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Organizing Your Space Through Warehouse Management System


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Logistics software, supply chain software, and warehouse management system (WMS) for freight forwarding, 3PLs, inventory control with online cargo tracking and import and export documentation.

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Organizing Your Space Through Warehouse Management System

  1. 1. Inventory Control Software toImprove Internal Operations
  2. 2. Access to any transaction inthe Magaya system such asshipments, invoices,warehouse receipts, cargoreleases, purchase orders, andmore.Configure whichtransactions your customerssee.Increase your customers’visibility into their data.
  3. 3. Inventory management software hasa lot of benefits to offer a company,and todays technology helps it standout even more. Get the benefits ofusing Inventory management softwarethen have a LOOK AT THIS.
  4. 4. Good software goes deeper thanjust giving you an overview,however. Youll be able to trackprofit and loss, taking a look at howmuch a particular supplier ischarging compared to another, forinstance. You can look at shippingcosts as well as other factors anduse the data to formulate strategiesthat could save your company bigbucks over time.
  5. 5. The purchasing process begins with aPurchase Order (PO) created in theMagaya Supply Chain Solution,containing all the information aboutthe order. The PO is sent to themanufacturer or supplier. Convert thePO into a Pickup Order. Then themerchandise is sent to the warehouse.When the cargo arrives, the PickupOrder can be automatically convertedinto a Warehouse Receipt. Theaccounting department can instantlyuse the original PO to create a bill thatgoes to Accounts Payable and is laterused to pay the provider.
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