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Clone Your Favorite Client Presentation to BNI Greenway


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Presentation describing Clone Your Favorite Client assessment process. This assessment helps companies understand how to optimize their sales and marketing processes to bring in more of their most profitable clients.

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Clone Your Favorite Client Presentation to BNI Greenway

  1. 1. Presentation to: Greenway BNIClone Your Favorite Client Presented by: Misty Khan Advena Artemis LLC Tuesday, September 25, 2012
  2. 2. Portrait of a Favorite Client• Profitable – Serviced with normal processes – Good margin – Low Maintenance• Low Cost of Sale• Value Your Products and/or Services• Pay on time• Refer Your Products and/or Services
  3. 3. Who’s Not a Favorite Client?• Want you to customize your normal process (in a way that costs you money, time or resources)• Regularly make your aging accounts call list• Both profit margin and volume are slim• Abusive (to you or your people)
  4. 4. Clone Your Favorite™ Client Assessment Focuses Strategic Marketing & Target Market Sales Sales Culture Planning Branding Processes Identification Ubiquitous Mission Relevance to Qualitative or Lead Handling throughout Vision Strategic Plan Quantitative KPI Tracking & organization Values Relevance to Assessment Publication Training/ Target Market Integration with Recurring TerminologySMART Goals Social Media other Focus Discussion Communicatio Competitive Areas Proactivity n Across Focus Analysis Areas
  5. 5. The Assessment Tool• Excel Spreadsheet – Series of Interviews – Review all Marketing Material – Review Social Media – Competitive Analysis – Systems Analysis• Leadership Team Presentation• Final Report – Prioritized Recommendations
  6. 6. Advena Artemis Favorite Client• Entrepreneurial• In Growth Mode, want to grow, or in Pain – revenue, new market, new product• Transitioning from small to mid sized company – approx. $10 – $200 MM Sales• Manufacturing, distribution, logistics, energy, petrochemical, high tech
  7. 7. You might be a great Artemis prospect if…#5 You are always complaining about your sales team#4 You have set goals to increase revenue, expand territory or introduce a new product#3 You have no defined sales process – only KPI is revenue#2 You think a new CRM is the answer to all your sales problem#1 You would like to clone your favorite client
  8. 8. Questions Advena Artemis 713.267.7555