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Production ident


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Production ident

  1. 1. Product indent image creation Marian Dumitriu L.M.D.
  2. 2. Searched “cool text” into google and got this site that crates logos, we went for the “NOVA” style
  3. 3. J.M.M Musketeers production would have been our indent Changed the Fond style and colour to make logo: “thriller–musketeer(ish)”
  4. 4. This was the font we decided to use. Pressed create logo the image was saved in Documents/Pictures. Got the image into Adobe Fireworks (AFw/AF)
  5. 5. Got the production bit from cool text saved into Afw.
  6. 6. a)Got an image of a sword from google images. b)Put sword on PP and de- saturated it. c)Remove its background as well as some features of the sword. d)Into “final” sword PP=PowerPoint a b b c c d
  7. 7. Added the 2 logos together to make 1, added the sword then edited in FWs to have like a wrap effect.
  8. 8. BUT #¬_¬ Creating a logo (indent) using cool text isn’t original and it doesn’t test any of my editing skills also it’s not creative. Therefore this idea was abandoned R X_x 2015-2015 RIP - time spent creating this logo and adding the clip art. *
  9. 9. Now I’ve been starting to use Adobe Photoshop (AP) started with black A4 page, turn it 90 degrees and copied the picture into AP.
  10. 10. Added your indent name and turned down the brightness of background image. This is Idea (org= Original)
  11. 11. Copied a picture of a “Musketeer flag” and enlarged to fit in the borders.
  12. 12. Turned down the brightness of flag image and, created 2 different text box of different fonts and different colours. This is Idea
  13. 13. Took a picture of a blue flare from google image and enlarged it
  14. 14. Added the original picture of sword from Indent that was copied from google Played a bit with the effects and got the sword to look from white to black After more toying with AP effects I’ve discovered a way to make the sword look like it’s heated.
  15. 15. After placing the sword in the middle of the flare I’ve discovered that by moving the layers can also affect the background and therefore turned the background red. Then saturated the image by adding more red and yellow.
  16. 16. And that how I got here to Final_Ident1 .org