORD, NORWALK, CT, Connecticut, CPA, compilation, review, business taxation, supervision, training, auditors, Partnership Posted On: 1st Oct 2013 Job Description: There are accounting gigs that we come across where we think to ourselves, "We have more of a chance of getting Sheikh Ahmed Yassinto to play a rousing game of Yahtzee with Ehud Olmertat at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's house, than we do of filling some of these jobs." Well, that's not the case with this one. Our client, a well-established and successful CPA firm in Fairfield County, needs a solid Audit Manager to help their practice grow to the next level. This incredibly well managed firm first and foremost wants someone who can eventually become a partner. That's most important so you will need to b e able to generate business or bring a book of business with you. Technically they want someone with a solid foundation in compilation and review, business taxation and supervision and training of up and coming auditors. A CPA is a must. Previous public accounting experience is also non-negotiable. They also will not talk to job-hoppers. They prefer a good school and good grades. When telling us what they want, the one thing where they have shown tremendous flexibility with us is that they're open to speaking to males and females for the job. If you're a canine, I'm afraid they aren't going to start barking up that tree... alright that one sucked...I'll admit it... Excellent benefits are available to the right person and a salary in the $80-$90K range. If you are bringing business with you, then that number is negotiable. What are you waiting for? An invitation? Okay...consider yourself invited...
  5. 5. Apply now... Send MS Word Resume to
  6. 6. Job Title: FIRE PROTECTION DESIGNER (Full Time) Industry: Fire Protection State, City: CT,New Haven County Salary: $80K - $95K No. of Vacancy: 1 Key Word: Fire Protection, Designer, HVAC Posted On: 9th Jun 2014 Job Description: FIRE PROTECTION DESIGNER - New Haven County $80K - $95K When it comes to great opportunities, this one would certainly qualify. There are clients that we have where we just know that if we can find the right person for the job, it's going to be about as good for them as the last person in the bar with Lindsey Lohan. Our client is looking for a REAL pro. Someone who has a degree in engineering or industrial construction and at least 2 years of the same with AutoCAD. You'll be doing some travel, and you'll be expected to have strong computer skills in Word, Excel, AutoCAD and QuickPen. You'll need to have demonstrated experience with analysis, validation planning specific to customers, have experience managing electronic systems, 3D BIM coordination, NFPA codes and state building code documentation. Those are just some of the basics...there's a lot more that we can talk about after reviewing your resume. This position pays in the $80K - $95K range plus exceptional benefits and expenses. Interested? I know you are because you've read this far... please send your resume to
  7. 7. Job Title: VICE-PRESIDENT OPERATIONS - HVAC COMPANY (Full Time) Industry: Sales / Business Development State, City: MA,BOSTON AREA Salary: $100K - $150K No. of Vacancy: 2 Key Word: VICE-PRESIDEN, OPERATIONS , HVAC Posted On: 31st Mar 2014 Job Description: If you're in sales, as we are - let's face it - I'm sure that you know when a certain client says, "JUMP" you don't even wait to hear how high you just jump and hope its high enough. Well that's how great of a client this one is to us and we need your help to keep them happy. This commercial HVAC Company is expanding its wings into the Boston, MA marketplace. They are looking for someone established in the Boston marketplace that can come in and lead this group and build the organization there. You'll report directly to the CEO of this multi-company executive. (A REALLY good person by the way) You'll need a strong mechanical background, the ambition to want to build something HUGE and the sales background to lead. This isn't going to be a simple task and that's why this company is willing to pay in the $100K - $150K range plus bonus (maybe a little more) for the right person. If your resume and personality are going to blow us away and just scream that you do the job, then you shouldn't us RIGHT NOW. Send your resume in MS Word format to
  8. 8. Job Title: HVAC PROJECT MANAGER (Full Time) Industry: Engineering State, City: CT,New Haven County Salary: $80K - $90K No. of Vacancy: 4 Key Word: HVAC systems, pre-job meetings, construction, post-job meetings, billing breakdowns, labor breakdowns, scheduling, equipment dates, tech support, communication, technical support, planning, HVAC specs, forms, procedures Posted On: 9th Jun 2014 Job Description: HVAC PROJECT MANAGER - New Haven County - $80K -$90K I don't want to say we've been dealing with this company for a long time, but we helped them staff their first job installing an HVAC system on Noah's Ark. This client of ours is simply one of the very best at what they do in the state of Connecticut...and why? Because they treat their clients like they were part of their family and their employees like the precious commodity that they are. Not a lot of companies give us that warm and fuzzy feeling and few can back it up...they do. They want someone who can attend pre-job meetings, meetings during construction and post-job meetings. You'll also do billing breakdowns, labor breakdowns, scheduling, getting the equipment need dates secured properly get the tech support lined up and of course the construction take off. There are tons of other responsibilities too like handling the communication with the technical people and the construction folks. All the planning and specs, the forms and procedures that need to be followed. Who's the right person for this home run of a job? Well not me...let's start with that. :) If you have a degree in Engineering or Construction Managment and SEVEN years in HVAC or Fire Protection contracting and/or engineering...that's a good starting point. You need to have at very least, a basic knowledge of Mechanical or Fire Protection systems, chilled and heating water systems, plumbing systems, controls systems, electrical alarm and energy plants. You'll also need the requisite skills in MS Office (Word, Excel, PP and Projects). For the right person, this is a meaty job with a tremendous amount of high level exposure which, if you're good at your job, will put you in a MUCH better position both career wise and monetarily as well.
