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Online Dating Survey


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A Study Of Online Behavior of Indians, specifically the urban population towards online dating and its various facets.

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Online Dating Survey

  1. 1. Online Dating In India
  2. 2. Online Dating in India Research Conducted by- Pratik Krishnan Ranjeet Chandran
  3. 3. Executive Summary The Indian population is rapidly modernizing, and with it so is their attitude towards subjects like relationships, dating, sex etc. This creates new markets for marketers to tap into, with the new needs and wants that arrive along with this openness that the people display. Though Online Dating in India is a growing market there hasn’t been much of conclusive research in this field. Thus, we decided to undertake this study and we have been surprised with the patterns that have emerged. This survey highlights the need for quality online dating services that cater to a more mature audience namely to people aged 30+, who are actively embracing online dating but have some specific requirements and good paying power.
  4. 4. Current Market Scenario • Online Dating Market The current size of the online dating market in India is around USD 130 million. By 2015, it is estimated to rise to USD 206 million, representing a CAGR of 16 percent • India represents around 17 percent of the global population, however, India’s market size accounts for only 3.25 percent of the global market. This difference represents a huge opportunity for upcoming and current players in India. • The US with a market size of USD 2000 million accounts for the largest pie of the market. Even though US is mature market, it is growing at a rate of 12-15 percent. Thus, India being a developing market, industry sources predict a growth of 15-20 percent in the coming years. Source: Dating websites upbeat on India, Online Dating Statistics & Facts
  5. 5. Future Market Scenario • According to industry sources, India and UK have witnessed a steep rise in the popularity of online dating. • In India, presently only 6 million people are using online dating services, according to By 2015, the number is estimated to rise to 115 million, a CAGR of 167 percent.
  6. 6. Research Objectives Primary objectives beyond this survey is to understand the attitude of people towards online dating. To find out the motivations of these people to engage in online dating, their behaviour patterns and expectations with respect to online dating.
  7. 7. Research Methodology An in-depth questionnaire has been devised to gain as much insight as possible from each respondent. More than 200 people have been surveyed. The primary method for survey is through online questionnaire by the use of Google Docs. Also, over 40 people have in interviewed either personally or telephonically to get additional insights on each question. On final count, 225 people had been surveyed. Primarily respondents belonging to metropolitan cities have been targeted for the survey.
  9. 9. Gender Ratio Females- 54% Males- 46%
  10. 10. AGE GROUP 17-25: 54% 25-30: 21% 30-35: 19% 35+: 6% 46%54% CITY Mumbai- 76% Delhi- 11% Pune- 3% Other- 10%
  11. 11. RELATIONSHIP STATUS Single- 52% Engaged- 7% Seperated- 2% Dating- 31% Divorced- 3% Married- 5% SEXUAL ORIENTATION Straight- 96% Lesbian/Gay- 1% Bi-sexual- 3%
  12. 12. Sample Profiles
  13. 13. Farhana Sheikh, 17 FYJC Arts, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai Manjot Singh, 21 BMM Student, Khalsa College, Mumbai Khushmita Shetty, 24 Assistant Brand Manager, Guess Watches, Pune Rajat Khanna, 45 Restaurant Owner, Bangalore Arunoday Sen, 33 Operations Head, Accenture, Delhi
  14. 14. Research Findings
  15. 15. Comfort with sharing sexual orientation online Yes- 75% No- 24% Maybe- 1%
  16. 16. Have you ever formed a friendly connection with a stranger through a social networking website or an instant messaging app? Yes- 81% No- 19%
  17. 17. Have you ever formed a relationship with a person through a social networking website or an instant messaging app? Yes- 61% No- 39%
  18. 18. Which mediums are used to form online relationships? 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 Texting Facebook Other SNS Skype Email Whats App Other Messaging Apps Others
  19. 19. Which factors are important in an online partner? 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Education Interests Finances Appearance Other
  20. 20. Are you or were you ever a member of a dating website or use or have used a mobile app for dating? Yes- 47% No- 53%
  21. 21. If yes, which site or app do you use? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Tinder Thrill Singles Around Me Other
  22. 22. How long have you been a member? 1 Week- 1 Month: 26% 1 Month- 6 Month: 17% 6 Month- 1 Year: 19% 1 Year+: 38%
