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Misty Ogsaen, LCSW


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Misty Ogsaen, LCSW

  1. 1. Misty   Ogsaen   Licensed   Clinical   Social   Worker   #74061  1105   Ramona   Ave,   Spring   Valley,   CA   91977  Phone:   (916)   880   ­   2166     OBJECTIVE: To grow professionally, while working with independent and professional responsibility, providing                        specialized   levels   of   care   to   individuals   dealing   with   complex,   individual,   and   family   problems.    CORE   QUALIFICATIONS:    Exceptional   Organizational   Skills Problem   Solving   Skills          Extensive   Group   Therapy   &   Referral   Specialist  Program   Development   Individual   Therapy   Experience  Administrative   Management  Works   very   well   under   pressure                  Forensic   Assessments   Excellent   at   Multi­Tasking  Team   Building   Development STABLE,   LS/CMI,   ABLE   Critical   Thinking   Skills Excellent   Time   Management   Abilities  Curriculum   Development  Professional   Writing   Skills  Goal   Setting   and   Implementation  Excellent   Communication   Skills   via    Strong   Research   Aptitude                    written,   verbal,   and   electronic   means  Exceptional   Attention   to   Detail Exceptional   Interpersonal   Skills    Public   Speaking   Experience  Great   Team   Player,   Highly   Motivated      SUMMARY   OF   EXPERIENCE:    Sharper   Future,   Social   Habilitation   &   Relapse   Prevention,   San   Diego,   CA                           05/2015   ­   Present,   40   hrs   Forensic   Clinician,   Sexual   Offender   Treatment   Center    ~    Social   Worker    ● Personal   dedication   to   the   goal   of   preventing   sexual   victimization   and   criminal   recidivism   ● Significant experience providing Forensic Assessments and Group/Individual Treatment to Adult Sex                      Offenders  ● Ability   to   work   very   well   with   a   diverse,   mandated,   and   challenging   population   ● Maintains open lines of communication with the Parole Agents and the Parole Office regarding client’s                              progress   in   treatment  ● Ability to organize and conduct seven treatment groups per week, servicing over 65 clients on a weekly                                  basis  ● Produces monthly reports for the Parole Agent on each client’s participation level during group and                              individual   therapy   sessions  ● Maintains   client   file   in   accordance   with   California   State   Law   ● Participates   in   a   multi­disciplinary   team,   as   an   integral   member   and   client   advocate   ● Collaboratively creates a comprehensive treatment plan and updates treatment plan with client on a time                              sensitive   basis  ● Acts as a resource and referral specialist on community resources for client, focusing on employment and                                housing   opportunities   to   assist   clients   with   economic   and   housing   instability   and   legal   restrictions   ● Created   and   maintains   an   agency   Resource   Binder   that   contains   updated   290­friendly   services  ● Maintains multiple spreadsheets with client data, parole information, & group/individual treatment                      information,   completing   the   required   reports   in   a   time   sensitive   manner   ● Current   Certification   by   the   California   Sex   Offender   Management   Board   (CASOMB)    Veterans   Resource   Centers   of   America,   Behavioral   Health   Clinic,   Sacramento,   CA                         08/2013   –   05/2015,   40   hrs   Mental   Health   Therapist   &   Women   Veterans   Case   Manager    ~   Social   Worker    ● Ability to work well with a diverse population of clients, in varying states of addiction recovery and/or                                  mental   health   disorders,   while   being   sensitive   to   his   or   her   physical,   emotional,   and   psychological   needs  ● Experience working with the Military homeless population, alcohol/drug abuse, and co­occurring mental                        health   disorders  ● Continuously built relationships with Military organizations, veterans associations, and other outside                      organizations  ● Worked closely with clients with suicidal ideation, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Traumatic Brain                          Injuries  ● Provided individual and group therapy to clients in the Residential Behavioral Health Center and Women's                              Transitional   Housing   Programs 