  9. 9. Starting base pay on this is in the $80K - $90K range plus car allowance and a gas card. VERY high exposure to senor managment and the opportunity to advance are not only there, but expected. If you're interested, don't hesitate to reach out to us immediately by sending your resume in MS Word format to:
  10. 10. Job Title: FIRE SPRINKLER ENGINEER / DESIGNER (Full Time) Industry: Fire Protection State, City: NY,Queens Salary: $60K - $70K No. of Vacancy: 2 Key Word: designer, Project Manager, multiple projects, contractors, New York, boroughs, Long Island Nassau, Suffolk, NJ Shore, contractor experience, design, fire sprinklers, CAD, SprinkCAD, survey buildings, construction sites, process paperwork, NYC DOB, New Cï Posted On: 20th Dec 2013 Job Description: FIRE SPRINKLER ENGINEER / DESIGNER - Queens, NY 60K-70K range Ladies and this corner we have a new client - a growing company that has hired someone we'd placed earlier in their career with an AMAZING job opportunity just waiting to be seized. Now in the far corner we have YOU! Now if both will come out to the center of the ring for some final instructions from the referee. Alright people here's how this one is going to go down...There will be no low talent resumes and no low salaries. When I say break you break and let's make a good, clean match where everyone comes out on top. Now everyone back to their respective corners and wait for the bell... DING-DING!!! The two sides come out to the center of the ring and the client throws out the need for someone to have the ability to design and Project Manage multiple projects at once with multiple contractors in the New York 5 boroughs, Long Island Nassau, Suffolk and NJ Shore areas. The candidate now circles around and offers a least five years of contractor experience in the design of fire sprinklers and is fluent with CAD and SprinkCAD. The client answers with seeking someone able to survey buildings and construction sites as well as able to process paperwork in NYC DOB and local jurisdictions. That one staggered the challenger a bit but they come back with a variety of work experience with
  11. 11. both New Construction and Existing retro-fit projects and the ability to work with field superintendents on coordination and site issues OH...a quick request for self-management skills and the ability to communicate with contractors and owners as well as processing RFIs and Change Orders for projects The challenger counters with In-house expeditor to pull permits and file and that staggered the client. But like Rocky rising form the ashes, the company throws in that they are a nearly 60 year old company with longevity and experience in the NY area as well as new computers, plotter and engineering department and a strong desire to find someone who's looking to work in the most exciting city in the world. The bell rings and this one will go to the judges...That would be you... Do you have all that this fight is looking for? If you do you could be working a lot sooner than you think. The salary is in the 60K-70K range. Send your resume ASAP to
  12. 12. Job Title: MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER / ORIGINATOR (Full Time) Industry: Banking / Real Estate / Mortgage Professionals State, City: CT,Greenwich Salary: Commission No. of Vacancy: 1 Key Word: MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER, LOAN ORIGINATOR, MORTGAGE Posted On: 9th Jun 2014 Job Description: MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER / ORIGINATOR - Greenwich, CT It seems at times like we've been working with this client longer than Republicans and Democrats have been arguing over...o h I don't know...everything there is to argue about... This client is one of the very premiere lenders in this state. They've lent out more money than Anthony "Knuckles" Parzini down at Aqueduct... For the right Mortgage professional, this is simply put a GOLDEN opportunity. This is your chance to pull in some heavy duty commissions without having to go through any cold calling. When I explain to you how they do this, you'll jump at the chance to do it, so don't hesitate... Hesitation slows down opportunity and opportunities like this one aren't around all the time. If you're a licensed Mortgage Originator and have at least 3 years of experience, this is a chance of a lifetime for you. Send your resume IMMEDIATELY to