  23. 23. How often do you or did you log onto your dating profile? Several Times a Day 40% Once a Day 36% Weekly 9% Monthly 1% Other 14% Several Times a Day Once a Day Weekly Monthly Other
  24. 24. Why did you become a member of a dating website? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Friendship Casual Dating Serious Relationship Curious about online dating Sexual Encounter Marriage
  25. 25. What do you consider to be the most important factor when looking for a relationship online? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Physical Attraction Personality Wealth Other
  26. 26. Do you discuss your online dating activities with your family or friends? Yes- 37% No- 63%
  27. 27. If not, then why? 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Not comfortable disclosing Concerned about image Family/ Peers may disapprove Consider it a taboo Other
  28. 28. Do you lie in your online profile? Yes- 46% No- 54%
  29. 29. If yes, what factors do you lie about? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Current Relationship Status Physical Attributes Caste/Religion Salary/Designation Company Habits Other
  30. 30. Have you ever met up in person with someone you met on an online dating site or app? Yes- 55% No- 45%
  31. 31. Have you ever communicated with a member of an online dating site or app for a prolonged time, but have never met up? Yes- 55% No- 45%
  32. 32. Please discuss your motivations for the above answer? The primary concern that people display here is that they are not entirely comfortable in meeting people from dating websites, two important factors being safety and awkwardness.
  33. 33. Have you ever developed a relationship with someone from an online dating site or app? Yes- 50% No- 50%
  34. 34. Are you currently in a relationship that was formed from through an online dating site or app? Yes- 39% No- 61%
  35. 35. If yes, which of the following best describes the type of relationship you are in? Infatuation- 5% Romantic Relationship- 33% Compassionate- 20% Love- 18% Sexual- 20% Marriage/Commitment- 4%
  36. 36. Key Findings Dating Through Social Media and Instant Messaging • Through personal interviews we have come across a interesting fact, most people belonging to the age group of 17-25, don’t consider any relationship formed through a Social Media Site or Instant Messaging App to be online dating, but a regular part of life. • As opposed to popular opinion, the younger population is more reserved towards online dating, with only about 39% claiming to have formed a relationship through social channels. • Interestingly more than 90% respondents above the age of 30 claim to have formed a relationship through Social Media and Instant Messaging, of these nearly 67% are married or committed in one form or the other. The motivations listed among these respondents majorly are friendship, casual relationship and sexual encounter.
  37. 37. Key Findings Dating through Online Dating Services • Nearly 30% women respondents claim to be active on Dating sites or apps. • About 44% people who have tried online dating claim they have had a negative experience. • 71% of people claim they would not use a paid service for online dating. Thus, other monetary options can be explored, such as in app ads. • 29% claim they would be willing to pay. Of these about 70% would not mind paying Rs. 400- 500 per month and about 30% are okay with spending about Rs. 2000- 3000 for the same. Yes- 29% No- 71% Would you pay for a premium paid online dating service?
  38. 38. Key Findings Dating through Online Dating Services • Since, nearly 63% of the people claim to be not comfortable in their online dating activities, there is need to create services that provide the users with complete discretion and safety when indulging in online dating activities. • Two niches emerge from this survey, one looking for friendship and companionship and other looking for casual relationships and more specifically sexual encounters, these are 2 markets that marketers can look to aggressively target, especially in the 30+ segment.
  39. 39. Conclusion • The 30+ age group, containing both men and women, is a major target area for online dating service providers, there is an existing demand in this market and also this age group tends to have good paying power. • Nearly 30% of the respondents are ok with paying about Rs. 2000 for dating services and about 70% are ok with paying about Rs. 500, thus there is scope for payable premium and ultra premium services • Since many women are actively a part of dating sites but a lot of people claim to have negative experiences, there is a need to make it safer for women, wherein they should not be spammed by lechers and be able to connect with genuine people. • Service providers can play on this need and demand a good premium, either from members or can opt for in site/ app advertisements.
  40. 40. Additional Sources • 7785-4d96-a448-c865030627bb&v=qf1&b=&from_search=2 • delhi • • •
  41. 41. Thank you!