  2. 2. ● Documented   client   clinical   progress   and   other   significant   events   in   locked   individual   client   case   file  ● Maintained   strictest   confidentiality   with   regard   to   client’s   privacy  ● Performed intake, bio­psycho­social needs and clinical assessments and conducted thorough discharge                      planning   with   clients   based   on   current   needs  ● Collaboratively   created   a   comprehensive   Individual   Treatment   Plan   and   maintained   plan   with   clients  ● Ability to effectively plan and conduct psycho­educational sessions, counsel clients on progress within his                            or   her   recovery,   and   assist   clients   in   developing   and   executing   their   individual   treatment   plans  ● Current working knowledge of community resources available to assist clients with health and recovery                            issues   and   advocates   with   outside   agencies   on   the   client's   behalf   ● Provided   crisis   intervention   and   mediation   services   on   a   daily   basis   ● Participated   in,   and   contributes   to,   weekly   Clinical   Case   Management   Meetings   and   Client   Review   Teams  ● Worked collaboratively with the Special Needs Coordinator, BHC Program Manager, and VA Liaisons on all                              aspects   of   the   Behavioral   Health   Treatment   Program   and   Women's   Transitional   Housing   Program  ● Supervised residential clients in his or her daily activities, enforcing program rules, schedules, and                            behaviors  ● Strong knowledge of housing and income resources, such as SSI, SSDI, Service and Non­Service                            Connected   Pensions   and   the   VA   claim   process    Another   Choice   Another   Chance,   Adolescent   Treatment   Center,   Sacramento,   CA                               04/2013   –   08/2013,   40   hrs  Trauma   Clinician    ~   Social   Worker    ● Provided   individual   and   family   therapy   to   “at­risk”   youth   and   their   families   ● Conducted   home   &   school   visits   based   on   client   need   and   recommendations   from   treatment   team  ● Maintain   a   caseload   of   up   to   30+   clients  ● Completed   intake,   admissions/discharges,   and   clinical   assessments  ● Created treatment plans identifying short & long term goals, addressing the needs of the client                              fully  ● Completed   five   axis   diagnosis   based   on   the   DSM­IV­TR  ● Worked   collaboratively   with   clients,   families   and   other   professionals   in   the   community  ● Attended   meetings   with   treatment   team   addressing   needs   of   clients  ● Facilitated   psycho­education   and/or   process   groups,   as   needed    Veterans   Resource   Centers   of   America,   Behavioral   Health   Center,   Sacramento,   CA                   09/2012   –   04/2013,   25   hrs   Mental   Health   Clinician    ~   MSW   Intern   with   the   University   of   Southern   California     ● Made referrals to community resources as necessary to assist clients with goals outlined in treatment plan                                and   advocated   with   outside   agencies   on   the   client’s   behalf  ● Strong   knowledge   of   housing   and   income   resources,   such   as   SSI   and   Shelter   Plus   Care,   VA   Benefits  ● Current working knowledge of other community resources available to assist clients with health and                            recovery   issues  ● Facilitated   mental   health   and   addiction   groups   and   conducted   individual   therapy   sessions    St.   John’s   Shelter   for   Women   &   Children,   Non­Profit   Agency,   Sacramento,   CA                          11/2011   –   07/2012,   25   hrs  Clinical   Case   Manager    ~   MSW     Intern   with   the   University   of   Southern   California     ● Provided   individualized   case   management   services   to   homeless   women   and   children  ● Conducted   suicidal,   bio­psycho­social,   and   behavioral   assessments   as   needed  ● Assisted   with   the   development   of   therapy   programs   and   curriculum   at   the   shelter  ● Helped   design,   create,   implement,   and   enforce   agency   procedures,   policies,   and   regulations   ● Maintained   weekly   progress   reports,   status   updates,   and   client   budgets  ● Developed individualized treatment plans based on client needs setting relevant goals for present