  13. 13. Job Title: COMMERCIAL HVAC SERVICE SALES (Full Time) Industry: Sales / Business Development State, City: MA,BOSTON Salary: $50K - $60K No. of Vacancy: 2 Key Word: COMMERCIAL , HVAC , HVAC SERVICE Posted On: 31st Mar 2014 Job Description: People write to us all the time and ask us, "When's the check coming?" Oh wait, that's not what I meant. What I meant to say that when people,CALL, they always ask, "When's the check coming?" Ok..maybe that's not the best example. When a LOT of people reach out to us, they're sales folk that are trying to find the right opportunity. Well fella or fella-ette, whatever the case may be, but if you're in the HVAC business, there really isn't going to be a better opportunity for you than the one with this company. This organization has been growing at a meteoric rate. While so many are struggling, they've found the formula for success and you can be a part of it. You MUST have experience in selling COMMERCIAL HVAC sales. If you do..this is the opportunity for you. SALARY is in the $50K - $60K range plus commission. Send your resume in MS Word format to
  14. 14. Job Title: AUDIT SUPERVISOR (PUBLIC) (Full Time) Industry: Accounting / Finance State, City: CT,New Haven Salary: $70K - $75K No. of Vacancy: 3 Key Word: CPA, public accounting, audit, financial audit, New Haven, CT, Connecticut, Master's degree, Accounting supervisor, Auditor Posted On: 20th Dec 2013 Job Description: I don't want to say that we've been working with this company a long time or anything, but when we first started working with them, audit wasn't called, "audit;" it was called, "Rignom!" This was back when the owner and I had neighboring caves... This CPA firm has more experience dealing with, and knowing their clients even better than Lindsey Lohan and her bartender. Our CPA firm client has a Hope Diamond reputation...meaning it's flawless. They are looking for a CPA with at least 5 (five) years of experience and is either leading audits now or is close and capable of it. Degree in Accounting, Masters are highly preferred... CPA is a must. Salary is in the $70K+ range plus great benefits... If you're looking for a career in public accounting, and you don't want the Final Four, then this is as terrific an opportunity as it gets. You'll need to send us a resume in MS Word format to faster than the national debt's going up; because our client wants to hire someone yesterday.
  15. 15. Job Title: SERVICE OPERATIONS SALES MANAGER - HVAC (Full Time) Industry: Sales / Business Development State, City: CT,New Haven County Salary: $80K - $110K + Bonus No. of Vacancy: 5 Key Word: sales, financial goals, HVAC service department, HVAC, develop, train, service sales, service agreement sales, develop goals, salespeople, assist sales team, estimating, HVAC company, FULL P&L Posted On: 30th Sep 2013 Job Description: So I'm just sittin' on the dock of a bay watchin' the tide roll away when the telephone rings! Hello? How are you? Have you been alright, through all those lonely nights, That's what I'd say, I'd tell you everything, If you'd pick up that telephone. I realize that it's one of my clients and we start to talk... Suddenly the wheels are in motion, and I'm ready to sail any ocean. Suddenly I don't need the answers, I'm ready to take all my chances with you... Should I continue with this silly little way of communicating with you? You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs? But I look around me and I see it isn't so. I'm sure that people would just like the job description already, right? Well here I go...again....:) The most obvious thing is you will be required to meet all sales - related financial goals of service department. - DUH! You'll also develop and train the service sales team in everything to do with service agreement sales and get sales closed. You'll develop goals for salespeople and assist sales team members in estimating service agreements and quoted work. There's a lot more to this gig, but you get the idea. To qualify for this job, our client is not just going to take and Tom, Dick or Harry (or Harriet) for this position. They are looking for a winner with a track record of getting things done in a small HVAC company environment where you've worn many hats. Our client INSISTS that this person come with a stable work history - that means no job hoppers! Our client insists that you've had FULL P&L responsibility. If you have to ask me what that is, you don't do the job. Make sure that your resume reflects the best of you because we're not begging for the right person.
  16. 16. We will search until we find the right person. Salary on the job is in the $80K - $110K range plus a bonus based upon performance. It can be a pretty significant dollar amount. If this is you, send us a resume immediately, to