and                            future   ● Managed interpersonal relationships and conflicts among the clients & provided mediation for client/staff                          disputes  ● Acted   as   resource   and   referral   specialist   on   community   resources   for   clientele   ● Participated   in   clinical   staff   discussions   regarding   client   treatment   plans  ● Trained   incoming   Interns   on   all   functions   of   shelters   area   of   responsibility  ● Interfaced   with   government   agencies   on   behalf   of   clients   as   the   situation   warranted  ● Attended   family   court   with   clients   in   order   to   help   assist   clients   with   family   reunification   ● Heavily   assisted   clientele   with   suicide   prevention,   intervention,   and   aftercare   therapy       
  3. 3. MILITARY   VOLUNTEER   OPPORTUNITIES:    Family   Readiness   Group,   Joint   Base   Lewis­McCord,   WA                  01/2009   –   09/2011,   5­15   hrs   Point   of   Contact   &   Treasurer    ~   Intern   Position    ● Experience   working   with   military   rank   structure,   Command   Teams,   Military   protocols   and   culture  ● Monthly   health   and   welfare   checks   with   families   assigned   ● Worked   to   maintain   open   line   of   communication   and   to   establish   a   strong   relationship   with   families  ● Telephone calls made to check on any problems and concerns within each assigned family; advised the                                families   of   any   support   channels   and   local   resources   they   could   utilize   ● Distributed   all   information   sent   through   the   Family   Readiness   Group   (FRG)   chain   of   command  ● Worked to identify family member concerns arising in the support circle and communicate those concerns                              back   to   the   company   FRG   Leader  ● Maintained discretion when dealing with rumors, problems within families, and all other issues in                            accordance   with   the   Privacy   Act   of   1974  ● Actively   supported   the   FRG   as   a   whole,   being   present   at   all   meetings   and   functions  ● Handled   all   matters   with   the   strictest   confidentiality  ● Prepared   form   SS4   and   applied   to   the   IRS   for   employee   ID   number   for   Bank   Accounts  ● Maintained   FRG   Fund   records   and   ledger;   kept   it   up   to   date   at   all   times;   retained   a   copy   of   all   receipts   ● Received and counted all funds submitted from fundraisers; prepared deposit slips, and deposited funds                            into   FRG   Account  ● Disbursed   checks   in   accordance   with   the   Uniform   Code   of   Military   Justice   guidelines   ● Reviewed   monthly   bank   statements   and   reconciled   with   ledger;   called   bank   about   any   discrepancies  ● Prepared monthly reports and presented them to the Chain of Command; conducted funds brief at monthly                                meetings   ● Prepared   annual   reports   for   Inspector   General   compliance   inspections/audits  ● Ensured FRG fund activities were conducted in accordance with in the Uniform Code of Military Justice                                procedures   ● Coordinated   opportunities   for   fundraising   at   the   battalion   level       EDUCATION:      University   of   Southern   California,   Masters   in   Social   Work 4/2013  Bachelor   in   Science,   Human   Service   Management 1/2011   Graduate   of   Irmo   High   School,   South   Carolina 6/1999     HONORS   AND   DISTINCTIONS:      ● Phi   Alpha   Honor   Society   through   the   University   of   Southern   California’s   MSW   Program   ● Concentration   in   Military   Social   Work   with   emphasis   in   **   Mental   Health   **   ● Specialized   course   work   in   PTSD,   Military   Sexual   Trauma,   and   Military   Families  ● Graduated   with   Honors,   both   in   my   undergraduate   and   graduate   programs  ● Several   Volunteer   Awards   from   the   Family   Readiness   Group  ● Family   Readiness   Leadership   Award    PROFESSIONAL   ASSOCIATIONS:    National   Association   of   Social   Workers 2013  International   Federation   of   Social   Workers 2013  National   Alliance   on   Mental   Illness   Member 2013  NCTSN   –   National   Child   Traumatic   Stress   Network 2013    Professional   Licenses   ~    Licensed   Clinical   Social   Worker   #74061,   CA      **   Specialized   Trainings,   Salary   History   and   Professional   References     Available   Upon   Request   **